Tuesday, July 14, 2015

shit u don't need

Most of you do not realize that it is basically illegal to live a life where you would be debt or bill free.

 Think about this for a moment.
 You can't store your own water,
 grow your own crops
 and raise your own livestock for food...
 U can't homeschool your own kids in a cabin that you built yourself.

 To do all of this u need to ask their permission.

 During which you will have to pay them,
 and do it under their specifications,
which u will find PG&E usually is now still involved. - or some corporation that makes money.

 storing rain water is illegal in many states
 but if u can't pay your water bill those same people shut it off.

 I can find a hundred articles about people being jailed for living off the grid. 


 And u gotta pay for it. 
"The land of the free?" I don't know what they are talking about anymore. 

 When our financial situation gets worse, one day it will be like Greece. 
One day it will be worse. 
The bigger a country is the more dramatic its downfall. 
Ours will be epic. 

 What have you stored to get through the long haul since u have not been allowed to live without the government and stores and mini Marts and hell, TV and electricity. when the government is useless or over or gone, you will ultimately become useless as well. 

You'll be the "zombies" of this new phase. 
 Stock up. 

And put your money in gold and silver not this printed Debt that has enslaved you to go to work everyday to pay for shit u don't need. That's why the laws are the way they are. 
They tell you that you are free while they force you to be a busy little be so that you can pay off all the debt they channel you into.
 That's called slavery‬ and your shackles are your own ignorance.

 Get a bug out bag and stock it with what u need to get to where your gonna start fresh at. And make sure that place is squared away too. The government is closer to collapse than ever before. And our society seems to be crumbling with it.