Monday, June 22, 2015

Something a little hard to swallow

You call it taking a pill. 

You find it fitting that something which awakens one to the truth would be hard to swallow. It's the more honest, authentic choice. It's challenging, it's rough, but it must be done for the greater good, even if it leads you too deep down the rabbit hole. 

 But I ask: do you even really know what's in that red little capsule? The active ingredients? The long-term effects?

 Or are you just choosing one brand of thinking over the other. Brand "red pill" over brand "blue pill." Both of them just as readily available, just as mass-produced. Little pocket-sized ideologies designed to be shoved down the most willing throats. 

You think it's defined in terms of black and white, right and left, rather than the nebulous shifting "truth" that really is. The one that can be so easily bent and shifted to fit a multitude of interests. The one that can be turned inside out on itself. Contradict itself. Deny itself. All with a flick of the wrist and the right words said by the right flapping mouths. 

 The cards are already down. The hands long since played, and the pot already split up amongst the winners. There is no longer a game, only it's memory. Yet the chatter of the next big hand still rumbles on. Debate over who will finally overcome who and unleash their dreams upon the world in spectacular glory. But all this big talk really does is create a malaise of hot air, like gassy fog suspended over a stagnant pond.

 Yes, of course I agree with you! This one change is indeed all we need to Fix Everything!™ All we ask is that you donate! Vote for us! Like us on Facebook and Twitter! 

 Expressing your political opinions is about as good of use of your time as picking out the color of cock you'd like to suck off. Yet the irony is completely lost on you. And on me. On all of us. We are committed to our self-destructive habits to the point of blatant self-parody, and it's never going to change.

 I have no pity to give. So just open your mouth and swallow.