Saturday, September 5, 2015

Racism is not what you think it is...

There is a difference between racism and reason.

Racism is just pure unwarranted hatred and/or fear towards an ethnic group.

Reason is being able to understand that a different ethnic group may cause problems and/or is worthy of being feared for other reasons than just the color of their skin; rather that there are more complicated cultural and social differences in addition to biological differences that cause tension or fuel animosity.

Do you think if Socrates were around today he would silence his words in regards to some of the batshit insane mental gymnastics proclaimed "scholars" and "intellectuals" perform in order to rationalize liberal and SJW bullshit and destruction?

No, he would call them fools (while spouting off about being the wisest of the Greeks for knowing nothing) and would proceed to drink his Hemlock.

True intellectuals are able to understand such a clear and easy topic, but they are unable to not be called racists for pointing the facts.