Monday, March 14, 2016

Oh the tenders....

So I been away for a bit. No, No.. not in jail. Just sitting back and watching the Americans warm up to the 2016 elections. And WOW. Seriously. If you turn on the T.V. Or follow the mind set of Americans on social media. You realize something.

What a bunch of sensitive pussies. Maybe not the right word. I like pussy. But you get the idea.

When Obama ran for office you had the black masses screaming Racist at anyone who question or was against Obama, Now you have the masses screaming anti Semitic against Sanders. You have masses calling those who support Trump Racist. Hillary have the feminist in her corner.  Seriously America?

But let me explain what I have seen. There was a fairly good looking woman, screaming she was raped... when a man looked at her. Yes, that's right. He raped her with his eyes.

Even though police shot whites as twice as much as they kill Blacks. their a massive problem with the police killing Blacks. Sure lets over look that blacks kill each other twice as much as anyone else. Hell If I was black I be scared of other blacks.

The class warfare is doing great in America. The Rich are keeping the masses at each others throat, while the cash in on the divide. makes me wish had some cash to throw in on the mess.

But I have a great idea. we can seriously end this mess. All you have to do. Is kill the problems. That woman who was raped by eye sight. She needs to die. No one that sensitive or so sexy that can be raped by eye sight. should be alive.

If you have jews out there going OY VAY Holocaust bc they don't get their way... fire up the ovens.

Don't kill the blacks..... just dumb guns off in the black hods. they are doing better then anyone else killing themselves off. Just burn down the stores.

These folks who come here illegally and demand anything. Folks that a invading force, and can be looked at as a act of war. Please get them as they cross the border. you kill them before they cross the national line. you haven't broke any American laws.... Just saying....

And I'm not saying every one.. No all you need is one person for three states to start the ball rolling. As long as you don't kill the same kind of people. you chances of getting caught drops greatly.  Kinda hard to work out a psy-op profile on a random killer.

See the masses don't understand. this is why so many support Trump. It's not like he's a good guy. It's not like anyone really likes him. But he is pc incorrect. And after years of it being forced down American throats. people found out, that thinking like that is not bad. And are rushing to agree with a leader who they think will end this madness..

Those who support Sanders is a generation of every child gets a trophy.  A place where a corrective smack on the ass is child abuse. where you have a whole generation on big phara drugs.

And if the baby boomers support Hillary. Who are scared to go a new direction. And is shocked that America might be tired of the status que.

If there was every a purge. It be great. Bc lets face it, there is a purge going on. But it's the purge of America freedoms... And the masses are sadly lining up for it.