Monday, February 16, 2015

when I snap my fingers you will awake... and remember everything...

Those who take umbrage with the phrase 'wake up' are also being offended by one of england's greatest poets, and indeed one of his greatest and most relevant works.
it's not that people are asleep though, it's that they're hypnotized - wide awake but subtly pushed to only do, think and say certain things.

That's why they accept war and torture by the state, massive inequalities shoved right in their faces, the establishment's raping and murdering children and never being prosecuted for it, and anything else the world of 'official' 'authority', normally through the controlled media, tells them is the truth.

It is not the truth though is it, it is a constructed reality with a specific purpose in mind, which is why we keep asking people to wake up and see it, so they can realise we are being controlled, lied to, manipulated and ultimately either enslaved or exterminated.

It is a part of the hypnosis program that you do not question what you are told by official lines of all kinds, whether it be government, news programs, education, police, judges, etc.

It is a part of the program that you do not investigate any of these 'other' claims for yourself, because it is just nonsense before you even start, so not even worth bothering with; only the official line is truth, anybody else's ideas are conspiracy nonsense, unproven, laughable, and not even worthy of mention or investigation - that is exactly what your brain tells you when you come across them, isn't it?

But doesn't that sound like orwellian, fascist, controlled thinking? like you have been subtly influenced to never research anything for yourself, and accept your education and whatever the newscaster tells you? to just get on with your shit job only to pay the bills and live, and then switch off from it all with some sport, soap, celebrity or other pointless distraction, all to keep you in this trance and stop you saying 'hang on a minute, this isn't right, i'm going to help do something about this..'

'they've played with your mind 

ever since you opened your eyes,

don't you know you're hypnotized

into seeing what they want you to see?