Thursday, December 20, 2012

As 12-21 draws near the sky grows dark.. oh wait the sun's setting

So here I am, the day before the scary 12-21-2012. The day were so many cultures say the world will change.Maybe say it will end. I would like to take a little moment here and say this. Has it not already changed?
look at the world which we live in. this planet is suppose to be a few billion years old. And yet human only been here for a million or so.. But let's look at the past several years. and compare to other times in history. Man has never been more un-free. Even in days of old the police could not just walk into a man's home. A church was a place one could go for sanctuary. Where even the king could not touch you. But lets look at today. There is no place where a man is truly free. with Internet speech laws,  The NDAA, SOPA, PATRIOT ACT, and numerous others Act or programs that makes  freedom per say is a thing of the past.

But lets say for a moment just for fun, That something does happen. What then? well for one, Us preppers are going to look real sane. Yes,I know now and for years we looked bat shit crazy. But then, people out there looking at cops tazing people, government official breaking laws and walking away. A government GIVING guns to drug runners and terrorist, The thought of a nation being allowed to arrest and throw away the key for it's citizens seems a little batty it self. But that the world we live in now. Where you have so many afraid to talk to one another, not wanting to travel bc with travel you get a free grope. And the masses do it. Why? It's almost like their little brain cells died. But lets say.. little green men come to the planet. what will happen? Well first off, after almost every nation tried to kill them. I think most folks would have real issues with the dogma that's been taught that we are God's only creation. Me, i wouldn't care... until you get to the anal probes.. Screw that,, i wanna my anal probed, I talk to TSA and take a flight or go to San Francisco.

My favourite Tin Hat idea is this world conscious minds become wiped cleaned, Meaning those who are not in touched with their inner self and the whole world vibe, their minds become blank. I giggle at that.. bc you would never tell in the offices of government.  Seriously, talk about being completely out of touch.

But more realistic things that could happen, Massive solar flare which would kill all electronics. which would suck. I mean here I am typing this, and in a few short hours BAM nothing. these words will never be read. Of course that would be funny also. Bc sooo many people would be screwed. and preppers would be the town lifelines.. Seriously... do you know how to grow , pick, clean and CAN your food or can your meat? do you have all your supplies? didn't think so. This is why so many preppers are armed. Bc they know if you have something, some one who doesn't have it and are desperate.. will try to take it all .. most likely by force.

Or how about the economy collapsing. That in it self will throw the world into a whole new direction. I know , you say you have gold bars, or silver.. I have food.. So which one of us is going to out live the other.. let me know how that metal taste. I'll sell ya a cracker for 2ozs. Think about that... While your thinking(from some that might be a new feeling) go look up the economy of china and other nations.. and check out the bond market.

No the whole 12-21-2021 is not the end, but a new beginning, Let's not forget these simple words told to me years ago. What the caterpillar calls the end, the butterfly calls the beginning.

But.. BUT is something does happen. I hope your God bless's you, keep you, and guide you.