Friday, December 28, 2012

A new year.. or a more restrictive old one.

"This blog is what I feel what the next year holds for us all in America."

One of the God's glorious gifts to mankind is to bestow upon him teh dawn of a new year. New opportunities and challenges are before him. A chance to try again, to make another endeavor to successfully accomplish the ambitions which were perhaps cast aside with discouragement in the year past.Life is full of beginnings. As one stands at the gate and with doubtful hands draws aside the curtain and peers into the unknown,he begins today by taking his first steps across the threshold of the new year...

Now with that little hopeful excerpt is out of the way, allow me to take a guess what the coming years holds in its hands like a golden token. So many angles to hit with this nation and the road it is on. We have of course gun, the economy,employment, American liberties,And of course the American pass time war.  Let me address these one at a time:

Guns: Well with the crazy man shooting up a school killing those kids and creating a few teacher job opening, We can almost safely say this right will be attacked more so in the following year. I truly believe they will pass a U.N. gun ban. Which oddly won't do any good. So if you have the means I would suggest going out there and buying weapons for nothing more as a investment because once its passed gun prices on the guns banned with double if not triple in price. i would like to draw your attention to the 1911 .45 cal pistol. When Obama took office this was a 300 to 500 dollar pistol now its over a thousand.. So we can safety say a Ak-47 which is a 500 dollar gun could easy hit a grand. If you can afford the gun, bullets are cheaper and will be just as valuable. but have no illusion, the gun crime will go up, more lives will be lost. And it's almost safe to say, that the true reason will not be addressed. like the meds or crazy people.

Economy: Currently in the news America is once more on the fiscal cliff. And here's how this will play out. the media will say horrors stories to scare you. But if America actually wanted to fix it self, it would stop the wars, the military complex, the billion and billions of foreign aid, stop tax breaks for companies.. and no they ARE NOT PEOPLE. We would kick up the tariffs which would encourage job growth here in the states.. But that won't happen. So they will pass a temporary budget, and through the year the debt ceiling will be risen once more. did I mention we are 16 trillion dollars in debt? Not that any one cares. America's credit rating will once more be looked at very hard.. With luck we won't be down graded again. But seriously how lucky is this nation here of late?  We currently have 11 states who have more people on welfare then working.. Think about that. we have 11 states who are totally broke..And more will spring up.

Employment: The last paragraph warms us all up nicely for this part. Jobs. if you have one, don't lose it. unemployment will rise.  Oh the news says we are at 7% or 8%. You need to think, I know for some this is next to impossible but you have to at least try. Those numbers reflect the number of folks who are actually getting UE benefits. but for so many.. they don't thus falling off the numbers. the fed came out a few months ago and sad that they expect unemployment to hit 16%. Think about that... how many will not be counted... So we will have a nation with out work, many will head north to Canada but won't be able to cross the board due to the insane demands of our nation to be able to leave the nation.. Think not? have you driven to the great white north lately? Those who are creative and can't find work so they create their own companies will find that Obamacare kicking in will make it very very very hard to start a company. And you will notice I didn't place this horror on things to be addressed. i think you folks should have some fun surprises.

American liberties: Ah, yes. American freedoms. We have so few now don't we? Today's America makes one long for men like George Robert Twelves Hewes and Ebenezer Mcintosh.. Oh don't know these great men? You should look them up. For in my eyes they were as great and brave if not braver then Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin. These un known to many along with other founder would be losing their minds at Americans today. And let's not forget Samuel Adams losing his mind when he said "Will they tax our land next? Will they tax windows on our house?"  You will see your taxes on everything of your daily life will go up. And your freedoms? Seriously? Think about it.. FISA, SOPA, and a bunch of other letters which in truth spell enslavement. Notice the increase of surveillance in America? the TSA is totally out of hand and it will get worst this year. I fear for the safety of America and of course for what is best of the American people some of those liberties and rights will just have to become privileges.

WAR: And of Course we have to focus on War. Now this great nation has been at war since 2001. American been dying over the scary word "terrorism".   the great thing about this word is.. it has no nation or color.. So with that we look to who America gets to kill next and where we are American get to die next. Where will it be Syria? I doubt it.. No I have this warm fuzzy feeling we are all going to .. Africa. unless of course  Israel gets froggy and does something extra stupid and needs to hide behind  America again. Which how it's acting with Palestine and basically telling the UN to go pound sand. it a very real chance.

American people: I could not let this go with out including all of us. Things are going to get worst, not better. And if you think things are tough now.. sadly, you will look longingly at the past year, For this coming up year... America will be a shadow of its self. this nation truly needs men to stand up and the government will call them terrorist or worst. And the government own media will slander their actions.But if one would think.. what would our founding fathers be called if things didn't pan out they way they did...

Monday, December 24, 2012

It was the night before Christmas and 3 days after the apocalypse

The night before Christmas a time of good will and and stuff like that. but lets be honest those are noble thought for the common man. But then today the common made is cuddled at home with his color TV his over priced car if not two in the drive. The thoughts of this months of credit card bill coming in the mail next month at the start of the new year.... But as the lives of man go forward with out a hitch and a basic predicable plan. As our lives move forward, the wheels of the nation move forward, and those who we elect for our best interest, well in our best interest the great wheels Passed the NDAA. Congrats America, you now can be arrested at the drop of the hat. Oh they will tell you its to arrest terrorist. Oh and i'm sure it will be.. like the patriot act was and is. I mean sure it hasn't caught any terrorist, it has caught a few shills which the FBI paided and encouraged and pushed to build fake weapons and bombs.. I mean sure it caught those guys.. that and the 5000 illegal music down loaders.. we all know how dangerous those guys are.  You won't download a car would you? Damn straight I would:)  And a bear.. who doesn't want a bear? But now, with the NDAA, Anyone who as ANYTHING questionable to say about these great and (sic) honest men who have been honestly elected. Yes, the media pushes the choices for us. And sure we all say we need to elected new people, and we oddly elect the exact same asses back in office.. it actually amazing when you think about it. On two parts really.. One that people are so damn retarded or we actually think we are informed.... speaking of...

Did you know America is for sale.. i mean more the it usually is. Did you know that the NYSE was sold? Yeap. for a cool 8.6 billion dollars. it was sold to the European market. Now this you think would be no big deal. but last time anything tried to buy it congress stopped them. But hey,,, we are so  far up the U.N.'s butt. I'm surprised we haven't paint any of our tanks blue yet.. Oh wait we have done that haven't we.

Then you have Israel. the holy land... yet. the only nation in the whole world that's always a victim of something.. we they told the U.N to go pound sand bc they are not going to stop the illegal building nor terrorising of the Palestinian people. but the American media won't tell ya that. but it will report how these terrorist who are being killed and forced from their homes are fighting back against Israel and the American military.  I'm sure some one is over there right now going merry Christmas before they shot some kids dad in front of them bc they just want to live in their own home.. the nerve of some people right?

So as we Americans sit and watch the Christmas story, and get ourselves even more fat. and pretend it's a wonderful life. It is my hope and Christmas wish the sheep get a clue and just question..... for as G.W. Bush once said..'if the public ever found out what we did, they run us out of town.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

As 12-21 draws near the sky grows dark.. oh wait the sun's setting

So here I am, the day before the scary 12-21-2012. The day were so many cultures say the world will change.Maybe say it will end. I would like to take a little moment here and say this. Has it not already changed?
look at the world which we live in. this planet is suppose to be a few billion years old. And yet human only been here for a million or so.. But let's look at the past several years. and compare to other times in history. Man has never been more un-free. Even in days of old the police could not just walk into a man's home. A church was a place one could go for sanctuary. Where even the king could not touch you. But lets look at today. There is no place where a man is truly free. with Internet speech laws,  The NDAA, SOPA, PATRIOT ACT, and numerous others Act or programs that makes  freedom per say is a thing of the past.

But lets say for a moment just for fun, That something does happen. What then? well for one, Us preppers are going to look real sane. Yes,I know now and for years we looked bat shit crazy. But then, people out there looking at cops tazing people, government official breaking laws and walking away. A government GIVING guns to drug runners and terrorist, The thought of a nation being allowed to arrest and throw away the key for it's citizens seems a little batty it self. But that the world we live in now. Where you have so many afraid to talk to one another, not wanting to travel bc with travel you get a free grope. And the masses do it. Why? It's almost like their little brain cells died. But lets say.. little green men come to the planet. what will happen? Well first off, after almost every nation tried to kill them. I think most folks would have real issues with the dogma that's been taught that we are God's only creation. Me, i wouldn't care... until you get to the anal probes.. Screw that,, i wanna my anal probed, I talk to TSA and take a flight or go to San Francisco.

My favourite Tin Hat idea is this world conscious minds become wiped cleaned, Meaning those who are not in touched with their inner self and the whole world vibe, their minds become blank. I giggle at that.. bc you would never tell in the offices of government.  Seriously, talk about being completely out of touch.

But more realistic things that could happen, Massive solar flare which would kill all electronics. which would suck. I mean here I am typing this, and in a few short hours BAM nothing. these words will never be read. Of course that would be funny also. Bc sooo many people would be screwed. and preppers would be the town lifelines.. Seriously... do you know how to grow , pick, clean and CAN your food or can your meat? do you have all your supplies? didn't think so. This is why so many preppers are armed. Bc they know if you have something, some one who doesn't have it and are desperate.. will try to take it all .. most likely by force.

Or how about the economy collapsing. That in it self will throw the world into a whole new direction. I know , you say you have gold bars, or silver.. I have food.. So which one of us is going to out live the other.. let me know how that metal taste. I'll sell ya a cracker for 2ozs. Think about that... While your thinking(from some that might be a new feeling) go look up the economy of china and other nations.. and check out the bond market.

No the whole 12-21-2021 is not the end, but a new beginning, Let's not forget these simple words told to me years ago. What the caterpillar calls the end, the butterfly calls the beginning.

But.. BUT is something does happen. I hope your God bless's you, keep you, and guide you.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Songs of the 60's And crazy people..

I was going to try not to add my two cents to the whole shooting thing in CT. But The amount of pure unrefined idiocy is getting over whelming.But then, we can look any where and see that the little parasites on this mud ball of a planet .. called the human race has some serious issues. The news last left off was covering Israel conflict. Which was growing to be a new world war... Of course there was a cease fire, which many are grateful for. Well not the solider of Israel for they are still shooting into Palestine. which is NOW A STATE) . And Israel has actually been shown spreading false data to encourage war.. But they are always the victims... ANY WAY......

Back to CT. This shooting is all over the news and every jack off has their 2 cents ( yours truly included:) First off there are a BUNCH of questions to that shooting. Seriously.. Think about it.. A guy dress up in heavy armour, carrying multi guns.. One report I read the guy have grenades.. basically everything up driving up in a tank with a nuke strapped to his ass. And oddly, he got into the school and NO ONE called a cop.. But wait it gets odder. How so? well  some reports are says the lady was a teacher, while other are saying no one ever heard of her.. But hold on... some reports are saying the guy who died and did the shooting was autistic. And some reports are saying there was three people who planned on shooting. Now it's just getting weird. But no matter what report you get you hear the same thing.. OMG WE NEED MORE GUN CONTROL! I beg to differ. Since the zero weapon policy was put into place, gun deaths at schools have gone up.. And the media reports and reports and reports the death of these kids.. if I was a parent of a child who died durning the Christmas season I be pissed at the news.. to have to relive the whole thing every time you turn on the tv. It's like when 9-11 happen.. it was in the news every second taken apart with a fine tooth comb. Numerous "experts state how it happen, why it happen.. and they all say we need to get rid of guns. But lets just think... what would happen if the government took peoples guns.. the honest people. the normal people. not the crazy folks, or those who don't follow laws and do gun crime. because lets be honest we see how well that is working out. Bc criminals never use guns and always follow gun laws. Sorry but I think some folks out there actually believe that.
We look to what happen at Katrina. The national guard went door to door and took folks weapons. So what happen? well sadly once the gun were taken away from the sane folks. crime went out of control. And stayed that way for almost a year afterwards. Now think, lets do that on a national scale. What do think the crime rate will be? well, look at cities that they got rid of guns.. I like to point out Washington D.C. that a nice place to raise a family.. But then with the gun crime so is Kuwait. But the truth is a very simple this. A tragedy like this is so rare, our kids are already safe. Not perfectly safe. No one ever is. But safe.

And for those who like to bring up stats  on Gun related crimes and death.. Can I be so bold to point out something? You see, to buy a gun you need to do a back ground check fill out a bunch of paper work. wait and then have the money for the gun. and then. you get a gun. you have to do all that to get one of your rights.. The right to bear arms. And then you need  to fill out paper work, prove who you are, have your picture taken  to drive. your right to travel. But if you can pick a person who one avg. kills about 120,000 a year. You don't need no ID at all. Can some one explain that logic? I was talking about voting. A persons vote is basicly a vote on how to ruin a nation or kill more brown folks, or folks "not like us" mindset. Feel free to look it up. name the last president who didn't have some group of people this nation was NOT killing. I think for voting you should have a ID also. or take away ID's for everything else... Just a logical thought.

Now for some completely off the wall logic or WTH news.. Think you all might of missed or just had zero clue, or most likely think it's ok.. You know, you think sweaters be cheaper in America with all the sheep....

What ever could I mean? well there is a scandal over the embassy where like 4 folks died. And Hilary was suppose to testify on what she knew of it.. and she faints and oddly can't testify next week... think of that. this woman, if you wanna call her that faints and then its sooo bad she can't show up to court the next week.. I challenge ANYONE who has to go to court to try this let me know how it works out for ya...

Now off to Syria... now if you listen to American media this is the next evil on the face of the planet. they have chemical weapons.. and are supposedly using it on its citizens..  I know how monstrous right? It's not like WE as Americans ever do this .. I mean flash bombs, tear gas are nothing.. Then you have Israel using white sulphurous on Palestine but no one cares about that . But we over look the American machine placing sanctions and having war ships off the coast.. but then you don't hear about how Russia and america had a little skirmish already out there by Syria

But who cares about over seas.. I mean its land full of folks who most likely screw camels or at least the family dog right. lets look at America.. now right now this minute the media is saying the unemployment is only like 7.7.. If you believe that number I am Capt kangaroo's undead lover.  But the FEd has came out with report that says they expect the UE to reach as high as 15.7% over the next 2 years. think about that.. now let me really screw with you. the REAL UE at all times is about 7.2%. this is folks  not working you know the kind section 8, food stamps for their WHOLE life. I could say 20 inch rims on the car but that's racist... But think about that..:) Now they never work, if they do they work about 3 months and get fired. shocker. Now over the pass several years.. folks been losing their jobs.  And many have been looking for a new one. Alot of state require you to do a job search to get UE.. and they don't get a job.  After a while they lose their UE payments.. but they are still unemployed. since they don't get UE the government don't even considered them any more.. they become invisible.. or do they? well for the missing numbers you only have to look at ..... the increase of the public getting food stamps.. go ahead go take a peek. I'll wait...

Now that massive spike you see. those are folks who swallowed their pride and had to ask for help. if you take that number and add it to the unemployment number right now.. you get 22.9 % that before you add the 7.2% so we are at what like 30% in real un employed?  Now think of this for one little second. If the media is saying the un employment rate is 7.7% and they don't even count that 7.2%.. and they don't count that extra 15.6% of folks on food stamps..  How bad is it going to be.. seriously.. how bad is going to be when we hit a media reported 15%?  But then, you really think the American media will tell us the truth?  You do?  wow.. hey I have a talking dog for sale.. cheap..

But lets not talk about the Mayans .. not today:)  but I will get to it:) promise.. right now I need to keep digging that bomb shelter out back.