Monday, March 14, 2016

Oh the tenders....

So I been away for a bit. No, No.. not in jail. Just sitting back and watching the Americans warm up to the 2016 elections. And WOW. Seriously. If you turn on the T.V. Or follow the mind set of Americans on social media. You realize something.

What a bunch of sensitive pussies. Maybe not the right word. I like pussy. But you get the idea.

When Obama ran for office you had the black masses screaming Racist at anyone who question or was against Obama, Now you have the masses screaming anti Semitic against Sanders. You have masses calling those who support Trump Racist. Hillary have the feminist in her corner.  Seriously America?

But let me explain what I have seen. There was a fairly good looking woman, screaming she was raped... when a man looked at her. Yes, that's right. He raped her with his eyes.

Even though police shot whites as twice as much as they kill Blacks. their a massive problem with the police killing Blacks. Sure lets over look that blacks kill each other twice as much as anyone else. Hell If I was black I be scared of other blacks.

The class warfare is doing great in America. The Rich are keeping the masses at each others throat, while the cash in on the divide. makes me wish had some cash to throw in on the mess.

But I have a great idea. we can seriously end this mess. All you have to do. Is kill the problems. That woman who was raped by eye sight. She needs to die. No one that sensitive or so sexy that can be raped by eye sight. should be alive.

If you have jews out there going OY VAY Holocaust bc they don't get their way... fire up the ovens.

Don't kill the blacks..... just dumb guns off in the black hods. they are doing better then anyone else killing themselves off. Just burn down the stores.

These folks who come here illegally and demand anything. Folks that a invading force, and can be looked at as a act of war. Please get them as they cross the border. you kill them before they cross the national line. you haven't broke any American laws.... Just saying....

And I'm not saying every one.. No all you need is one person for three states to start the ball rolling. As long as you don't kill the same kind of people. you chances of getting caught drops greatly.  Kinda hard to work out a psy-op profile on a random killer.

See the masses don't understand. this is why so many support Trump. It's not like he's a good guy. It's not like anyone really likes him. But he is pc incorrect. And after years of it being forced down American throats. people found out, that thinking like that is not bad. And are rushing to agree with a leader who they think will end this madness..

Those who support Sanders is a generation of every child gets a trophy.  A place where a corrective smack on the ass is child abuse. where you have a whole generation on big phara drugs.

And if the baby boomers support Hillary. Who are scared to go a new direction. And is shocked that America might be tired of the status que.

If there was every a purge. It be great. Bc lets face it, there is a purge going on. But it's the purge of America freedoms... And the masses are sadly lining up for it.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fun Fill Info On isis...

Boko Haram and ISIS are working together, ISIS appears to be offering military training as well as lessons on Propaganda and social media presence.
Boko Haram is reinforcing ISIS position in Nort Africa by sending them man power.

We also know the ISIS is currently smuggling in followers by disguising them as refugees, it appears Boko Haram is doing the same thing.


Friday, September 11, 2015

never forget 9-11

ABC News - Israelis Detained on 9/11 Spies

FBI report - Israelis caught with bombs on 9/11

Christopher Bollyn 2014 (60 min lecture)
“Israel Is Behind the 9/11 Attacks and Iraq Wars”
> [Embed]
(keep in mind this guy used to be an alex jones nwo NWO missiles and holograms, believer. and may well be being prepped to be a spokesperson for Israel's 9/11 attack hitting the mainstream)

FOX News - The Israeli 9/11 Connection ep.1
> [Embed]

RT News and Press TV journalist Ryan Dawson - War By Deception 2013
> [Embed]

BBC journalist Alan Hart on Israel and 9/11
> [Embed]

RT News - Was 9/11 an Inside Job
> [Embed]

Israel Mossad Chief - Juval Aviv, ( mossad agent on whom the movie 'Munich' is based)
> [Embed]
tries to cover for Israel but ends up admitting a lot

2.40 'there is no doubt that there were various Israeli teams in America... who were MONITERING terrorist networks...

3.08 'Israel had [the 9/11] information that they were giving the American government..'

continues to blame the CIA for storing bombs in the towers









Saturday, September 5, 2015

Racism is not what you think it is...

There is a difference between racism and reason.

Racism is just pure unwarranted hatred and/or fear towards an ethnic group.

Reason is being able to understand that a different ethnic group may cause problems and/or is worthy of being feared for other reasons than just the color of their skin; rather that there are more complicated cultural and social differences in addition to biological differences that cause tension or fuel animosity.

Do you think if Socrates were around today he would silence his words in regards to some of the batshit insane mental gymnastics proclaimed "scholars" and "intellectuals" perform in order to rationalize liberal and SJW bullshit and destruction?

No, he would call them fools (while spouting off about being the wisest of the Greeks for knowing nothing) and would proceed to drink his Hemlock.

True intellectuals are able to understand such a clear and easy topic, but they are unable to not be called racists for pointing the facts.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Can't stump the Trump.

Whether you like Trump or not, we need him as President.

We don't need Trump as president because he would necessarily make the USA a better place, but because it would be more entertaining than anything to ever happen in American politics. Imagine, waking up on a Thursday morning and sitting in traffic on your way to work. You hate your job, you hate your boss, and you hate where you live. But you know, that there is an egotistical tanning-bed loving billionaire tycoon flying around the world on a jet, screaming into the phone at other countries' leaders. He's tweeting about the "tremendous success" of the Mexican wall, he's tweeting photos of himself hanging out with Putin, he's writing executive orders on a weekly basis, he's slapping down tariffs on trade with China like it's nothing, he's shit talking the media for recreation, and he's yelling at you about job growth on cable TV.

 We NEED somebody who will run this country like a business.

Here's a fact. Americans are fucking nervous. People have foreclosed on their homes, they've lost their jobs, they've had to move around the country to find new jobs, they've moved in with family members, they've taken on 2-3 jobs at once just to pay a SHITTY rent payment.

We're sick of this bullshit. Social justice is worthless if there aren't any jobs. We need jobs. We need a president who knows business. We need a president who can bring back manufacturing.

Have you seen the way our country has become? It's a fucking joke compared to what it once was, we are ruled by stupid Politically correct jargon amongst other things. Trump is tapping into that anger. That is why many of the social welfare and political class  are scared shitless, they can't go against the people who donated to them.

Trump can anger as many people as he wants as he has the funds and resources to back up his claims, he will continue to double down until the campaign ends.

The Donald's recipe is to play hardball and stop America from getting bent all the time and be at the mercy of interests that often conflict with those of the American people who the president is supposed to represent (rather than being the shill of some interest groups). Remember that he's talking off the cuff. He's played by the same rules as everyone else as a businessman and thinks it's not good for America, and he's right, it's definitely not good in the longer term.

I like the comment he made about China and other countries having geniuses as negotiators and America having incompetents. Now, clearly there's hyperbole, but he makes a valid point about how it seems like some actually important but not necessarily the most visible roles have become like awards. You need tough and smart people to close deals, not nice guys, SJWs, and idealists. You need people who understand how the world works. Obama projected weakness from the beginning of his presidency, and inevitably many of his appointments also project weakness. Considering all his administration has done, I only wonder what kind of people, including people not even working primarily in the interests of the US, he had doing important negotiations and handling diplomacy. The age-old dynamics of power haven't really changed so a healthy dose of cynicism is needed not to get fucked over because in your heart of hearts you want to believe in humans and thereby become vulnerable and get your weakness exploited.

Having a personality like Donald Trump as president would seriously make me believe that I am living in the greatest country on earth. Vote for Trump for American history. Vote for Trump for global butthurt. But most importantly, vote for Trump for the lulz.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The 7 Deadly sins...

To most people, they are just bible mumbo-jumbo. But if you really read into them, you'll understand why our world is so fucked up almost beyond repairing.

Rated from the most destructive to the least.

1. Greed. This one has its own place in the list. Greed is by far the most destructive sin of them all. Over a billion people are starving every day and nobody gives a flying fuck. Resources are centred around the richest areas in the planet and the rest scrape by on our waste.

2. Pride. As Greed is the most destructive sin, Pride is the one enabling most of it. You are a proud citizen of your country. The "best" country in the world. Why should you give a F about other nationalities. They are "lesser" than you... right?
Wrong. We are all humans first. Education level should come second and anything even remotely nationalistic is destructive in itself.

3.Sloth. This is maybe surprising but its not actually. So many brilliant minds sitting at home jerking off, scrolling through the endless shit-posting instead of using their brains to do good. People aren't actually born lazy, they become that way by living in the current world.

4. Envy. Most hatred today is fuelled by Pride but also Envy. You don't like certain individuals because they are better than you. Even if you are the top 1% you are envious of your fellow 1%:er and this behaviour has passed down all the way to the bottom-feeders. Without Envy, there would be (almost) no reason to commit crime.

5. Gluttony. We horde everything. Most people that read this probably own more stuff than they will ever use. The resources used to make that junk could instead have been distributed elsewhere were it could have done something better.

6. Wrath. Most people may have expected wrath to be higher up, but wrath in it self doesn't do much harm. Combined with the other sins it could become much worse. Its kinda like a gun. Its only as dangerous as the person pulling the trigger.

 7. Lust. This sin is the reason a lot of women and men are treated like meat. Rape and sexual objectification is a real problem. Most people may say "its my body I choose to do whatever I want with it." but Its actually powerful people that enable this kind of behaviour.
However as with Wrath, by itself it doesn't do much harm.

They may have been thought up and written down over 2000 years ago. But these sins are what is destroying our world. Wake up people It has been going on for centuries.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

shit u don't need

Most of you do not realize that it is basically illegal to live a life where you would be debt or bill free.

 Think about this for a moment.
 You can't store your own water,
 grow your own crops
 and raise your own livestock for food...
 U can't homeschool your own kids in a cabin that you built yourself.

 To do all of this u need to ask their permission.

 During which you will have to pay them,
 and do it under their specifications,
which u will find PG&E usually is now still involved. - or some corporation that makes money.

 storing rain water is illegal in many states
 but if u can't pay your water bill those same people shut it off.

 I can find a hundred articles about people being jailed for living off the grid. 


 And u gotta pay for it. 
"The land of the free?" I don't know what they are talking about anymore. 

 When our financial situation gets worse, one day it will be like Greece. 
One day it will be worse. 
The bigger a country is the more dramatic its downfall. 
Ours will be epic. 

 What have you stored to get through the long haul since u have not been allowed to live without the government and stores and mini Marts and hell, TV and electricity. when the government is useless or over or gone, you will ultimately become useless as well. 

You'll be the "zombies" of this new phase. 
 Stock up. 

And put your money in gold and silver not this printed Debt that has enslaved you to go to work everyday to pay for shit u don't need. That's why the laws are the way they are. 
They tell you that you are free while they force you to be a busy little be so that you can pay off all the debt they channel you into.
 That's called slavery‬ and your shackles are your own ignorance.

 Get a bug out bag and stock it with what u need to get to where your gonna start fresh at. And make sure that place is squared away too. The government is closer to collapse than ever before. And our society seems to be crumbling with it.