Friday, January 31, 2014

Retaration level over 9000

Ok. Now it's been a very bad week here in America for anyone with a milli ounce of common sense. Where to start.

Hell let's start with the State of the Union speech. Wholy fucking mouse shit. that had to be the biggest pile of steaming shit i have EVER heard. I could hit the speech in so many way.. For example. Obama said " and for the first time in a decade America is number one and China slide down..Folks i don't think so. only a left wing retard would think that. Last time I checked Forbes America was at like 14.. Maybe we are number one if we count china as our 52nd state.  But what really turned my stomach as  what he didn't hit. Like i don't know. TSA, NDA, NDAA, Patriot act. wireless wire tapping. and shit that actually effects us all. What did we get? We got the first lady once more raiding the good will store for a dress that makes her look like she came from the trees in the land of OZ.  Or we have the guy who volunteered to sign up for free college and got shot at the end, and we are all suppose to feel sorry for this guy on his tenth time overseas for a bull shit war. you want to protect or freedoms? get your troop, call in a air strike on D.C. only then will you be a hero to Americans.

next up.. Did you know over 100,000 people signed a petition to deport Justin Bieber. i can't make that much stupidity up. I mean WOW.  Out  of million years of evaluation, and being one of thousands of sperm.. These people were the winners. Wholy fuck. What are they putting in American water.

But what gots me going totally over the wall screaming today? You people are going to love this. i actually will have to share a link here. because the statism in this piece is a government money shot in a burakke fashion on the sheep of America.

Pittsburgh orders flags half-staffed for canine credited with saving handler

 Now this story would have me going. Are you kidding me.. But i think I was maga trolled with the face book page and the comment there.

So if you couldn't figure it out. The city wanted flags to be flown at half mass for a dog. i don't give a dog shit if it was Underdog. Or mightmutt. It's a dog. It likes it's balls, it shits on the floor. It would eat it's own vomit. It's a fucking dog. Not a person and the mere fact that the guy is going to be charge like he killed a police officer person is beyond fucked up. And those sheep are like yes yes.. send him to jail... but when a cop kills a innocent person and walks.. WHICH FUCKING HAPPEN THIS YEAR. Please note date. Nothing is said. no our rage no nothing. But this k-9 weapon of the statist government gets hurt. Well wholy shit some one just anal raped the virgin Mary at day care on show and tell day. 

Seriously. It is getting to the point where I wish China would wise up and realize it's never getting it's money, or something of equally biblical would hap-pen. this nation needs a serious Enuma. there are so many who are so happen to be a sheep. i actually hear  some one tell me , i think wrong. i need to think straight and support the policies which I have to obey the government and give them more money bc they are there to protect us.. NEW FLASH I"M NATIVE AMERICAN.. My people heard that line before. And got screwed so hard. we are all drunks to try to get the taste of shit out of our mouths. 

And don't even get me started on the fake snow they got down south... Seriously....  they get two inches of snow. and are snowed in for DAYS, highways came to a stand still. it was like the day after. And then..... Some were claiming it was fake snow. falling from the heavens.. Mother of God.. Please have the women down south do more swallowing.... 

Swear if you look at the comments and think of the 100,000 who want Bieber deported.. and then think.. how will this nation handle the idea if we actually got attacked here.. It be such a easy win for any nation who would do it. Because Americans today has zero clue. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

you find the hunger for a fight in the oddest places.

These are words of a friend........ what do you think?

That black "urban assault vehicle" can be tipped over using an ordinary forklift from Home Depot, or the blades of a garbage truck. Once it is on its side, it will be nothing but a pile of junk. Just remember this: All of those black vehicles, the scary looking tactical gear, the lasers, the assault rifles, the resemblance to "storm troopers," it is ALL intended to INTIMIDATE you.
It is a show of force, to trigger your FEAR and make you RUN. Once you let FEAR take over, you are no longer in FIGHT mode, and THEY ARE COUNTING ON THIS! That is why they are making themselves look so scary. This is nothing more than the school bully showing up in a tattered black leather jacket, with chains around his neck and embroidered "skull" patches sewn on. It is all about INTIMIDATION.
 What would these Bozos actually do if they rolled into a neighbourhood and 1,500 civilians with hunting rifles met them and opened fire on them FROM ALL DIRECTIONS?

These traitorous cops on steroids CAN be shot in the FACE.
They CAN be shot in numerous places that their pretty new "tactical gear" does not protect, and they CAN be killed.
 The men who invade your neighborhoods in these Government storm trooper clown suits, riding in on their new urban assault toys (purchased with YOUR tax dollars) in order to confiscate your food, and your money, and you firearms, and to strip you of your freedoms and turn you into good little socialists ... these faggots are no more superhuman than any other man.

They CAN be shot, and they CAN be killed.

They CAN be set on fire, and they CAN be crushed to death (or dragged to their deaths) by an ordinary SUV or even a simple passenger car.

They CAN be crushed to death by a load of bricks dropped onto them from a rooftop.
All of that training, where they run through plywood mazes and "play army" ... just remember ...
with all of that training in how to intimidate civilians ...
their pretend targets NEVER fired back at them with the full intention of KILLING THEM.
They have NOT faced certain death!
These people who don't have the balls to tell the Government to shove his destruction of America up their semen-soaked rectum have all bought into the lies and they believe they are something to be FEARED.
They are all hyped up, thinking they will plow through neighborhoods like Hitler's Ghestapo, but what they have NOT properly considered is the American spirit and the American desire to remain FREE.
REAL Americans are not going to run and cower and let these desk jockey A-holes trample over their lives.
These urban commandos WILL be shot.
They WILL be killed.
They WILL be dowsed with gasoline, or paint thinner, or any other flammable liquid poured from oil drums along rooftops or thrown from secret vantage points in mason jars and balloons, and they WILL be set on fire and exterminated.
They WILL be showered with battery acid, or chlorine bleach, or paint stripper, or any other caustic chemical Americans can use, and they WILL be immersed in poisonous gas clouds that will drop them like wasps in a barn.
Stock up on "bug bombs" folks! They work on humans too! All of those plastic water bottles will make great gasoline bombs. Keep a couple hundred of them handy. These Government traitors WILL understand that Americans are not going to lay down and let these oppressive pussies take our freedoms from us.

ALL of this WILL happen, or America will simply die.