Monday, December 24, 2012

It was the night before Christmas and 3 days after the apocalypse

The night before Christmas a time of good will and and stuff like that. but lets be honest those are noble thought for the common man. But then today the common made is cuddled at home with his color TV his over priced car if not two in the drive. The thoughts of this months of credit card bill coming in the mail next month at the start of the new year.... But as the lives of man go forward with out a hitch and a basic predicable plan. As our lives move forward, the wheels of the nation move forward, and those who we elect for our best interest, well in our best interest the great wheels Passed the NDAA. Congrats America, you now can be arrested at the drop of the hat. Oh they will tell you its to arrest terrorist. Oh and i'm sure it will be.. like the patriot act was and is. I mean sure it hasn't caught any terrorist, it has caught a few shills which the FBI paided and encouraged and pushed to build fake weapons and bombs.. I mean sure it caught those guys.. that and the 5000 illegal music down loaders.. we all know how dangerous those guys are.  You won't download a car would you? Damn straight I would:)  And a bear.. who doesn't want a bear? But now, with the NDAA, Anyone who as ANYTHING questionable to say about these great and (sic) honest men who have been honestly elected. Yes, the media pushes the choices for us. And sure we all say we need to elected new people, and we oddly elect the exact same asses back in office.. it actually amazing when you think about it. On two parts really.. One that people are so damn retarded or we actually think we are informed.... speaking of...

Did you know America is for sale.. i mean more the it usually is. Did you know that the NYSE was sold? Yeap. for a cool 8.6 billion dollars. it was sold to the European market. Now this you think would be no big deal. but last time anything tried to buy it congress stopped them. But hey,,, we are so  far up the U.N.'s butt. I'm surprised we haven't paint any of our tanks blue yet.. Oh wait we have done that haven't we.

Then you have Israel. the holy land... yet. the only nation in the whole world that's always a victim of something.. we they told the U.N to go pound sand bc they are not going to stop the illegal building nor terrorising of the Palestinian people. but the American media won't tell ya that. but it will report how these terrorist who are being killed and forced from their homes are fighting back against Israel and the American military.  I'm sure some one is over there right now going merry Christmas before they shot some kids dad in front of them bc they just want to live in their own home.. the nerve of some people right?

So as we Americans sit and watch the Christmas story, and get ourselves even more fat. and pretend it's a wonderful life. It is my hope and Christmas wish the sheep get a clue and just question..... for as G.W. Bush once said..'if the public ever found out what we did, they run us out of town.