Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fun Fill Info On isis...

Boko Haram and ISIS are working together, ISIS appears to be offering military training as well as lessons on Propaganda and social media presence.
Boko Haram is reinforcing ISIS position in Nort Africa by sending them man power.

We also know the ISIS is currently smuggling in followers by disguising them as refugees, it appears Boko Haram is doing the same thing.


Friday, September 11, 2015

never forget 9-11

ABC News - Israelis Detained on 9/11 Spies

FBI report - Israelis caught with bombs on 9/11

Christopher Bollyn 2014 (60 min lecture)
“Israel Is Behind the 9/11 Attacks and Iraq Wars”
> [Embed]
(keep in mind this guy used to be an alex jones nwo NWO missiles and holograms, believer. and may well be being prepped to be a spokesperson for Israel's 9/11 attack hitting the mainstream)

FOX News - The Israeli 9/11 Connection ep.1
> [Embed]

RT News and Press TV journalist Ryan Dawson - War By Deception 2013
> [Embed]

BBC journalist Alan Hart on Israel and 9/11
> [Embed]

RT News - Was 9/11 an Inside Job
> [Embed]

Israel Mossad Chief - Juval Aviv, ( mossad agent on whom the movie 'Munich' is based)
> [Embed]
tries to cover for Israel but ends up admitting a lot

2.40 'there is no doubt that there were various Israeli teams in America... who were MONITERING terrorist networks...

3.08 'Israel had [the 9/11] information that they were giving the American government..'

continues to blame the CIA for storing bombs in the towers









Saturday, September 5, 2015

Racism is not what you think it is...

There is a difference between racism and reason.

Racism is just pure unwarranted hatred and/or fear towards an ethnic group.

Reason is being able to understand that a different ethnic group may cause problems and/or is worthy of being feared for other reasons than just the color of their skin; rather that there are more complicated cultural and social differences in addition to biological differences that cause tension or fuel animosity.

Do you think if Socrates were around today he would silence his words in regards to some of the batshit insane mental gymnastics proclaimed "scholars" and "intellectuals" perform in order to rationalize liberal and SJW bullshit and destruction?

No, he would call them fools (while spouting off about being the wisest of the Greeks for knowing nothing) and would proceed to drink his Hemlock.

True intellectuals are able to understand such a clear and easy topic, but they are unable to not be called racists for pointing the facts.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Can't stump the Trump.

Whether you like Trump or not, we need him as President.

We don't need Trump as president because he would necessarily make the USA a better place, but because it would be more entertaining than anything to ever happen in American politics. Imagine, waking up on a Thursday morning and sitting in traffic on your way to work. You hate your job, you hate your boss, and you hate where you live. But you know, that there is an egotistical tanning-bed loving billionaire tycoon flying around the world on a jet, screaming into the phone at other countries' leaders. He's tweeting about the "tremendous success" of the Mexican wall, he's tweeting photos of himself hanging out with Putin, he's writing executive orders on a weekly basis, he's slapping down tariffs on trade with China like it's nothing, he's shit talking the media for recreation, and he's yelling at you about job growth on cable TV.

 We NEED somebody who will run this country like a business.

Here's a fact. Americans are fucking nervous. People have foreclosed on their homes, they've lost their jobs, they've had to move around the country to find new jobs, they've moved in with family members, they've taken on 2-3 jobs at once just to pay a SHITTY rent payment.

We're sick of this bullshit. Social justice is worthless if there aren't any jobs. We need jobs. We need a president who knows business. We need a president who can bring back manufacturing.

Have you seen the way our country has become? It's a fucking joke compared to what it once was, we are ruled by stupid Politically correct jargon amongst other things. Trump is tapping into that anger. That is why many of the social welfare and political class  are scared shitless, they can't go against the people who donated to them.

Trump can anger as many people as he wants as he has the funds and resources to back up his claims, he will continue to double down until the campaign ends.

The Donald's recipe is to play hardball and stop America from getting bent all the time and be at the mercy of interests that often conflict with those of the American people who the president is supposed to represent (rather than being the shill of some interest groups). Remember that he's talking off the cuff. He's played by the same rules as everyone else as a businessman and thinks it's not good for America, and he's right, it's definitely not good in the longer term.

I like the comment he made about China and other countries having geniuses as negotiators and America having incompetents. Now, clearly there's hyperbole, but he makes a valid point about how it seems like some actually important but not necessarily the most visible roles have become like awards. You need tough and smart people to close deals, not nice guys, SJWs, and idealists. You need people who understand how the world works. Obama projected weakness from the beginning of his presidency, and inevitably many of his appointments also project weakness. Considering all his administration has done, I only wonder what kind of people, including people not even working primarily in the interests of the US, he had doing important negotiations and handling diplomacy. The age-old dynamics of power haven't really changed so a healthy dose of cynicism is needed not to get fucked over because in your heart of hearts you want to believe in humans and thereby become vulnerable and get your weakness exploited.

Having a personality like Donald Trump as president would seriously make me believe that I am living in the greatest country on earth. Vote for Trump for American history. Vote for Trump for global butthurt. But most importantly, vote for Trump for the lulz.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The 7 Deadly sins...

To most people, they are just bible mumbo-jumbo. But if you really read into them, you'll understand why our world is so fucked up almost beyond repairing.

Rated from the most destructive to the least.

1. Greed. This one has its own place in the list. Greed is by far the most destructive sin of them all. Over a billion people are starving every day and nobody gives a flying fuck. Resources are centred around the richest areas in the planet and the rest scrape by on our waste.

2. Pride. As Greed is the most destructive sin, Pride is the one enabling most of it. You are a proud citizen of your country. The "best" country in the world. Why should you give a F about other nationalities. They are "lesser" than you... right?
Wrong. We are all humans first. Education level should come second and anything even remotely nationalistic is destructive in itself.

3.Sloth. This is maybe surprising but its not actually. So many brilliant minds sitting at home jerking off, scrolling through the endless shit-posting instead of using their brains to do good. People aren't actually born lazy, they become that way by living in the current world.

4. Envy. Most hatred today is fuelled by Pride but also Envy. You don't like certain individuals because they are better than you. Even if you are the top 1% you are envious of your fellow 1%:er and this behaviour has passed down all the way to the bottom-feeders. Without Envy, there would be (almost) no reason to commit crime.

5. Gluttony. We horde everything. Most people that read this probably own more stuff than they will ever use. The resources used to make that junk could instead have been distributed elsewhere were it could have done something better.

6. Wrath. Most people may have expected wrath to be higher up, but wrath in it self doesn't do much harm. Combined with the other sins it could become much worse. Its kinda like a gun. Its only as dangerous as the person pulling the trigger.

 7. Lust. This sin is the reason a lot of women and men are treated like meat. Rape and sexual objectification is a real problem. Most people may say "its my body I choose to do whatever I want with it." but Its actually powerful people that enable this kind of behaviour.
However as with Wrath, by itself it doesn't do much harm.

They may have been thought up and written down over 2000 years ago. But these sins are what is destroying our world. Wake up people It has been going on for centuries.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

shit u don't need

Most of you do not realize that it is basically illegal to live a life where you would be debt or bill free.

 Think about this for a moment.
 You can't store your own water,
 grow your own crops
 and raise your own livestock for food...
 U can't homeschool your own kids in a cabin that you built yourself.

 To do all of this u need to ask their permission.

 During which you will have to pay them,
 and do it under their specifications,
which u will find PG&E usually is now still involved. - or some corporation that makes money.

 storing rain water is illegal in many states
 but if u can't pay your water bill those same people shut it off.

 I can find a hundred articles about people being jailed for living off the grid. 


 And u gotta pay for it. 
"The land of the free?" I don't know what they are talking about anymore. 

 When our financial situation gets worse, one day it will be like Greece. 
One day it will be worse. 
The bigger a country is the more dramatic its downfall. 
Ours will be epic. 

 What have you stored to get through the long haul since u have not been allowed to live without the government and stores and mini Marts and hell, TV and electricity. when the government is useless or over or gone, you will ultimately become useless as well. 

You'll be the "zombies" of this new phase. 
 Stock up. 

And put your money in gold and silver not this printed Debt that has enslaved you to go to work everyday to pay for shit u don't need. That's why the laws are the way they are. 
They tell you that you are free while they force you to be a busy little be so that you can pay off all the debt they channel you into.
 That's called slavery‬ and your shackles are your own ignorance.

 Get a bug out bag and stock it with what u need to get to where your gonna start fresh at. And make sure that place is squared away too. The government is closer to collapse than ever before. And our society seems to be crumbling with it.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Something a little hard to swallow

You call it taking a pill. 

You find it fitting that something which awakens one to the truth would be hard to swallow. It's the more honest, authentic choice. It's challenging, it's rough, but it must be done for the greater good, even if it leads you too deep down the rabbit hole. 

 But I ask: do you even really know what's in that red little capsule? The active ingredients? The long-term effects?

 Or are you just choosing one brand of thinking over the other. Brand "red pill" over brand "blue pill." Both of them just as readily available, just as mass-produced. Little pocket-sized ideologies designed to be shoved down the most willing throats. 

You think it's defined in terms of black and white, right and left, rather than the nebulous shifting "truth" that really is. The one that can be so easily bent and shifted to fit a multitude of interests. The one that can be turned inside out on itself. Contradict itself. Deny itself. All with a flick of the wrist and the right words said by the right flapping mouths. 

 The cards are already down. The hands long since played, and the pot already split up amongst the winners. There is no longer a game, only it's memory. Yet the chatter of the next big hand still rumbles on. Debate over who will finally overcome who and unleash their dreams upon the world in spectacular glory. But all this big talk really does is create a malaise of hot air, like gassy fog suspended over a stagnant pond.

 Yes, of course I agree with you! This one change is indeed all we need to Fix Everything!™ All we ask is that you donate! Vote for us! Like us on Facebook and Twitter! 

 Expressing your political opinions is about as good of use of your time as picking out the color of cock you'd like to suck off. Yet the irony is completely lost on you. And on me. On all of us. We are committed to our self-destructive habits to the point of blatant self-parody, and it's never going to change.

 I have no pity to give. So just open your mouth and swallow.

Monday, February 16, 2015

when I snap my fingers you will awake... and remember everything...

Those who take umbrage with the phrase 'wake up' are also being offended by one of england's greatest poets, and indeed one of his greatest and most relevant works.
it's not that people are asleep though, it's that they're hypnotized - wide awake but subtly pushed to only do, think and say certain things.

That's why they accept war and torture by the state, massive inequalities shoved right in their faces, the establishment's raping and murdering children and never being prosecuted for it, and anything else the world of 'official' 'authority', normally through the controlled media, tells them is the truth.

It is not the truth though is it, it is a constructed reality with a specific purpose in mind, which is why we keep asking people to wake up and see it, so they can realise we are being controlled, lied to, manipulated and ultimately either enslaved or exterminated.

It is a part of the hypnosis program that you do not question what you are told by official lines of all kinds, whether it be government, news programs, education, police, judges, etc.

It is a part of the program that you do not investigate any of these 'other' claims for yourself, because it is just nonsense before you even start, so not even worth bothering with; only the official line is truth, anybody else's ideas are conspiracy nonsense, unproven, laughable, and not even worthy of mention or investigation - that is exactly what your brain tells you when you come across them, isn't it?

But doesn't that sound like orwellian, fascist, controlled thinking? like you have been subtly influenced to never research anything for yourself, and accept your education and whatever the newscaster tells you? to just get on with your shit job only to pay the bills and live, and then switch off from it all with some sport, soap, celebrity or other pointless distraction, all to keep you in this trance and stop you saying 'hang on a minute, this isn't right, i'm going to help do something about this..'

'they've played with your mind 

ever since you opened your eyes,

don't you know you're hypnotized

into seeing what they want you to see?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ukraine at War

Live map of the battlefield, updated every hour

  1. Maps of hostilities:
  2. pictures of cat-Ivanov:
  3. pictures of the dragon:
  4. interactive map of hostilities:
  6. Toll:
  7. a list of destroyed and captured armored vehicles, artillery and aircraft:
  8. list of losses aviation:
  9. list of identified losses APU (identified by 20 to 50% of the real потерь):Втрати_силових_структур_внаслідок_російського_вторгнення_в_Україну_(2015)
  11. Interesting sites and forums:
  12. VC-1 exploration #:
  13. VC-exploration # 2:
  14. military reports from the South-Western Front (антиквариат.ру):
  15. news, broadcast, exchange of views:
  16. Information and Analytical Center "Kassad": +
  17. terra-analyst:
  18. Other Information Resources news Новороссии: | | |
  20. VK group and the individual:
  21. VSN Brigade "GHOST":
  22. News New Russia:
  23. Relief Fund of New Russia:
  24. News-Front | New Russia | South-Eastern Front:
  25. RRG "Batman" LC:
  26. Milchakov Alex:
  27. Alexander Zhuchkovsky: x
  29. Channels on youtube:
  30. Video Blog Anatoly Sharia (lie detector suitable media and troll): | double-channel in case of lock:
  31. anna-news: | Main site:
  32. DNR and LC:
  33. Graham Phillips (British journalist), actual shooting from the field:
  34. New Russia TV (current shooting from the field and analyst):
  35. News-Front:
  36. TheMedvedova:
  37. RuptlyTV:
  38. opasnie (Gleb Kornilov /
  40. Interesting LJ on military subjects:
  45. Interesting Twitter:
  46. - Dmitry Steshin (spets.korr. TVNZ)
  47. - Alexander Kotz (spets.korr. TVNZ)
  48. - Graham Phillips (British journalist)
  49. - Shariy (See above.)
  50. - Borisych (photo-reporter)
  51. - official twitter informsluzhby DNI
  52. - unofficial twitter with summaries of the New Russia
  53. >Zakharchenko on the ceasefire

    >Azov gets a hit on an NAF tank

    >UA Soldiers rob a house and beat the owner of it

    >Battle ~20 km east of Mariupol

    >Video from the NAF front line base

    >German documentary on the war

    >NAF August battalion preparing for an attack

Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's just a little pinprick

Given that the general public doesn’t accept that vaccines can injure, I decided to start a list of vaccine injuries (many of them written by parents). For simplicity, I’ve tried to classify each story into only one vaccine injury category (although many could be classified under several vaccine injury categories).
This is only the very tip of the iceberg.  In addition to these, I have heard accounts of many more from friends and family. If you have a vaccine injury story, please share your story and/or a link to your blog so that I can add your story here. How many stories do we need to hear to start to believe the truth?
What strikes me as I’ve started to list these stories is how the vaccines have affected the brains of our children (death, brain damage, loss of consciousness, strokes, autism), in addition to increasing the suspectibility to infections. These stories provide a sad, vivid and harsh context for Dr. Blaydock’s scientific review,“The Dangers of Excessive Vaccination during Brain Development”. Not included in the list below is all of the many, many children who suffer with eczema, asthma, allergies, the risk of anaphylaxis, ear infections, ADHD, etc. They are not included in this list because the link is not as obvious to parents (it’s hard to tell if our children would not have had asthma or allergies if they had not received any vaccinations, especially given that children start receiving vaccinations at such a young age, at birth or two months old), but there are several scientific studies that have shown the link between vaccinations and these diseases. 
An excerpt from Dr. Tenpenny’s new book, Vaccine Wars:
“A fact that cannot be debated, however, is that we have a national epidemic of sick children…  We have come to accept asthma, allergies, eczema, chronic ear infections, and learning difficulties as ‘normal’ childhood conditions.  In our zeal to eradicate infectious disease, it appears we have traded the usual mild diseases in childhood, such as chickenpox, mumps and measles, for a lifetime of poor health and drugs. We have exchanged temporary illnesses for pervasive life-long diseases, disorders, dysfunctions and disabilities. A chronic illness held in check by medication is not health. The well-being of children and a community must be gauged by more than high vaccination rates and low infection rates caused by a specific, short list of pathogens.”
Or, as Dr. Mercola puts it, “Today, half of all U.S. children are chronically sick with asthma, allergies, learning disabilities and other illnesses such as autism and epilepsy. That’s 32 million U.S. children who are sick all the time, every day”.
And a recent articles states that, “One in six U.S. children now has a developmental disability such as autism, learning disorders or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to new research from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”.
Children who are most susceptible to vaccine damage are those children with compromised immune systems. In addition, if your family has a history of autoimmune disorders or are poor methylators (e.g., Alzheimer’s, depression), your child is at a greater risk for vaccine injury. More about this here.
***I encourage you to search the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). To date (as of March 6, 2012) the VAERS website has 387,333 vaccine reactions that have been reported.  The actual number of adverse reactions will be much greater than this number. I have not summarized any of the information in the VAERS system. You can also search the National Vaccine Information Centre’s (NVIC) International Memorial for Vaccine Victims’ website, which lists 161 vaccine reactions to date.
Since the creation of the Vaccine Compensation Injury Program (VCIP) in 1988 (the same year mercury was added to most childhood vaccines), the program has paid  $2,429,787,664.52  in compensation to neurologically injured children as of 2012. (Source: HRSA Vaccine Compensation Statistics).
Read over 1,200 vaccine injury stories submitted by parents at the “Following Vaccinations” website here.
[Note: Please let me know if any links are no longer active, so I can keep this list up-to-date.]
Vaccine injury: Death
The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) lists 4804 vaccine reactions that have resulted in an individuals’ death.
Vaccines and sudden infant death syndrome
Vaccine injury: Brain and nerve damage
  • scientific study published in Pediatrics 1998 found a causal relationship between the measles vaccine and permanent brain damage or death.
  • The study reviewed the claims to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program between 1970 and 1993. They found a total of 48 children, ages 10 to 49 months, who developed acute encephalopathy (i.e., brain injury) after receiving measles vaccine. Within this group, 8 children died, and the remainder had mental regression and retardation, chronic seizures, motor and sensory deficits, and movement disorders.
  • A list of several scientific studies linking vaccines with neurological disorders, including brain swelling here.
  • Albert, Andrew and Marco’s story – Marco’s recorded clinical symptoms, which had appeared after the Sabin polio vaccination and correlated through the pediatrician to the anti polio vaccine, were as follows: ocular nystagmus, tremors and speech defects.  He died at the age of 6.
  •  The day following their vaccination, Albert and Andrew’s health deteriorated, and they were eventually diagnosed with “Metachromatic Leukodystrophy Type” (a disease related to the nervous system). Andrew died shortly thereafter.
  • Dallas’ story – My oldest son, Dallas was 14 months old when he developed a neurological tic and eye problems, related to vaccines. After taking him to dozens of doctors I got no diagnoses. All the neurologist told me they had never seen this before. He is 29 years old and still has this tic and very bad eyesight and severe headaches.
  • Julia’s story – 12 months old – MMR-V and Hepatitis B – unconscious for 10 days, was diagnosed with encephalitis. Severe temporal sclerosis over the right side of her brain. More areas of “less” severe injury in both frontal lobes of her brain. When she left, she was severely left sided hemiplegic, was aspirating food unless thickened, was unable to sit up or roll over, was nonverbal, and screamed and cried 22 out of 24 hours a day. Back again to not sleeping for over three years.
  • Eric’s story – DPT at 6 weeks old – severe brain damage and seizures
  • Brandon’s story – brain damaged by DPT vaccine – You Tube video
  • Devan’s story
  • Scott’s story – DPT as an infant – severe brain damage
  • Lucia’s story
  • Letter from a mother with a vaccine injured child
  • Helen’s story
  • Steve’s story
  • Several stories of vaccine injury related to DPT and DTaP vaccines, including a 22 year who is now profoundly mentally handicapped as a result of childhood DT vaccination (scroll down).
Vaccine injury: Coma
  • Kash’s story – one year old vaccines – coma for 10 days; at two years old still doesn’t have many spoken words, and continues to see a neurologist and several other specialists; will need special education.
Vaccine injury: Semi-conscious for 3 months
Vaccine injury: Lost consciousness
Vaccine injury: Requires IV 8 hours everyday over long-term
Vaccine injury: Stopped breathing
Vaccine injury: Stroke
  • Debbie’s son’s story
  • One year old boy – story is at the bottom of the page, after the description of the research conducted by Dr. Andrew Moulden about how vaccinations can cause micro vascular strokes.
Vaccine injury: Severely disabled
  • Eric’s story – 6 months old – DPT vaccine – within a few days started having up to 80 seizures a day. At 20 years old, he is severely disabled.
  • “…A dear friend would take back her personal decision to vaccinate in a heartbeat if it could bring her son back to her. As a healthy and energetic toddler of nearly two years old who was walking and running, he was vaccinated for MMR and within 24 hours had begun stumbling and falling over. Within a week he was unable to move and was confined to a wheelchair. He died prematurely as a young teenager. His mother is firm and unmoveable in her belief that it was the vaccine that caused the damage.” – Source (see What a Gem’s comment)
Vaccine injury: Seizures / Epilepsy
A list of scientific studies documenting the link between vaccines and seizures and convulsions here.
  • The Morales Crew – Eden’s story; also read her story here. 4 months old – 7 vaccinations in 3 shots. Brain swelling (encephalitis cries). Five years later, she still has absence seizures.
  • Kirk’s story
  • 2 day old boy – Hepatitis B vaccine caused epilepsy
  • Amanda’s story
  • Becca’s story
  • Cael’s story
  • Casey’s story
  • Elizabeth’s story
  • Matthew’s story
  • Payton’s story – 10 months old – DPT vaccine – violent seizures, respiratory arrest, mild brain damage, epilepsy
  • Steve’s story – three month old, also developed a hemorrhage in his brain. Was healed by homeopathy.
  • According to the VAERS, the number of infant febrile seizures after flu vaccine has increased – January 2011 article here
  • Several vaccine injury stories related to multiple vaccinations, includingseizures, autism, etc.
  • Several stories of vaccinations causing epilepsy here.
  • “My second child developed Epilepsy & Sensory Processing Disorder @ the age of 3 1/2 & I believe this was connected to the MMR vaccine although I can’t prove it.”- Source (see Rebecca’s comment on April 8 at 4:18 am)
Vaccine injury: Encephalitis cries
  • Keelen’s story – one year old vaccination – Pediarix (a combination shot containing 5 vaccines: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, and Hepatitis B), Hib, and Pneumococcal – encephalitis cries (cries due to brain swelling) – was never the same again (constant pain, inconsolable, head banging)
Vaccine injury: Encephalopathy
  • Nichole’s Recovery - “Nichole was born on September 7, 2006 and at four months old, I took her to the health clinic to get her vaccinations, my whole life turned upside down. Nichole had acute reactions to the DTP vaccine. The DPT vaccine has been linked to brain damage, neurological damage, sudden infant death syndrome, and death. Nichole reactions 30 mins. of receiving the DPT vaccine were: she became lethargic, she was drooling excessively, and her whole body started shaking in my arms, which I found out later, Nichole was having seizures…. Her diagnosis include encephalopathy of unknown etiology with microcephaly, cortical visual impairment, GERD, global delay, spastic tera paresis, and failure to thrive with g-tube placement. Nichole’s seizures have continued to be problematic and difficult to control.”
Vaccine injury: Meningitis and repeated infections
Vaccine injury: Cerebral Palsy
Vaccine injury: Multiple Sclerosis
Vaccine injury: Encephalitis cries and allergies
  • Robyn’s story – Hepatitis B at birth, 2 month 7 vaccines – feel into a deep and unwakeable sleep and when he woke up – encephalitis cries (aka DTaP scream) due to brain inflammation. Child developed eczema and life-threatening allergies.
Vaccine injury: Autism Spectrum Disorder
1 in 100 vaccinated children are diagnosed with autism
Only 1 in 10,000 children in an unvaccinated Amish population in northeastern Ohio is diagnosed with autism.
Scientific research linking vaccinations with autism spectrum disorder here.
A scientific paper “Theoretical aspects of autism: causes — a review” states that “Documented causes of autism include genetic mutations and/or deletions, viral infections, and encephalitis [brain damage] following vaccination [emphasis added]. Therefore, autism is the result of genetic defects and/or inflammation of the brain.” Read the abstract to Ratajczak’s paper here and a CBS news article about the paper here.
Read over 1,000 vaccine injury stories submitted by parents at the “Following Vaccinations” website here. Most of the adverse reactions following vaccinations reported by parents on this website is autism spectrum disorder.
Inspiration and information about recovering children from autism here.
  • Baxter’s story – Baxter developed autism after vaccinations. Through a variety of methods, traditional and biomedical (including dietary changes), Baxter is not longer considered on the autistic spectrum. Learn more about the Berle’s family’s story here. 
  • Live Consciously, Heal Artfully – Dougie’s story
  • Keely’s Kitchen – Keely’s story
  • My Vaccine Injured Child  – Nick’s story
  • Recovered from Autism – Kaiden’s story
  • Charlie in Wonderland – Video of Charlie before and after vaccination
  • Alex’s Journey out of Autism – Alex’s story – DTaP vaccinations resulted in cough, runny nose, 2-3 ear infections, 2-4 ER visits for fever and cold-like symptoms; after other vaccinations, was eventually diagnosed with autism. His parents are recovering him with CEASE homeopathy, and biomedical techniques.
  • Autism and Homeopathy – After 2 years of vaccinations, Oliver can only speak 4 words. He was perfectly healthy during his first 2 years of life. (Spanish version here). Mother feels that Oliver’s autism was the result of vaccinations.
  • Autism Wars - Gavin was healthy for a whole day… He got his Hep B vaccine when he was a day old and his life of sickness began.  The assault on his immune system began. His body began attacking itself.  He developed Eczema all over his body.  The food he was eating became a foreign invader… an allergy to wheat and milk. He was primed for future vaccine injury. His brain swelled –not enough for us to notice with our eyes, but enough to cause him pain that left him screaming and crying for two days. He now has Chiari Malformation (more common in the autism population than general population) and Epilepsy –along with his “autism”.
  • BioKae – Kaelyn’s story – 15 months old, 7 vaccines, she was diagnosed with autism 2 months later;  her parents are currently healing her with biomedical techniques
  • Drew’s Autism Recovery Diary – Drew’s story
  • Holly’s son’s story – her son was fully vaccinated until the age of 2, which played a role in his development of autism.
  • Mercury Babies – Son developed Pervasive Developmental Delay, Sensory Integration disorder, auditory processing, and autistic tendencies and motor delays due to vaccinations.
  • Vaccine Injured Child FB Group – several stories
  • Hannah’s story -19 months, 5 vaccines, she was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old;  federal vaccine court granted Hannah’s parents a settlement regarding Hannah’s vaccine injury. Scientific American article about how a mitochondrial disorder may be related to why some vaccinated children develop autism. As many as 20% of autistic children have mitochondrial disorders.
  • My Autism Recovery – Kaeden’s story – received typical vaccinations – diagnosed with autism at one year old – by the time he was 6, he was healed of autism using homeopathy, NAET and other treatments.
  • Recovering Boys – Ty’s story – mother believes a number of factors, including vaccinations contributed to her son’s autism. A few hours after one set of vaccines, her son’s personality was gone. With biomedical treatment, her son is now recovered from autism.
  • Puzzle Pieces and Broken Shells – mother believes that a combination of genetic predisposition and vaccines caused her daughter’s autism
  • For the Love of Peanut – Peanut’s story – 13 months old – received MMRV (combination of MMR and chicken pox) plus HIB and pneumococcal – parents are recovering Peanut using naturopathy and homeopathy. Peanut’s mom also describes how her two other children also had vaccine reactions, including one child who had grande mal seizures and developmental delays and the other has reflux, selective mutism, OCD, bipolar disorder
  • Aspie Mom – chicken pox vaccination at 1 years old, two meningitis vaccines and hepatitis A/B combo – around that time, development really ceased to progress.  Everything up until about one year seemed normal to me, but those “first words around the first year” never came.
  • Autism by Injection – Michael’s story – DTaP left him lethargic and he didn’t smiled much and lost all eye contact; MMR resulted in autism. Michael’s story with photo-video, another photo-video here.
  • Ben’s story – “When Ben was 12 months old he suffered a brain injury from being vaccinated”. He eventually was diagnosed with autism.
  • Casi’s story – health deteriorated with every vaccination and developed autism after MMR vaccination – eventually died from meningitis when she was four years old.
  • Boy Connected – mom lists all of the aggravations and improvements that arose when her seven year old son cleared the MMR vaccination using CEASE homepathy.
  • Chandler’s story (Adventures in autism) – 18 months – “After Chandler’s diagnosis I went back and watched home videos to find out when things started changing for him. We had a gap in our video’s between my older son’s birthday in September and Halloween. It was clear that he had changed sometime during that time. After watching the videos I checked his shot record and found that Chandler had been vaccinated just before the gap in the video, five weeks before Halloween.”
  • Emily’s story – 14 months old – 3 immunizations
  • Healing Joshua – After his vaccine injury … Joshua never spoke another meaningful word until he was 14. This site is about HOPE and HEALING …. and the journey we have taken…. We know Autism is treatable …
  • RJ’s story – MMR, Hepatitis B, Polio vaccines – Rodney Peete’s son and his book, Not my Son.
  • Michael’s story – developed severe diarrhea after Hep B vaccine at 14 months. Regressed slowly into autism over 2 year period. Mother describes his recovery using sequential homeopathy.
  • A couple of successful CEASE therapy case studies where vaccinations resulted in autism.
  • Jacob’s story – Jacob developed autism after routine vaccinations when he was three years old
  • Josh’s story – 18 months old – DPT vaccine (cumulative reaction with other vaccines to date) – Josh stopped talking, and was eventually diagnosed with autism. Parents are recovering Josh with biomedical treatments.
  • Joshua’s story – 17 months old – had received all childhood vaccinations at that time. Since then, his parents have identified that Joshua has a genetic mutation in the MTHFR gene (5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (NADPH)) that affects his immune system and makes him hyper sensitive to vaccinations.
  • Josiah’s story – 16 months old – 9 vaccines – started having seizures right away, stopped talking and was eventually diagnosed with autism.
  • Kyan’s story – Kyan was 13 months old at his one year baby well check when he received his routine vaccinations including the MMR. Several days later he developed a high fever, broke out in a full body rash, would not sleep, and screamed and cried inconsolably for days. He was eventually diagnosed with autism.
  • Landon’s story – 1 year old –  his development was eventually slowed down and milestones not being met after the MMR vaccine. He was eventually diagnosed with autism. Landon is now 11 years old.  He has additional diagnoses of Hypotonia, PANDAS, MTHFR mutation, immune dysfunction, speech delay, fine and gross motor delay.
  • Lane’s story – 20 months old – 6 vaccines – “We lost that little happy, healthy toddler to a blank staring, hand flapping, no eye contact, no words, just meltdowns from hell.”
  • Madi’s story – video showing Madi before and after she developed autism after vaccinations.
  • Marley’s story -  Marley was a 5lb premature baby who received the Hep B shot and many shots afterwards and now she has autism.
  • Nick’s Story – Thinking Mom’s Revolution – 15 months: received the MMR, Dtap and Hib in one visit. Over the next “three months we had been in the Emergency room, spent countless hours with On-call pediatricians and Sick visits for unrelenting ear infections, bronchitis, and endless rounds of antibiotics.” By 18 months, Nick stopped speaking.
  • Parker’s story – 18 months – MMR, plus flu shot, chicken pox, etc, eight shots at one time – “Within 30 days, he stopped saying words, stopped using eating utensils, and stopped responding to his name.  Within the next six months, he lost all eye contact with us, started hand-flapping and spinning, and almost completely stopped sleeping.”
  • Rachel’s story – diagnosed with ADHD and OCD, we added PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Disorder Associated with Streptococcus) and Asperger’s Syndrome, resulting from vaccinations.
  • Red, Green, Lellow – Isaac developed autism resulting from vaccinations. Read more here.
  • Regarding Caroline – After the MMR vaccine, Caroline lost her words, and was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and verbal apraxia.
  • Savannah’s story – Savannah’s mom discusses how vaccines not only resulted in her daughter’s autism, but also a damaged immune system in thisblog post.
  • Seth’s story - my son had a bad reaction to his 4 shot series at 14 months old with high fever and a swollen leg. He regressed in speech and began watching the TV with his face in the screen. He would not make eye contact. He was eventually diagnosed with autism.
  • Spectrum Mum in Malaysia – when she was 1.5 years old, Maya slowly regressed after the Meningococcal C vaccine. She became withdrawn, lost many of her skills, she spoke less and less. She never progressed to constructing sentences even when her peers were already speaking well. She started having outrageous tantrums, meltdowns and horrible mood swings. She was eventually diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Two years later, with aggressive biomedical DAN! treatment, she is recovered.
  • Tanner’s story – Read Rhonda Spellman’s book, “The Journey Home from Autism”. Her son suffered from mercury poisoning as a result of routine vaccinations, which resulted in autism. She also recovered her son using GFCF diet and supplements.
  • Timmy’s story – 9 weeks old – DTAP, IPV, Prevnar, and HIB; eventually diagnosed with autism.
  • P. Long’s son’s story
  • Angie’s story
  • Anthony’s story
  • Ben’s story
  • Christian’s story
  • Junior’s story
  • Lisa’s daughter’s story
  • Sara’s story
  • Kirk’s story
  • Brandon’s story
  • Giselle’s story
  • Maryamber’s story
  • Nicolas’ story
  • Tanner’s story
  • Ryker’s story
  • Stephen’s story
  • Lisa’s story
  • Michelle’s son’s story - see first comment – 15 month son developed autism overnight following vaccines
  • Montana’s story – vaccines received at birth resulted in autism
  • Stephanie’s story – college student who received the meningitis vaccine, which caused adult-onset autism – series of 3 videos
  • Zayan’s story – The Boy Who Walked Backward – BCG vaccination in India at 6 months of age. Swollen lymph node developed which required surgery.
  • KMP’s daughter’s story
  • Video of a girl’s story
  • Understand Vaccines – Several stories, including children who developed autism after their vaccinations and seizures.
  • As of Nov. 2011, there are 21 stories of vaccinations resulting in autistic spectrum disorder at NVIC’s International Memorial for Vaccine Victims.
  • One of my friend’s sons (now 14) had seizures directly after the MMR vaccine and is currently on the autistic spectum.
Vaccine injury: Attention Deficit Disorder
Vaccine injury: Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Brandon’s story – 15 months old – Tetanus, Oral Trivalent Polio, Hib Type B, MMR vaccines
Vaccine injury: Hodgkin’s Disease
Dr. Robert Mendelsohn’s book, How to Raise a Healthy Child, states that he has observed Hodgkin disease develop after the MMR vaccine.
  • Alexis’ story –  21 days after receiving the DTP shot, she  came down with the following symptoms:  lethargy; fever; loss of appetite; excessive sleeping. Shortly after MMR shot, she developed vaccine-induced Hodgkin’s Disease. Alexis died when she was 17 years old.
Vaccine injury: Juvenile Diabetes
Another chronic autoimmune disorder that is on the increase in multiple vaccine recipients is juvenile type 1 diabetes. In New Zealand, there was a 60% increase in juvenile diabetes following a massive hepatitis B vaccination program for newborns. In Finland the incidence of juvenile diabetes increased 147% in children under five after the introduction of three new vaccines for children in the late 1970s. Then, in the late 1980s, addition of a live MMR vaccine and an experimental vaccine (Hib) resulted in another 62% increase in the incidence of juvenile diabetes in children 3 months or older who received the new multiple vaccines (source).
Vaccine injury: IgA Nephropathy (an autoimmune disorder that affects the kidneys)
Vaccine injury: Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (excessive bruising)
Vaccine injury: Increase of infections
  • Cathy’s daughter’s story – double ear infection, bronchitis
  • Grayson’s story – 12 month vaccinations – “Grayson reacted to his 12 month vaccinations for an entire month, non-stop.  Doctors really had the gall to tell me that each of these incidents was unrelated to one another and/or the vaccinations.  He was tested for diseases such as EBV, Lyme, arthritis and even leukemia.  I’m sorry, but 4 live viruses should never have been injected into my baby in one sitting and I have since learned that he probably never handled his vaccinations well, because as I look back on pictures, I see one of his eyes turned in slightly, his lip not quite in line symmetrically with the other side and as we progressed through his vaccination schedule, his personality changed.  He changed.”
  • Theo – five months old – (a friend’s son) developed pneumonia and an ear infection after receiving the pneumococcal vaccine.
Vaccine injury:  Severe Eczema, Flesh-eating infection, Small pox
  • Vaccine injury photos showing severe eczema, flesh-eating infection, small pox lesions (warning: graphic photos)
Vaccine Injury: Night terrors
Vaccine Injury: Eczema
  • Several stories of children who developed eczema after vaccinations.
  • 5 1/2 month old baby – developed eczema after Prevnar 13 vaccination.
Vaccine Injury: Asthma
When researchers in New Zealand compared the rates of asthma in children that did not receive multiple vaccinations to rates in children receiving multiple vaccinations, those children who did not receive the vaccines did not present with asthma; whereas 23% of children receiving multiple vaccines had to have asthma consultations and 30% had consultations for other allergic illnesses (source).
  • A child with Hyper IgE syndrome “became sick at 2 months of age, which is immediately after his first whooping cough vaccine.  I can’t prove that was a cause, but I strongly suspect it exasperated his problems.  We gave him a whooping cough booster two years ago, and 24 hours later he became unbelievably sick.  His asthma was out of control, he could not get out of bed and his skin flared all over.  It took a lot of careful homeopathy to get him through that.  If it weren’t for the homeopathy, he would have been in the hospital.”
Flu Vaccine injury: Guillain–Barré Syndrome
  • Posts linking vaccinations to Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
  • I personally know of at least two adults who developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome after a flu vaccination (one of them had received the H1N1 vaccine).
Chicken Pox Vaccine Injury: Shingles 
  • Research has revealed high rates of shingles in Americans since the government’s 1995 recommendation that children receive the chicken pox vaccine.
  • I personally know of one individual who developed shingles after her child was vaccinated with the chicken pox vaccine.
  • As of February 4, 2011, 89 deaths and 20,575 adverse reactions have resulted from the Gardasil vaccine. Three breastfed infants died after their mother’s received the Gardasil vaccine. More here.
  • Three young women died and FDA reported that 28% miscarried after the vaccination – article here
  • Vaccine Awareness Network has a lot more very detailed information about Gardasil vaccination reactions here.
  • Cori’s story - video
Bedridden and Heart Inflammation
Brain damage
Early Menopause
German Measles Vaccine Injury: Arthritis
  • Scientific studies that document the hazards of the Hepatitis B vaccine, including vision loss, hearing loss and various ailments.
  • Eight stories, with reactions that include chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, bedridden, wheel-chair bound, mononucleosis
  • “”The FDA also received over 2,400 adverse event reports for hepatitis-B vaccine in children in that same time frame, culminating in death, hospitalization, or prolonged disability. Add the reports for adults and the number swells to 27,000 serious reactions to the vaccine. With all camps in this debate in agreement that ten percent or fewer of adverse events ever get reported, this means that the vaccine may kill or disable thousands more than the disease itself.” Read full article here.
Dehabilitating pain
Failure to thrive and prone to infections
  • “I am the mother of a vaccine-injured child. My daughter is 17, so she is soon to be a vaccine-injured adult.For the last 17 years I have watched my daughter’s health evaporate as if into thin air. As an infant, she was slow to gain weight and was diagnosed with “failure-to-thrive.” She was intolerant of milk, had mysterious rashes and “fevers of unknown origin.” She was very prone to ear infections and had two sets of tubes placed in her ears.” Read her entire open letter here.
Multiple Sclerosis
Requires 24 hour care long-term
Tetanus Vaccine Injury: Chronic Fatigue  Syndrome
Pneumococcal Vaccine Injuries
Anthrax Vaccine
  • Major Sonnie Bates’ story – He noticed that dozens were extremely ill following the anthrax vaccine. Autoimmune disorders, but all had some common link. He approached his commander and said that he would refuse the vaccine. The military threatened him with a court martial and 5 years in prison. He refused to take the vaccine and made headlines around the world and appeared on 60 minutes.  Anthrax vaccine has disabled and killed thousands and is the direct result of Gulf War Syndrome.
Compensation payouts
  • Vaccine manufacturers have paid out nearly $2 billion in damages to parents in the US. In all, around 2,000 parents have received compensation payments that average $850,000. Sadly, since the Vaccine Injury Compensation Payment (VICP) have not awarded settlements to any parents of children with autism because they refuse to recognize any link between vaccinations and autism (Source: New England Journal of Medicine, 2007; 357: 1275-9).
To report reactions:
In Canada…
In the US…
  • You can report a vaccine reaction to the US Government Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).
  • You can report a vaccine reaction to the US National Vaccine Information Center NVIC. You can also search the NVIC Vaccine Reaction Database.NVIC is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1982 by parents of vaccine-injured children.
More reading
The following books describe more accounts of vaccine-injured children:
  • Jenny McCarthy’s Mother Warriors and Louder than Words
  • Verspoor and Smith’s Autism: The Journey Back
  • Rodney Peete’s story about his son’s autism after his MMR vaccination: Not my Son
  • Barbara Coppo’s Boy in the Window – son developed autism after the DPT vaccine when he was 19 months old
  • Marge Grant’s A Stolen Life – her son developed severe brain damage DPT vaccine when he was an infant
  • Coulter and Fisher’s A Shot in the Dark - The Amazon review for this book also has many written comments by parents whose children were vaccine injured. Discusses the risks associated with the DPT vaccine.
Vaccination News is a good source for additional vaccine injury stories, vaccine injury groups/websites, and published and unpublished vaccine cases under the US Court of Federal Claims.
Several stories of vaccine injuries and reactions (too many to list) at H1N1 Vaccine Reactions.
Vaccine Injury Information details 585 adverse vaccine reactions in Switzerland in 2010. You can read through all of the adverse vaccine reactions in Switzerland from 2003 to 2010 here. They also break down the adverse reactions for the various vaccines (i.e., MMRtick born encephalitis, hepatitis,  HPV,pneumococcal, and tetanus.
You can read more about the scientific literature that documents the negative effects of vaccinations here. has several videos and stories of vaccine injury.