Friday, December 28, 2012

A new year.. or a more restrictive old one.

"This blog is what I feel what the next year holds for us all in America."

One of the God's glorious gifts to mankind is to bestow upon him teh dawn of a new year. New opportunities and challenges are before him. A chance to try again, to make another endeavor to successfully accomplish the ambitions which were perhaps cast aside with discouragement in the year past.Life is full of beginnings. As one stands at the gate and with doubtful hands draws aside the curtain and peers into the unknown,he begins today by taking his first steps across the threshold of the new year...

Now with that little hopeful excerpt is out of the way, allow me to take a guess what the coming years holds in its hands like a golden token. So many angles to hit with this nation and the road it is on. We have of course gun, the economy,employment, American liberties,And of course the American pass time war.  Let me address these one at a time:

Guns: Well with the crazy man shooting up a school killing those kids and creating a few teacher job opening, We can almost safely say this right will be attacked more so in the following year. I truly believe they will pass a U.N. gun ban. Which oddly won't do any good. So if you have the means I would suggest going out there and buying weapons for nothing more as a investment because once its passed gun prices on the guns banned with double if not triple in price. i would like to draw your attention to the 1911 .45 cal pistol. When Obama took office this was a 300 to 500 dollar pistol now its over a thousand.. So we can safety say a Ak-47 which is a 500 dollar gun could easy hit a grand. If you can afford the gun, bullets are cheaper and will be just as valuable. but have no illusion, the gun crime will go up, more lives will be lost. And it's almost safe to say, that the true reason will not be addressed. like the meds or crazy people.

Economy: Currently in the news America is once more on the fiscal cliff. And here's how this will play out. the media will say horrors stories to scare you. But if America actually wanted to fix it self, it would stop the wars, the military complex, the billion and billions of foreign aid, stop tax breaks for companies.. and no they ARE NOT PEOPLE. We would kick up the tariffs which would encourage job growth here in the states.. But that won't happen. So they will pass a temporary budget, and through the year the debt ceiling will be risen once more. did I mention we are 16 trillion dollars in debt? Not that any one cares. America's credit rating will once more be looked at very hard.. With luck we won't be down graded again. But seriously how lucky is this nation here of late?  We currently have 11 states who have more people on welfare then working.. Think about that. we have 11 states who are totally broke..And more will spring up.

Employment: The last paragraph warms us all up nicely for this part. Jobs. if you have one, don't lose it. unemployment will rise.  Oh the news says we are at 7% or 8%. You need to think, I know for some this is next to impossible but you have to at least try. Those numbers reflect the number of folks who are actually getting UE benefits. but for so many.. they don't thus falling off the numbers. the fed came out a few months ago and sad that they expect unemployment to hit 16%. Think about that... how many will not be counted... So we will have a nation with out work, many will head north to Canada but won't be able to cross the board due to the insane demands of our nation to be able to leave the nation.. Think not? have you driven to the great white north lately? Those who are creative and can't find work so they create their own companies will find that Obamacare kicking in will make it very very very hard to start a company. And you will notice I didn't place this horror on things to be addressed. i think you folks should have some fun surprises.

American liberties: Ah, yes. American freedoms. We have so few now don't we? Today's America makes one long for men like George Robert Twelves Hewes and Ebenezer Mcintosh.. Oh don't know these great men? You should look them up. For in my eyes they were as great and brave if not braver then Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin. These un known to many along with other founder would be losing their minds at Americans today. And let's not forget Samuel Adams losing his mind when he said "Will they tax our land next? Will they tax windows on our house?"  You will see your taxes on everything of your daily life will go up. And your freedoms? Seriously? Think about it.. FISA, SOPA, and a bunch of other letters which in truth spell enslavement. Notice the increase of surveillance in America? the TSA is totally out of hand and it will get worst this year. I fear for the safety of America and of course for what is best of the American people some of those liberties and rights will just have to become privileges.

WAR: And of Course we have to focus on War. Now this great nation has been at war since 2001. American been dying over the scary word "terrorism".   the great thing about this word is.. it has no nation or color.. So with that we look to who America gets to kill next and where we are American get to die next. Where will it be Syria? I doubt it.. No I have this warm fuzzy feeling we are all going to .. Africa. unless of course  Israel gets froggy and does something extra stupid and needs to hide behind  America again. Which how it's acting with Palestine and basically telling the UN to go pound sand. it a very real chance.

American people: I could not let this go with out including all of us. Things are going to get worst, not better. And if you think things are tough now.. sadly, you will look longingly at the past year, For this coming up year... America will be a shadow of its self. this nation truly needs men to stand up and the government will call them terrorist or worst. And the government own media will slander their actions.But if one would think.. what would our founding fathers be called if things didn't pan out they way they did...