Friday, December 28, 2012

A new year.. or a more restrictive old one.

"This blog is what I feel what the next year holds for us all in America."

One of the God's glorious gifts to mankind is to bestow upon him teh dawn of a new year. New opportunities and challenges are before him. A chance to try again, to make another endeavor to successfully accomplish the ambitions which were perhaps cast aside with discouragement in the year past.Life is full of beginnings. As one stands at the gate and with doubtful hands draws aside the curtain and peers into the unknown,he begins today by taking his first steps across the threshold of the new year...

Now with that little hopeful excerpt is out of the way, allow me to take a guess what the coming years holds in its hands like a golden token. So many angles to hit with this nation and the road it is on. We have of course gun, the economy,employment, American liberties,And of course the American pass time war.  Let me address these one at a time:

Guns: Well with the crazy man shooting up a school killing those kids and creating a few teacher job opening, We can almost safely say this right will be attacked more so in the following year. I truly believe they will pass a U.N. gun ban. Which oddly won't do any good. So if you have the means I would suggest going out there and buying weapons for nothing more as a investment because once its passed gun prices on the guns banned with double if not triple in price. i would like to draw your attention to the 1911 .45 cal pistol. When Obama took office this was a 300 to 500 dollar pistol now its over a thousand.. So we can safety say a Ak-47 which is a 500 dollar gun could easy hit a grand. If you can afford the gun, bullets are cheaper and will be just as valuable. but have no illusion, the gun crime will go up, more lives will be lost. And it's almost safe to say, that the true reason will not be addressed. like the meds or crazy people.

Economy: Currently in the news America is once more on the fiscal cliff. And here's how this will play out. the media will say horrors stories to scare you. But if America actually wanted to fix it self, it would stop the wars, the military complex, the billion and billions of foreign aid, stop tax breaks for companies.. and no they ARE NOT PEOPLE. We would kick up the tariffs which would encourage job growth here in the states.. But that won't happen. So they will pass a temporary budget, and through the year the debt ceiling will be risen once more. did I mention we are 16 trillion dollars in debt? Not that any one cares. America's credit rating will once more be looked at very hard.. With luck we won't be down graded again. But seriously how lucky is this nation here of late?  We currently have 11 states who have more people on welfare then working.. Think about that. we have 11 states who are totally broke..And more will spring up.

Employment: The last paragraph warms us all up nicely for this part. Jobs. if you have one, don't lose it. unemployment will rise.  Oh the news says we are at 7% or 8%. You need to think, I know for some this is next to impossible but you have to at least try. Those numbers reflect the number of folks who are actually getting UE benefits. but for so many.. they don't thus falling off the numbers. the fed came out a few months ago and sad that they expect unemployment to hit 16%. Think about that... how many will not be counted... So we will have a nation with out work, many will head north to Canada but won't be able to cross the board due to the insane demands of our nation to be able to leave the nation.. Think not? have you driven to the great white north lately? Those who are creative and can't find work so they create their own companies will find that Obamacare kicking in will make it very very very hard to start a company. And you will notice I didn't place this horror on things to be addressed. i think you folks should have some fun surprises.

American liberties: Ah, yes. American freedoms. We have so few now don't we? Today's America makes one long for men like George Robert Twelves Hewes and Ebenezer Mcintosh.. Oh don't know these great men? You should look them up. For in my eyes they were as great and brave if not braver then Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin. These un known to many along with other founder would be losing their minds at Americans today. And let's not forget Samuel Adams losing his mind when he said "Will they tax our land next? Will they tax windows on our house?"  You will see your taxes on everything of your daily life will go up. And your freedoms? Seriously? Think about it.. FISA, SOPA, and a bunch of other letters which in truth spell enslavement. Notice the increase of surveillance in America? the TSA is totally out of hand and it will get worst this year. I fear for the safety of America and of course for what is best of the American people some of those liberties and rights will just have to become privileges.

WAR: And of Course we have to focus on War. Now this great nation has been at war since 2001. American been dying over the scary word "terrorism".   the great thing about this word is.. it has no nation or color.. So with that we look to who America gets to kill next and where we are American get to die next. Where will it be Syria? I doubt it.. No I have this warm fuzzy feeling we are all going to .. Africa. unless of course  Israel gets froggy and does something extra stupid and needs to hide behind  America again. Which how it's acting with Palestine and basically telling the UN to go pound sand. it a very real chance.

American people: I could not let this go with out including all of us. Things are going to get worst, not better. And if you think things are tough now.. sadly, you will look longingly at the past year, For this coming up year... America will be a shadow of its self. this nation truly needs men to stand up and the government will call them terrorist or worst. And the government own media will slander their actions.But if one would think.. what would our founding fathers be called if things didn't pan out they way they did...

Monday, December 24, 2012

It was the night before Christmas and 3 days after the apocalypse

The night before Christmas a time of good will and and stuff like that. but lets be honest those are noble thought for the common man. But then today the common made is cuddled at home with his color TV his over priced car if not two in the drive. The thoughts of this months of credit card bill coming in the mail next month at the start of the new year.... But as the lives of man go forward with out a hitch and a basic predicable plan. As our lives move forward, the wheels of the nation move forward, and those who we elect for our best interest, well in our best interest the great wheels Passed the NDAA. Congrats America, you now can be arrested at the drop of the hat. Oh they will tell you its to arrest terrorist. Oh and i'm sure it will be.. like the patriot act was and is. I mean sure it hasn't caught any terrorist, it has caught a few shills which the FBI paided and encouraged and pushed to build fake weapons and bombs.. I mean sure it caught those guys.. that and the 5000 illegal music down loaders.. we all know how dangerous those guys are.  You won't download a car would you? Damn straight I would:)  And a bear.. who doesn't want a bear? But now, with the NDAA, Anyone who as ANYTHING questionable to say about these great and (sic) honest men who have been honestly elected. Yes, the media pushes the choices for us. And sure we all say we need to elected new people, and we oddly elect the exact same asses back in office.. it actually amazing when you think about it. On two parts really.. One that people are so damn retarded or we actually think we are informed.... speaking of...

Did you know America is for sale.. i mean more the it usually is. Did you know that the NYSE was sold? Yeap. for a cool 8.6 billion dollars. it was sold to the European market. Now this you think would be no big deal. but last time anything tried to buy it congress stopped them. But hey,,, we are so  far up the U.N.'s butt. I'm surprised we haven't paint any of our tanks blue yet.. Oh wait we have done that haven't we.

Then you have Israel. the holy land... yet. the only nation in the whole world that's always a victim of something.. we they told the U.N to go pound sand bc they are not going to stop the illegal building nor terrorising of the Palestinian people. but the American media won't tell ya that. but it will report how these terrorist who are being killed and forced from their homes are fighting back against Israel and the American military.  I'm sure some one is over there right now going merry Christmas before they shot some kids dad in front of them bc they just want to live in their own home.. the nerve of some people right?

So as we Americans sit and watch the Christmas story, and get ourselves even more fat. and pretend it's a wonderful life. It is my hope and Christmas wish the sheep get a clue and just question..... for as G.W. Bush once said..'if the public ever found out what we did, they run us out of town.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

As 12-21 draws near the sky grows dark.. oh wait the sun's setting

So here I am, the day before the scary 12-21-2012. The day were so many cultures say the world will change.Maybe say it will end. I would like to take a little moment here and say this. Has it not already changed?
look at the world which we live in. this planet is suppose to be a few billion years old. And yet human only been here for a million or so.. But let's look at the past several years. and compare to other times in history. Man has never been more un-free. Even in days of old the police could not just walk into a man's home. A church was a place one could go for sanctuary. Where even the king could not touch you. But lets look at today. There is no place where a man is truly free. with Internet speech laws,  The NDAA, SOPA, PATRIOT ACT, and numerous others Act or programs that makes  freedom per say is a thing of the past.

But lets say for a moment just for fun, That something does happen. What then? well for one, Us preppers are going to look real sane. Yes,I know now and for years we looked bat shit crazy. But then, people out there looking at cops tazing people, government official breaking laws and walking away. A government GIVING guns to drug runners and terrorist, The thought of a nation being allowed to arrest and throw away the key for it's citizens seems a little batty it self. But that the world we live in now. Where you have so many afraid to talk to one another, not wanting to travel bc with travel you get a free grope. And the masses do it. Why? It's almost like their little brain cells died. But lets say.. little green men come to the planet. what will happen? Well first off, after almost every nation tried to kill them. I think most folks would have real issues with the dogma that's been taught that we are God's only creation. Me, i wouldn't care... until you get to the anal probes.. Screw that,, i wanna my anal probed, I talk to TSA and take a flight or go to San Francisco.

My favourite Tin Hat idea is this world conscious minds become wiped cleaned, Meaning those who are not in touched with their inner self and the whole world vibe, their minds become blank. I giggle at that.. bc you would never tell in the offices of government.  Seriously, talk about being completely out of touch.

But more realistic things that could happen, Massive solar flare which would kill all electronics. which would suck. I mean here I am typing this, and in a few short hours BAM nothing. these words will never be read. Of course that would be funny also. Bc sooo many people would be screwed. and preppers would be the town lifelines.. Seriously... do you know how to grow , pick, clean and CAN your food or can your meat? do you have all your supplies? didn't think so. This is why so many preppers are armed. Bc they know if you have something, some one who doesn't have it and are desperate.. will try to take it all .. most likely by force.

Or how about the economy collapsing. That in it self will throw the world into a whole new direction. I know , you say you have gold bars, or silver.. I have food.. So which one of us is going to out live the other.. let me know how that metal taste. I'll sell ya a cracker for 2ozs. Think about that... While your thinking(from some that might be a new feeling) go look up the economy of china and other nations.. and check out the bond market.

No the whole 12-21-2021 is not the end, but a new beginning, Let's not forget these simple words told to me years ago. What the caterpillar calls the end, the butterfly calls the beginning.

But.. BUT is something does happen. I hope your God bless's you, keep you, and guide you.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Songs of the 60's And crazy people..

I was going to try not to add my two cents to the whole shooting thing in CT. But The amount of pure unrefined idiocy is getting over whelming.But then, we can look any where and see that the little parasites on this mud ball of a planet .. called the human race has some serious issues. The news last left off was covering Israel conflict. Which was growing to be a new world war... Of course there was a cease fire, which many are grateful for. Well not the solider of Israel for they are still shooting into Palestine. which is NOW A STATE) . And Israel has actually been shown spreading false data to encourage war.. But they are always the victims... ANY WAY......

Back to CT. This shooting is all over the news and every jack off has their 2 cents ( yours truly included:) First off there are a BUNCH of questions to that shooting. Seriously.. Think about it.. A guy dress up in heavy armour, carrying multi guns.. One report I read the guy have grenades.. basically everything up driving up in a tank with a nuke strapped to his ass. And oddly, he got into the school and NO ONE called a cop.. But wait it gets odder. How so? well  some reports are says the lady was a teacher, while other are saying no one ever heard of her.. But hold on... some reports are saying the guy who died and did the shooting was autistic. And some reports are saying there was three people who planned on shooting. Now it's just getting weird. But no matter what report you get you hear the same thing.. OMG WE NEED MORE GUN CONTROL! I beg to differ. Since the zero weapon policy was put into place, gun deaths at schools have gone up.. And the media reports and reports and reports the death of these kids.. if I was a parent of a child who died durning the Christmas season I be pissed at the news.. to have to relive the whole thing every time you turn on the tv. It's like when 9-11 happen.. it was in the news every second taken apart with a fine tooth comb. Numerous "experts state how it happen, why it happen.. and they all say we need to get rid of guns. But lets just think... what would happen if the government took peoples guns.. the honest people. the normal people. not the crazy folks, or those who don't follow laws and do gun crime. because lets be honest we see how well that is working out. Bc criminals never use guns and always follow gun laws. Sorry but I think some folks out there actually believe that.
We look to what happen at Katrina. The national guard went door to door and took folks weapons. So what happen? well sadly once the gun were taken away from the sane folks. crime went out of control. And stayed that way for almost a year afterwards. Now think, lets do that on a national scale. What do think the crime rate will be? well, look at cities that they got rid of guns.. I like to point out Washington D.C. that a nice place to raise a family.. But then with the gun crime so is Kuwait. But the truth is a very simple this. A tragedy like this is so rare, our kids are already safe. Not perfectly safe. No one ever is. But safe.

And for those who like to bring up stats  on Gun related crimes and death.. Can I be so bold to point out something? You see, to buy a gun you need to do a back ground check fill out a bunch of paper work. wait and then have the money for the gun. and then. you get a gun. you have to do all that to get one of your rights.. The right to bear arms. And then you need  to fill out paper work, prove who you are, have your picture taken  to drive. your right to travel. But if you can pick a person who one avg. kills about 120,000 a year. You don't need no ID at all. Can some one explain that logic? I was talking about voting. A persons vote is basicly a vote on how to ruin a nation or kill more brown folks, or folks "not like us" mindset. Feel free to look it up. name the last president who didn't have some group of people this nation was NOT killing. I think for voting you should have a ID also. or take away ID's for everything else... Just a logical thought.

Now for some completely off the wall logic or WTH news.. Think you all might of missed or just had zero clue, or most likely think it's ok.. You know, you think sweaters be cheaper in America with all the sheep....

What ever could I mean? well there is a scandal over the embassy where like 4 folks died. And Hilary was suppose to testify on what she knew of it.. and she faints and oddly can't testify next week... think of that. this woman, if you wanna call her that faints and then its sooo bad she can't show up to court the next week.. I challenge ANYONE who has to go to court to try this let me know how it works out for ya...

Now off to Syria... now if you listen to American media this is the next evil on the face of the planet. they have chemical weapons.. and are supposedly using it on its citizens..  I know how monstrous right? It's not like WE as Americans ever do this .. I mean flash bombs, tear gas are nothing.. Then you have Israel using white sulphurous on Palestine but no one cares about that . But we over look the American machine placing sanctions and having war ships off the coast.. but then you don't hear about how Russia and america had a little skirmish already out there by Syria

But who cares about over seas.. I mean its land full of folks who most likely screw camels or at least the family dog right. lets look at America.. now right now this minute the media is saying the unemployment is only like 7.7.. If you believe that number I am Capt kangaroo's undead lover.  But the FEd has came out with report that says they expect the UE to reach as high as 15.7% over the next 2 years. think about that.. now let me really screw with you. the REAL UE at all times is about 7.2%. this is folks  not working you know the kind section 8, food stamps for their WHOLE life. I could say 20 inch rims on the car but that's racist... But think about that..:) Now they never work, if they do they work about 3 months and get fired. shocker. Now over the pass several years.. folks been losing their jobs.  And many have been looking for a new one. Alot of state require you to do a job search to get UE.. and they don't get a job.  After a while they lose their UE payments.. but they are still unemployed. since they don't get UE the government don't even considered them any more.. they become invisible.. or do they? well for the missing numbers you only have to look at ..... the increase of the public getting food stamps.. go ahead go take a peek. I'll wait...

Now that massive spike you see. those are folks who swallowed their pride and had to ask for help. if you take that number and add it to the unemployment number right now.. you get 22.9 % that before you add the 7.2% so we are at what like 30% in real un employed?  Now think of this for one little second. If the media is saying the un employment rate is 7.7% and they don't even count that 7.2%.. and they don't count that extra 15.6% of folks on food stamps..  How bad is it going to be.. seriously.. how bad is going to be when we hit a media reported 15%?  But then, you really think the American media will tell us the truth?  You do?  wow.. hey I have a talking dog for sale.. cheap..

But lets not talk about the Mayans .. not today:)  but I will get to it:) promise.. right now I need to keep digging that bomb shelter out back.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Standing on a cloud..... Finch might be right....

Ever wonder how sometime movies you watch in there own odd way reflect life? Now I know there is some big psycho babble word for it. Or it could be just the sub conscious, taking note and projection one s belief in front us. but no matter what it's called, still creepy. What am I talking about. Well, at time I don't know I just rabble like a loon. But this time. I am remembering a quote out of the movie "V for Vendetta". Flinch said it, and it went like this .. Now my memory plays this back in clips.. So I know this is two different parts of the movie.. so die hard fans.. piss off. " I suddenly has this feeling that everything was connected. It's like I could see the whole thing, one long chain of events that stretched all the way back. I felt like I could see everything that happen, and everything that is going to happen. It was like a perfect pattern laid out in front of me. And I realised we're all part of it, and trapped by it"  That's basicly  how I felt today.
I been following the news closely.. And not the American or BBC thats not news.. that cotton candy for the brain. What ever do I mean, Many will say........

Well If I was a evil genius.. Which many would say I am...  and i wanted to rule the world .( which I do) And had the resources(which I do not) what would I do.  It be a three part plan. and each part would give my end result alone, but all three is a guarantee end result. Lets compare.. The three paths war, money, medical.

 We'll pick medical first. Much like the movie 'V" the government gain complete control over the masses over a deadly out break of a virus or some form of health risk,. BRILLANT.. Now how to get the masses to stand in line......MMMMMMmm well getting all hookers to offer free services is out.. Our nation debt is high enough, no point in blowing away more money...( see what I did there?)  No, we can do like the movies and kill a few thousand folks.. I can name a few places.. OR.. We can make a law to make them take their shot.... Mmm now what law can force people to take a shot... OH YEA.. Obamacare:) the new health are bill. Now the left will scream I am wrong.. But it already been proven several times I'm not, so go hug a polar bear or something.... If we would all turn to page 1004 of the new law..And we find and I quote "Not later than 36 months after the date of the enactment" which you will have to have a RFID chip.. SWEET.. so now all your medical info will be able to be read by any doctor or hospital, it wall save time and lives... And with a mild rf reader, everyone else will be able to get your med records also:) but that don't matter, everything about you will be placed on a chip.. I like this Chip..  I wonder what else we can use it for.. MMmmmm....  So we have a bill forcing the American masses to be bagged and tagged.... So picture it.. If you have a history of retardation in your family I can see you might miss out of some key medical treatments... Well there goes the liberal left:) But lets say you want some kind of virus... geez what kind so many to choose from.. Many today:)  The two big ones out there that are flying around that the media is NOT reporting very well are AH1N1 and the Ebola. Now the AH1N1 comes in a series of flavors.. each number up gets a little bit more fun for people.. If you didn't know this is the swine flu, which oddly every years theres a mass panic and the media is screaming HELLO GET YOUR SHOT TO PROTECT YOU HERE...  It has killed 17000, which in a world of a few billion thats not bad, it be like getting shot by a cop.. well actually you have a better chance getting shot by a cop now a days.. But the media plays it to be very deadly and creates a mass fear, so folks line up to get a needle.. And i hate needles, seriously,, someone gets to stab you while smiling and your letting them.. folks call me twisted. The other oddly is getting more traction and less media attention, And that's Ebola.. who if you didn't know already killed 60,000 and the number is climbing. I should bring up a honourable mention and tell ya the black plague is back. BUT thats just popping up randomly. Of course I could bring up vaccines.. I mean the gates foundation can't go to Africa any more bc it was found he was serilizing folks there.. but then they were breeding like rabbits on Viagra . So as you become use to taking that needle, how hard would it be in all seriousness to add a little something.. or feed you a line on how this will be useful... think about it.

Now Money.. well everyone needs money don't they.  Well i guess they don't But it sure helps out alot:) Now we take a peek at the current world.. Do you know the world debt is over 75 trillion.. Who the hell did we lend that money to?  i mean seriously is there so planet bank out there? (which might explain the increase of UFO sightings.. And no they are not taking me home... i hope) As the pass several year have passed I don't know if anyone else noticed this, But all money is becoming digitised. And why not.. You have any idea how much America's debt is? we could make a four lane highway from CA to Britain out of 20 dollar bills.. There not enough trees for that kind of paper... And I'm not talking one ply either, I'm talking you can drive a rig on that sucker.  So we have high debt.. " But the stock market is doing great" really? you actually believe that? sure the numbers look better on the surface, but why is it going up? where are the jobs? How is it going up? Well i might have a answer and if you look at stocks which I do. This might explain things.. The government drops government money into the market to encourage suckers errrr the public to buy stocks, once the public starts to buy, the plan is to take money out of the stock market.. Well we are now a global market and if the government takes out the money it placed in, well our stock market would look close to 3500 instead of the 12000 it is now.... This plan was done by Pres. Regan. Seriously.... Executive Order 12631, it called the purge protection team or Working group. And yes many will say that's a tin hat theory.. maybe.. but it would explain how stocks oddly jump every monday at 11:00 and dip slightly at 1230. and spike almost every friday. Just saying.... But other then that, lets look at the avg. person.. if you open your wallet rightnow, this very second.. how mush cash money do you have? Seriously take a peek for giggles. I know some folks who carry with them no less then 500 dollars.. NOT me.. But I know some folks who do. But on basic the Avg. is only like 45 dollars. In todays world thats a half of tank of gas.. And why should they carry real money, I mean you can carry it all on your credit or debt card... Think about that. The ease of convenience of a credit card, one little swipe and you can buy anything you want.... But credit cards are not real cash. Its a card made of plastic.  And if the readers don't work.. then folks go with out.  But that would never happen right....? Well not really.. You see right now, like today I read in the news that the EBT ( the food stamp cards) don't work in like 10 states.. Not a big fan of the EBT system since so many abuse the shit out of it. But the mere fact that there TEN states that it on the frizz. Should raise a eye brow. Picture if all 50 go down.. for a month or so... how face do you think folks will chimp out... pretty damn fast. last year in FLA when they had this problem for a week people were out in the street demanding something to be done..  Oh the joys of a cashless system.. But folks lose that card all the time. I mean have you ever miss placed your credit card or debt card? or lost a wallet.. wouldn't it be nice to have it in one nice location? Well good news techies.. there is now right this very second rfid chips in wrist bands you can get which will keep all your cash in one spot.. Nice huh? Think about this.. if you can have all your Medical records in one spot in your body so it never gets stolen.. how hard would it be to add finances? If you said not very hard.. you be right. But as a evil master mind that be great.. Think about it, you can turn off whole groups of cash with a flick of a switch.. and watch them starve riot or what ever you want....

Of course that leave us with WAR.. Nothing cure a man's ills faster the a bullet it the skull. And of course there is so much good comes out of war.. Like what? Well the past week 32 nations had protest over economy, rights, what ever.... Thousand of people in the street demanding what ever.. Picture a war so grand, that hell itself shutters. You can take  all those people or the poor , ( which are the suckers who go to war) And force them into war with the draft. This will one decrease all those folks of socail services, Here in America that is almost 1 trillion dollars saved. But think of all the jobs created.. I mean those graves aren't going to dig them selves. And then Lets not forget the processing of those men in uniform.. well to be sure to find the bodies and follow the number of troop movements that have a locator chip place in them. look at all the wonderful uses for this chip.. Now picture, you place all these wonderful uses of this chip into a person at once.  You can find everyone , turn off their access to cash, food.. life.. I can go one and on with war, like how very easy this whole middle eastern conflict can be made into the next world war.. and I like to say it here first.. Israel started this fight... and once more plays the poor victim... But for order for you to see then you need to get past the crazy idea some invisible guy choose those people as favorite.. That be like saying Odin piked vikings as his favorite. Gods don't pick favorites. But we won't know till we die, and how those in power are going that might be very very very soon.  A friend of mine has a idea that the whole pie will crumble in 7 easy steps.. My friend shared this idea with me...

"Stage 1: Moral Collapse. You stop trusting people. You

distrust your elected politicians, businesses, government

employees, religious leaders and military. Who are the

informers? Unemployment soars and your neighborhood becomes

increasingly dangerous. As riots and suicides increase,

dysfunctional authorities may talk about the temporary

crisis and seek scapegoats.

Stage 2: Financial Collapse. You stop trusting banks. You

cannot assess risk and your financial assets are not

guaranteed. If financial institutions become insolvent; your

savings may be wiped out, and you cannot access your

capital. As social unrest and suicide increase, airlines and

borders may be closed. Authorities may call this a temporary

exigency and may blame computer hackers.

Stage 3: Commercial Collapse. You stop trusting businesses.

Money may be devalued and/or become scarce. People hoard and

trade basic commodities and medications, import and retail

chains cease, and there are widespread shortages of survival

necessities. Supermarkets are guarded and you hear of food

riots. Martial law may be enforced in cities. If your

electricity stops - would you freeze in the dark?

Authorities may talk of a temporary emergency and may blame

farmers and traders.

Stage 4: Political Collapse. You stop trusting governments.

Official attempts to provide survival necessities are

ineffective; and politicians lose legitimacy and relevance.

Emergency calls are not answered. Starving people want your

food, medical supplies and weapons. You may hear of military

coups or of millions of starving people. Desperate

authorities may blame terrorists.

Stage 5: Social Collapse. You stop trusting authorities.

Social institutions become resourceless. Dead bodies become

commonplace. Cities become centers of starvation and

disease. Might is right ... but who has weapons? Internment

camps may conceal starvation and genocide ... for a while.

Panicking authorities may blame hoarders.

Stage 6: Military Collapse. You stop trusting the military.

Martial law transitions into local dictatorships. The

military may perceive you and your family as targets

competing for the same resources as themselves - or as a

potential slaves. They may create systems of forced labor

and slavery ... fighting local wars over local resources.

Kindness becomes a strange concept. Any remaining

authorities may blame communists.

Stage 7: Civilization Collapse. You stop trusting hope.

Death is everywhere. People cannot afford to be kind. Urban

regions become death zones. Nothing is more dangerous than

desperate men. Whose women and children will live - and

whose will die? You hear stories of cannibals. You might be

killed for a candy bar ... you might be hunted for your

meat. The only authorities are people who can kill you.

He uses the  In 1977 New York City suffered a power failure for one night. Over 3,000 arrests were made for looting, 400 policemen were injured, 500 fires were started, more than 25,000 emergency calls were placed and four times the usual number of hospital emergency cases were admitted - all following one lightning strike. As his reasoning.. Which seeing how New York did after Sandy, I can see it. Did you know they are STILL IN CAMPS... That be a great way to do a fema test run.. where else in America you get that kind of mixture of people....  But all this is crazy talk right?..... Or does life really do imitate art?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

He who controls the spice controls the World.. Oh look It's Kosher

I was going to wait to do this blog.. But watching how the world is clearly losing it's mind I thought I better do it now.. bc you never know... at this rate the only think really missing is Aliens.. and I'm crazy about anal probe.. Seriously.. ever wonder why the first thing aliens do is stick something up your ass... How the hell did a race of being design a space ship manage to travel across light year.. with the plan.. of anal toy sex.. weird...

No, I was going to make this a prepper post today.. don't worry my train of thought will once again derail and slide into a station wagon of girl scouts. I was think About how prepped i am in case of anything bad happening.. like I don't know the middle east goes full war( we will address that later) And realise something. I have beans.. so many beans.. i have more bean s the fucking Mexico.. ok maybe not that many.. thats alot of beaners down there.. but I got beans... And I got veggies, and peanut butter, flour, yeast( IF you plan on making your own bread you need this..) tuna, Coffee, and tea.. And sugar.. But looking at my stuff. thinking I should be ok.. I got real pale when I realize i was missing something.. and i went to a bunch of preppers site and they don't bring it up.. seriously.. I got chicken, I got rabbits( well really a rabbit.. but I keep hoping it's a Asexual rabbit.. so far nothing) And I was hoping to do some tanning, I got a library of books.  Enough water to fill a olympic size pool. And I realize what is missing... Salt.
yes folks salt. see you need salt.. body loves it.. craves it needs it to live.. But that's not all.. if you have enough you can cure meat, can veggies. And if you act right now we'll include the you can use salt to bait animals... (shhhh) and you can use it to clean wounds( OUCHIE) and use it to brush teeth... And not only that.. You can sprinkle it on your food to make it taste better..  I have 1 pound. So you can picture the fear that came to mind.... So if you prep, and you should, bc if not.. I will be laughing at you if anything happens.. chances are good I'll be laughing any how.. but thats bc I can't get my meds...

I was going to go into with the high cost of orange juice how to make a nice vitamin C tea out of pine needle thats tasty.. ( hint a few needle and a sppon of honey.. and a small maple tree branch back..)

But why prep. i mean Obama in office things are Tony The Tiger Greeeeaaaat. I mean Sure we now have all 50 states yelling for secession. who care... Unemployment is way up. the DHS has order rail cars with seat and shackle in them.. Nothing to worry about... over look the drone in the sky folks.. he there to protect you... Sure you have a few stane making pot legal:) which for a prepper a dream come true.. Not to smoke..... ( freaking pot heads) but to make cloth, paper, if you have ALOT fuel... I hear Rhode Island and Maine might make it legal yet.. which would be SWEET . but you have Russia talk about Iran. You have the yuan( china money) worth like 7 dollars to our one dollar... I guess all that made in china finally paid off...

But the real reason to prep other then this nation really is broke,, don't kid yourself.. is... The middle east.. all that sand... and oil.. i mean look over the head lines.. you have North korea shipping missile parts to syria. (bet those part first came from china.. bastards... ) Then you have Iran showing off it's new missile  system... But the real meat of tonite.. Israel basicly said FU and attacked a nation.. Which started the anti Semitism up nicely on the Internet.  So Israel attacked Hamas leader and killed him.. in the Gaza strip.  Now this little tid bit will work like this.. Egypt will get in and tell Israel to knock it off.. Israel will tell Egypt to go pound sand.. Which after riding camels all day has already have plenty of sand in their ass, which will make them very unhappy to have some body to tell them to shove more up there.. This might bring a conflict with egypt.. Israel is already dealing with some very pissed Palestine folks from all the land Israel basicly stole. Now we have Palestine and Egypt pissed. But wait bc Israel has been attacking Syria. who is in a civil war, and both side are looking at Israel and saying WTF.  Israel seeing it's urine flow is hitting everyones special K cornflake will call up America in Skunk dying on the road heart beat ( out here in the stick.. you can't drive 20 feet with out smelling some skunk stinking to high heaven and choice parts of hell)
So America having it's own licking paint on the wall issues.. Like I don't know Placing Jane Harman being considered as new head of CIA ( NEWS FLASH THIS IS THE BITCH THAT SOLD STATE SECRETS TO ISRAEL.... Shhhhhhhh) Wired place a clip out on the 7 new techie ways the POTUS can  hunt you and kill you ( happy Thanksgiving him the power to make you a turkey.. dumb ass)  the white has to address all these states petitions ( which basicly says screw you guys I quit)  and the fact in a few short weak.. the printing machine which create our money will run out of ink...( what company makes that ink? Bc their stock must be BOOMING)

So Obama gets a call from Israel..israel says  Yo, you be a good goy send your poor here to die, Oy it's like another holocaust.. Obama don't know any better sends troops.. Now America is happy.. Israel is being protected .. what this???? OH NOES Mr. Bill. It's Russia and China... coming in.. but why? Well i will bet a sea horse to a grain of sand that some where in all this chaos some one  TP'd Iran and they are PISSED. but the news will only show them acting out not who the dirt punk that did the Tp.  And all this can grow out of hand as fast as I typed it.. and we being the connon fodder can only go WTF.. and prepare.. you know prep.... So buy extra when you can.. if you can...
and don't forget the salt.... Now where is my TP at.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As your look over the cliff.. you see war....

So here we are.. Not even a full to week after the election. Not even the beginning of Obama's 2nd term. And can we say WOW, this nation is about as screwed as a Sheep at the York fair.. if you don't know.. (It seems some lucky lamb gets raped every year In PA at the fair... Some of us take bets on what day it will happen) . The nation has it sail full of wind and headed to some very dark and cloudy seas.

As of the very second, If you go to the white house website, you will see several petitions for secession of states. And not just the red one either.. But states like New York, New Jersey. PA... Along with states like Texas. If fact the BBC said there's only three who didn't file.... yet.  Now many will say it is because Obama is black , or because Obama won the election.. And I know from my view point.. Being the nut job I am... It has nothing to do with Obama.. Ok maybe a little. but it deals more with the whole overbearingness of the federal government.  I mean lets think about this... freedom of speech.. I think NOT.. we have free speech zones, and there are laws about protesting at all. Children are taught in school that free speech or expression will not be smiled upon. Hear about that kid that sent home for wearing a American flag shirt, bc it might offend somebody? That story made me so made I wanted to tattoo my dick with the flag and let it fly.  It's not like I overly love this nation. that not the case. I see a nation who had a pretty good plan and then totally screwed it up.. And would love for either the people fix it or get out and give back to the natives.. I'm good with that.... But any way.. off to the second amendment... You joking right?  Obama talks about agreeing to the UN arms treaty.. meaning folks your guns will be focused on...  I can go one thru each right and how the government has attacked it..

Now with all these petitions asking for secession , will it happen.. at first I would say know.. But the media has picked up the torch. And I am soo glad.. you see with out the media,, this movement of liberty would never move forward. Now you shills out there. Namely Glenn Beck. Now I once was a big fan of the guy. i even have a few books of his that are signed.. but over the past year he has gone more and more in the tank for the system and a puppet to everything wrong with the nation. Oh his show:) which I boot leg ( he has 80 million dollars, He can lose a show to one guy)  But On his TV show and radio show.. he was screaming about the states can not do secession. Why not shill? You actually worries about American lives? You think we don't know about the hollow point bullets the NDANS, and TSA, NDAA, NHS, bought? How can we missed it it was enough to place a four bullets in each person in the nation.. thats every man woman and child. Think maybe that might be a factor? Or my favorite.. the rail cars with benches and chains in them.. Whats up with that?  it's not like we are going to reinstate slavery.. I can see that On Tv... Obama comes on Tv and says" let me be clear, Slavery reinstated.. Go catch yourself a strong one" and no one touches him...
Now these pentition are just folks saying the nation is screwed up.. and yes many are to scared to sign up. But have no illusions,  you are on a list some where, either by you going to your doctor, and with Obamacare your life style is now on a list.. all the things you buy with your little credit card is saved and stored... true story.. so yea, the government knows all about those porn sites... Along with how much food you are buy and what guns you have and how much ammo you have.. Neat huh? Thank you US PATRIOT ACT.

Now with all that we have the financial cliff to address.. You see, the money the fed prints have no real value. and no I'm not saying we should go to the gold standard... Like there is even 16 trillion dollars of gold out there.. which there isn't.  I been trying to figure out something.. if the world is 74 trillion dollars in debt.. who gets all that money? ( that a house I wouldn't mind robbing) But this cliff going on.. well if they would cash it in right now.. it would be about  52,000 dollars that needs to be paid now from every person in America.  So the solution is.... Cut spending and inflation. and not single digits either.. But double digits like 28% inflation. What does that mean? Picture you go to work and gas prices are at 3.50 a gallon. 8 hours later the gas price going home will be 12.00 dollars a gallon.. And I don't even want to talk about the price of hookers.. OUCH. But this is the fiscal waters which this nation is sailing into.....

which can bring us to those in NY.. those folks are still screwed.. The government won't let food in due to fat and salt content. I'm sure those hungry folks care about the fat content in their food.  But good news. Not only are those in the fema camps being moved into a empty prison..( NY, empty prison... Think about that) and moved into a empty GM building. The people in these camps really are pretty much in a prison. They can't charge thier smart phone , bc no pictures allowed.. I mean have you seen any? NOPE. But the government is there to help.. It doesn't matter which party you favor.. the end result here is the same.

Think not? look up agenda 21..... And Michael Savage hit that story first.. But as always beck claims he hit it first... There is so much out there. But you need to turn off your tv and start reading.. where to go? Well i suggest And go from there.....

Now for war.. America doesn't really do anything well any more , including war.. and we used to kick ass at war.. but 11 years of desert warfare we kinda got touchy feely and gotten weak. But if you turn your eye to the middle east, it seems Syria is the fuse that will create the spark. a little tid bit.. Russia is backing Syria and Iran..  now Syria is in a mist of a civil war. and a few stray rockets landed in Israel.. what does Israel do.. break out it tanks and demands America to back it.. folks this is one war we should stay out of and let God deal with it. For if we get into it.. China and Russia both stated they will bring the war to America.. no more watching it on the TV.. No you'll be able to go out and see it first hand.. so that is going to wreck so many Americans beauty rest...

So what's the answer?  well first. EVERYONE CALM THE FUCK DOWN.  Next, stop the spending and stripping of liberties. Americans need jobs. They need fed. They need clothes.. they need money.. And with all this aid going everywhere but to the American person.. alot of folks are not happy.

You would think common sense would tell some one.. Hey we need to address this.. But sadly common sense has become a super power.. I'm glad I have a cape.. but these fruit-a-looms out side the pants are chaffing my thighs

Friday, November 9, 2012

America's voice..... BAAAAAaaaaaa

No folks if you reach in my pocket that is not a gun, I really am that hard...  I would have written a post about the election when it happen But to be honest I wanted to see what would happen. i made a list of things I thought would happen. and WOW i pegged that shit :) I said the following. When Obama gets elected the stock market would drop.( of course it hasn't drop as much as I thought it would...YET) we would attack another nation most likely Iran.. And notice that little drone situation and the very day he gets elected we attack Yemen.  And one know why?:) I said he would finally come after the American weapons. And Look at that. He is backing and re bringing up the UN assault arms ban in America. I said when he gets elected companies will do mass lay-off. Seriously, who didn't see this coming. I counted almost 54 companies either laying off or closed shop all together.

Now for things yet to come..... the suffering hasn't even really become, soon and I mean soon. Civil liberties will be even more restricted or for those who don't understand that. American rights.. either freedom of speech, or protest,  we already understand that guns are soon going to be under attack. yes i know this all sounds very Alex Jones. But it is what I feel. He Will Continue Extreme Government Debt Spending. He Will Continue The Policy Of Dollar Devaluation, He Will Support And Expand On Wars In The Middle East, He Will Lock Down The Web And Limit Internet Speech, And finally  He Will Embrace A Globalist Dynamic And Abandon American Sovereignty. Now I can give examples and reasons why I feel this way. But seriously will anyone care or even understand such insanity?

So many on the left are thrilled that Obama won, and I can understand , I mean their man won. good for them. But I also understand that the nation have been going down a very non American freedom path for some time. I mean if you would have told me 15 years ago.. That America would force many to get health care, and we would have bought out a auto company, banks.. and with unemployment at a real number of 23%  I most likely thought you got some really really good weeds.. and maybe you should cut back. But all this happen, and on top of that two states actually legalised pot... i guess with all this new stress, we need to be high to actually understand it, of course it goes against everything Michelle Obama been pushing,, you know the whole healthy living things.. seriously who wants to be high with a  veggie tray..  I could tell you a fond story of my love of veggie trays... but there are small children around. but really who gets high and NOT order a pizza or some other junk food... Ever see a stoner wasted and munching on a apple.... yea me either.

But Those who voted for Obama are all about the government taking care of them:) You know like who FEMA is doing in New York. It only been 11 days now. And looking over the time line, we have on day three the masses out digging in the trash looking for food, ( remember they had 7 full days of every news channel warning) and then with the power still out ( no one thought of buying some kind of heater) the sewer systems fail... YUCK.. that place stunk before hand.. but it gets better.. and the days continues.. the Government started evacuations . and under the leadership of FEMa.. they moved the masses to tent like cities.. Oh the joy.. the pure erotic rapture with this.. The main stream news is oddly quiet for now.. but that will change... You see these tent cities are nothing more then prison like stations.. over 40 thousand people are rounded up happily and placed here. And now they are starting to complain.. It cold out and there are snow storms now... Oh yes.. My great eye is watching this like a college frat party checks out the female pole dance. I see the crime in these little cities, i been hearing about how the military who are GUARDING the place oddly have no power for folks smart phones:) Oh yes.. This is a lovely little run of what I feel is to come.. And we all should tune in.. so we can all see... How the government who the people want takes care of its voters.. On a side note,, did you know the jewish area that was hit by the storm is just fine now.. and everyone there is A OK.. but those of the city...  Well no so lucky:) LOL And the best part.. the very best part... you will love this.. i know I do.... The New York governor who sleeps in a warm bed and has a plate full of food.. won't allow food donation to be given to these folks who are hungry.. wanna know why:)  SURE ya do..... it's bc of the salt and fat content.. it might be to high.. LOL You see The New York voters voted for a guy who said what is good and safe to eat for thier better health, Bc lets face it.. Americans are to dumb to figure it out them selves.. So the nanny state takes care of them. now there a crisis, and we American pool together for those, well nanny says I don't have the man power to check out all the food, SO NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!  ( ref to seinfeled soup nazi). it's actually kinda of funny.. if I knew it wouldn't end up being a cancer.....

Hell So many folks out there are yelling " People take back your nation" it's not even funny.. well it is.. you see, American lost their spines like two generation ago..  the 60's was not kind to this nation at all..... Of course who didn't enjoy the bra burning marches... Ahhh let those puppies ounce free..  Err sorry.. any way.
What America has become is a touchy feely nation, we're being nice, and political correct is all the rage, and I am sure one day very soon. this blog here will be attacked for not being so nice and most like racist , anti Semitic or what ever. But thats ok.. you know why? 
because I know I won't be bent over getting screwed with uncle Sams forearm up my ass, while the IRS shaves my back and knits a sweater all the while being happy about it.. You know i'm kinding? Did you know 1/3 of those who fly would be ok with a cavity search to be able to fly.... Think about that.... This nation is fucked...  that is why I am thrilled for Obama's win... as i hear some where...."

 You've had it too easy for too long.

You never deserved to be blessed. You've all been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, never really

the gift you were given so freely -- unconditional love from your creator.
It's not your fault. Like the animals you are, you never learn unless sufficiently prodded.
Pleasure has no lasting effect. But subject you to pain, unpleasantness -- suffering -- and you will take
notice, you will fight to overcome, to earn your redemption. ''

And Obama will show us Pain,, and we will learn, he will show us suffering and we will learn.. This all has happen before.. Just so many forget...  Well stay tune.. Me, I need to go get a tissue... :) 

(nice blog was brought to you by.. Dove hand lotion and Kleenex tissues.. for when you want it soft)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

NY, READ THIS!!! Small room Prepper

Have you seen the news about NY? It was only 3 days in and reports were coming in  of people eating out of dumpers, Of people who are on welfare not being able to get food due to the power out and the can't use their cards.  Of fight breaking out over bottles of water... ( Think about that for one second... In the middle of rain storm people are fighting over bottle water, Starting to see how DUMB America has become)  So many people are in a real bad place. now i could laugh a little and trust me i have a slew of jokes.. ( IE good think NY rats are the size of dogs.. at least no one will go hungry) And I would have giggled on that till i read that some NY'er are eating pigeon. Which is a very tasty bird. But when you think these people pay 200 dollars for a dinner. Pigeon must be a real culture shock,,

But the whole thing did make me think. This is a city of million of people. Who have limited space and consume massive amount of resources.  If I HAD to live there. Now what would I do to avoid this stuff happening to me.( to get me to live in NY now adays ... I better have a gun to my head the whole time)

Well one I would have a garden. And before you say they can have gardens you are totally incorrect. BIG TIME. lets just say there is zero empty lots. And all you have is your apartment. It's going to be a little tougher and might cost a little more. but hey what's worth more food or that new Iphone?  if you said Iphone please stop reading here, i don't think i want to help you.....

Every Ny apartment has a fire escape and windows.. if not you live in the basement or subway.. no worries you can still grow food...Creeper....  You save your 2liter bottles, and you can create hanging plants , did you know tomatos, lettuce, peas, can be grown like this.. just place it in a window hanger and take care of it. You can use  two saw horse and create a clever garden in your home with a half of a 50 gal plastic barrel and grow carrots and potoato along with everything else.. ok not corn.. growing corn sucks and it's a bitch... But everything else you can you just might need to use string to move it to where you want to grow. And for those who live in cave... go to

And figure out which one will work for you. The real key to these systems is the lights which are the most important part. Plants needs a special kind of light so your basic light around the hose isn't going to do it. Also get a pet rabbit.. better yet get two. Now only can you use the waste from the rabbits.. IE their crap to place in the inhouse garden, you can use coffee grounds, or tea grounds, egg shells, and your other fruit and vegie peels. This will save a little cash on fertilizer for your garden.. Oh but what to plant......

Well one thing you must plant with out a doubt is something you eat. When I started my gardening which I knew very little of.. I'm a meat eater not a druid. I planted lots and lots of radishes.. and they came out looking great.. I have about 50 of them. Then I realize.. I don't radish that much.. I think I ate three. But my tomatoes I eat about 10 5 gallon buckets.. I made home made sauce .. completely from scratch no paste.. is was SOOOOOooo good. So plant only what you enjoy eating.. you not will feel that the work you put into was worth it.. and trust me on this when you grow your first veggie and cook it or eat it raw.. the idea of going to the store is kind of a turn off. A plant you grow will taste better then the freshes from any store.

Now what kind of seeds. I have some friends who asked me this and told me I should make a blog on this topic alone. So I will give you a quick run down . Heirloom seeds are the best.. yes you pay a bit more. But i'm going to tell you how if you buy them once you won't have to ever buy them again:)

Lets say you bought heirloom seeds for lettuce, tomato, and carrots. You let one plant each go.. you don't harvest it. AT ALL. The lettuce and carrot will grow these big long stems and produce flowers.. Do not pick these.. the flowers will die and turn brownish.. I suggest you take a little sandwich plastic bags and cover these flowers.. When they turn a dark brown and the stem feels brittle you break it off and take it to the table, place a piece of white paper down on the table. And you take the flower part which should look totally dead and have no pedals . You take that little casing and break it open. And you will find all the little black seeds and those little guys will grown next year. Place them in a empty pill bottle and LABEL IT.. ( sorry found that out the hard way) And place some where cool and dry. Yes, you can place them in the freezer. Now tomatoes.. you let one branch of your plant go unpick. And yes you will see a big juice perfect tomato on that branch don't pick it. And when if fall off. Take it bad place it on a small plate or small bowl, or even a sandwich bag. But leave it open. You want this tomato to go dry. And you will get lots and lots and lots of seeds. And chance are REALLY good if you plant tomatoes in the same spot every year.. they will regrow like weeks almost. Now lets say you are going for potates. Which si something I figured out now.. and still am not a master.. Well, growing weeds I got that down PAT. But everything else is a learning curve, this is not a thing you plant and walk away and come back shocked you have food. It don't work that way.. AT ALL. But Potatoes. The very best way I found:) is go to a farmer makes. But some potatoes and as you cook them up if you see any that are growning green shoots or eyes, you place them in a box in a cool dry place. Then the next spring, you cut and plant the eye down. Now my wife.. she planted them like this.. she cut them and chuck them. Like I said we are still learning....
But the real trick with potatoes is this.. as the plant grows you NEED to place more dirt around the stem so only a few leaves show. The plant will actually grow more potatoes this way.

Now here you have some food and winter months are coming.. what do you do? Well you can freeze it. And yes that will be fine till you run out of power and the food thaws and you are straving again. Good work. Or you can get a pressure canner. Which are nice. Or you can water bath can them. But what ever you choose have a clear understanding you WILL mess up. And at first you should freeze half and can half.

But even if you don't want to do ALL of that. Bc lets face it.. you will get dirty and your home is going to smell of plants. What to do.. well .. there are these magical places call stores. And you can buy food there and Alot of it is in a can. Did you know you can get like a whole meal in a can? I know crazy right?.. Every home in my book should have at least 7 cans of everything you eat. That means if you like to add mushrooms to your cooking have seven cans. Seven jars of sauce.. and lots of dry noodles and bean. Go out and get a big thing of flour . You know that big weird looking box in the room with the fridge that if you play with the buttons it gets really crazy hot.. that is called a stove.. learn to cook. It's fun and tasty. And no matter who you are, There is nothing more romantic then a well home cook meal. And home made bread you made.. HA, you won't find a better loaf any where. I share you my recipe here

Original recipe makes 2 - 9x5 inch loaves
  • 2 cups warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C)
  • 2/3 cup white sugar or 1/3 cup of honey ( I been using this My god yummy)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons active dry yeast
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 6 cups bread flour


  1. In a large bowl, dissolve the sugar in warm water, ( if you dont have a thermometer, make you water as hot as you can and then mix your honey or sugar and when they are nice and dissolved touch the water with your finger it should be a little warm) and then stir in yeast. Allow to proof until yeast resembles a creamy foam.
  2. Mix salt and oil into the yeast. Mix in flour one cup at a time. Knead dough on a lightly floured surface until smooth. Place in a well oiled bowl, and turn dough to coat. Cover with a damp cloth. Allow to rise until doubled in bulk, about 1 hour.
  3. Punch dough down. Knead for a few minutes, and divide in half. Shape into loaves, and place into two well oiled 9x5 inch loaf pans. Allow to rise for 30 minutes, or until dough has risen 1 inch above pans.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 30 minutes.
And thats it. Try it.. It fun and with a cup of coffee a slice is.. make you'll find out. And yes, you might mess up. It's like life YOU WILL MESS UP. Learn from it move on.

So lets say you did all that.. Do you have water?

Seriously. How a city with every one has a bottle of yuppy water on their hip can run out of water is just funny. Take two old soda bottles clean them and fill them with water and place them in a box in the closet . This whole blog is for those with a little space. And it works, next don't leave all your money in the bank. Take about 200 dollars if you have it and place it in a hiding spot. Book, loses floor board. But don't carry with you all the time, you'll spend it. Heck place it a pill bottle and place it in the box with the water, so you have some money when things go bad...

the government is Not there to help you. If you think they are, you need to go talk to the native Americans like the Apache or Cherokee, we'll tell ya ALL about how great the government help is.. But most of all, you need to understand you have this think called a brain, and it loves to think.. try it. Think for your self. And prepare yourself. Bc I have to tell ya, When I lose power I am like a kid at Christmas. The whole family is. Why? Bc we train our selves for it. We want to be ready and be ready to help stupid folks who will need our help. And yes, I plan on helping. But I also plan on rubbing it in also. So till next time. Enjoy.. and be sure to try the bread recipe

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Hallow's eve, and this hat is on to tight!!!

 First off, Happy hallow's eve:) this is one of the very few holidays that actually is honest. What I mean by that is , holidays Like Christmas and Easter are actually pagan Holidays. And sadly so is Thanksgiving..  But other then meaning of Halloween being honest. There are other joys of this holiday season. And It's alot sweeter then the candy everyone is getting. It is the one holiday where even the most shyest woman out there can dress like a complete slut.  Seriously. you go to almost any Halloween party and you are bound to be in the company of a numerous angels, devils, cats, hookers, sexy nurses.. All of them showing lots of cleavage and leg. Which over the past few years of my lie. I have notice the customs are getting like D&D armour. Less skin it covers the better it is. But what troubles me about al this is. Not the grown women looking like they do. I'll be the first to admit it. I look forward to all the eye candy. No, what troubles me is the little kid costumes.. It seems that are on par with the adult female outfits... Think not? Go look at adds from the late 80's and early 90's for girls are Halloween.. then take a drive to the local wal mart. It seems the morals of this nation are totally in the shitter. But good news is seems anything walling up right is looking like you can get it for less then 10 dollars on a Friday night. I actually saw a Picture on facebook of a Girl's 14th birthday party which included male strippers. I'm sure her parents have very high expatiations of her when she gets older.. I'll be keeping my eye for future porn from that one.

But the hot topic in the news today other then the dog and pony show which America called the election process. Is the storm sandy. Now this storm I think is a very interesting on many fronts. One the government closed the whole city of NY in hours.  But one of the most strangest things about this storm is this... I was burning massive hours wasting my life on reddit. which is like facebook for the die hard left. And to be honest I like to go over there and just say the most conservative thing I can think of to watch all the brain seizers. If you ever get the chance you should try it.. Nothing is more fun then Going to the feminist threads and saying" it's wonderful all your boyfriends or husbands got you a lap top to be online while your in the kitchen."   I know I shouldn't do that. but lets be honest.. So people need to have their cages rattled. But back to the storm. While I was in the Tin hat section which is EVEN more fun to troll. I came across this

Now this was put up last month well before the storm. Now what are the chances.. seriously think about it. That a post written a month ahead of time could have called for a evac of a large area of the east coast. Now true it could have been a complete shot in the dark. But have to admit It was a nice shot.  Of course we can tie this in with the election.. Think about it. Bush couldn't get Bin laden, obama got him, katrina was a mess for Bush. and here you have a storm that took out NY and Obama is on the ball with that. yeap Obama looks like a total hero with all this going on and only a week till election.. But can he get the machine to work right before america votes?  i know what you are thinking.. no man can control the weather...  i question that ... i looked in HAARP and it raises a eye brow or two.

BUT WAIT.. i was told to add this in.. I left it out ..  You see back in 1997 they did a drill and well you will love this... Westchester County Communications Officer Sandy Fried, an Amateur Radio operator and ODES staff member, had recently attended a training seminar at the National Hurricane Center in Miami. Part of the training was a simulation using data from the Hurricane of 1938 that caused major losses on Long Island and in Westchester. The texts of the simulated bulletins, forecasts, discussions and strike probabilities along with the hurricane's track were sent home with the seminar attendees. We named the simulated hurricane after Sandy, who incidentally was nine years old during the real Hurricane of 1938

But it gets sooo much better... check out the link:) and then call me crazy I dare ya...

Now don't get me wrong I mean controlling the weather is crazy.. but then this nation is known for half truths and leave much open for a active imagination.  I mean for laughs look back to 2001 in Sept. 11th. there was at that time a storm headed for NY. And right when those planes hit.. the storm did the most amazing reverse turn and went out to see.  Don't believe me goo look it up... I forgot the name of the storm. But heres a link.. you figure it out...

of course there is something both these storms have in common... Do you know what it is? of course not:) bc in a magic trick no one ever watches the other hand... ever. with 9-11 the day before the Governement lost or misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars . Which is a feat since our military budget at the time was only a little over a trillion. but waits the steak on 9-11 only gets tastier. As we all know towers one and two went down via planes... tower 7 went down for what they called debris. sure it was a block away. and sure ever building between were just fine.. But thats not the case.:) The case is what was oddly lost on 9-11... in tower 7 was over 300 billion dollars in gold. Now 300 billion isnt mush.. until you understand that Gold per ounce in 2001 was 250 dollars.. so doing some basic math that gold today would be worth over 21 trillion dollars today. Now thats some serious new york hook time. But how does that tie into the storm sandy... well did you know a cargo carrier named Amurskoe just vanished with over 700 ton of gold ore. And I'n not even going to do the dollar tag on that.. Kinda makes ya think there might be something to that massive law suit going on which a law firm is suing to get 43 trillion dollars which the US banking system stole from the American public..

Now I know thats a serious tin hat gear working there... But think about it... china is buying up Gold like crazy and they have a huge amount of our debt.. you really think this nation won't steal from it own public to pay for its war effort.. Hell this government would steal from it's own mother to get a blow job for a guy on crack.. I think Obama did that.. but then we are not here to talk about that sinclair guy now are we....

But on this all Hallow's eve night. I bid you all a very blessed night. And I only hope people will look at the puzzle pieces laying on the ground and think enough for them selves to try to place them together. i mean think about Queens got trashed... But Manhattan is doing fine....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storms, Money, And American Freedom

OCT 28Th.... A dark storm moves slowly up the coast, promising a wave of destruction and lost of billions of dollars. Sounds like a NJ house wife doesn't it? I'm going to talk a Bit about this storm Sandy. i know some one out there is screaming that a racist name for a storm and some one else out there is saying why don't they name storm like Shaniqua. You would think when it comes to storms, blacks be real quiet. i mean think about.. It comes in usually at night taking people shit and break up the place.. I would be happy not to have any more bad press pointed to the black community. I mean look at the TSA. it fired over 350 people for stealing shit. Oddly most of those fired were minorities. (side not: No bikes were stolen) . but back to the storm.
This storm has me a little concerned. Not because the lights might go off. Or the wind or rain. But the actions of the masses when things like this happen. And also the actions of our government. For example. it's a storm. and chances are no worst then any other storm. But you have folks running to the store to get get milk and butter... Now on that token right there.. Milk and butter....the power goes out.. How long is that good for? See the masses don't think.... Now our government who is on the who never let a crisis go to waste is on the ball. in several states before it has even hit the shore they are placing out damage estimates And declaring a state of a emergency. NJ which is truly the arm pit of America. has put out a report already stating that only a emergency vehicle can be on the roads... News worthy.. the storm has not hit NJ yet. But the masses don't care.

Hell, NY is shutting down sub ways, Airports, and trains stations. some reports are saying that I-90 is shutting down in the area. And more then a couple folks are seeing a increase of military styled  police increase in the streets.. And I hear nothing about this in the media why? Oh yea.. we are in America.....

If fact American are so compliant with being a sheep. You have the U.N. to Observe voting in 15 states. Pa is one of them.. So proud. Now why is this a big deal you wonder. Well for those who miss this. In ever nation which we oddly go to war with. the UN was there first to "watch" the voting process. Weird right?  We have three bases I know of in the US that is UN controlled. You add that with the Fema camps. And well you might start to wonder. then you add the patriot Act, NDAA, and the increase of drone flying over America. And you realise you really can't say America is free at all any more. Well i guess you can.. You are free to do as the gov says, and your are free to buy what the gov wants you to... It's kinda like being in jail with out the bars.. You have some guy telling you what to do . giving you a list what to buy if you have the funds.. but if it not on the list it's illegal... Only good news is.. prison rape is down.. kinda.. well same sex rape is down . .. ANY RATE!!!!! moving on....

But good news out there.... We might have our debt taken care of. No seriously.. there is a law suit lead by Spire law firm seeking to return 43 TRILLION Dollars to the treasury... Our debt isn't even that high.. If you can find the report off of market watch. (I'll most likely copy and paste in a blog later ) it reads like a bad movie. all but naming the jew as a bad guy. ( I know shocker right.. jews, money laundering.. Who knew)  But whats really cool of this story is.. It's being scrubbed off the net and quick.. But the net is like a case of bad oral sex.. You can try to get rid of that taste, but the mind scars lingers.

There is so much shit out there right now. it's hard to talk about it. but then talking to the masses and explaining to them is like teaching my dog the meanings of the different shades of blue... Which oddly isn't going real well.

Main stream news... WHY

Some folks actually read this blog and even follow me on face book. You folks really need a life.. Well to be fair so do I. But we're not here to talk about me.. It's all about you:)  But I have to be honest. My mind freezes when folks ask me.. Why don't I write about the Mitt, Obama Debates.  WOW why didn't I think of that..  here let me try... The past three debates between Obama And Mitt was enlightening and very educational... For i seen with out a doubt that they both are the same from the amount they agree on and they both are bought off by Israel. There you Go, Summed up perfectly. This is why I try very hard to Avoid American media.  For they don't Actually report news. What they do do, is spread left or right wing propaganda.  Think not? Well, Lets find out?
 basic quiz.. really easy.
How many Air craft carriers Does America have right now off the Iran coast line?

Which nation is America a strong Ally with who is in Human rights violations?

Out of the 12 cities, name one off the top of your head which will be using drones?

See three questions. And I picked three really easy ones at that.  If you don't know, Then the chance are you might be the problem with this nation.

I could have went into economy, domestic affairs, foreign affairs. but the sad truth is this.. You wouldn't know any of those either. America has gotten used to being spoon feed lies. They expect it, want it, And hunger for it. If some one stand up and speaks the truth. well.. Americans lose their fuzzy little minds.

So I'll continue to Say what I see, which oddly so many can not see.. Make me wonder how did they have children...

Monday, October 22, 2012


America, what is wrong with you?  Seriously? Are you sick? have you become brain dead? did some one sneak into your windows late at night like aliens or something and cut off your balls, removed your spine, maybe stole your brain and replaced it with the latest form fitting mattress?   What am i babbling about. Oh i been reading the news since my last post and I am beside my self with everything going on. and how America walking around nodding yes in unison and turning a blind eye to what is REALLY going on...  Lets go over a few example. and if I am wrong clue me in.

On Oct 19th around 3:30 P.M. On AZ cbs news. on one of the little rss feed that play on the tv screen  It stated that Obama won the election. Wait what? I'm sure it was on the polls, until you read it and it stated Obama won the election and how many precincts reporting in.... Along with the number of votes cast. What? and the main news didn't pick this up HOW?? But this is like the GOP and DNC conventions Teleprompter where it stated clearly on the promoter a vote clearly against what the voters stated.. Yea, America you keep thinking you have a choice.  But that only the election.. what else is going on you should be a little pissed off for.

Well did you know there is a guy right now as you read this, Sitting in jail. Bc he had a cartoon which the state feels should be illegal. let that sink in. take your time. I know its hard to think on your own, where you are sucking on the teat of the state run media...( I always wondered does your lips get sore or chapped? )  I'll Admit I have illegal cartoons also. I have the song of the south by disney.  Did you know that movie was banned in America? IT"S FUCKING DISNEY! So you have this guy in jail for a cartoon drawing. This is my book like kids being kicked out or sent home due to drawing a gun on paper in school. But the massed nod yes, this is a good thing.  Wait there so much more to share:)

In Cleveland there is a billboard which states this " Voter Fraud is a felony!" and gives a example of jail time you can get for voter fraud. Then it has a picture of a gavel. That's the whole billboard. But you have some folks  in Cleveland who is screaming That billboard is racist.. so you go back and reread the billboard... Maybe it had a black guy eating chicken with a grape soda in the back ground... NOPE.. maybe it had some find print that said blacks do more voter fraud. NOPE. Maybe is was in a area where it was walled up and only blacks can see it, or written in a way where white folks see the new add for the latest lexus, but blacks see this... NO.. so how the hell is that racist?  And I can rant on the free cell phone for oddly minorities. Why I say for them, bc I don't see folks who like outside of high minority areas with these little stands on get your free phone here. But if you say anything about this you are a racist.... They keep using that word, I do not think it means what they think is means...

BUT WHO CARES.. lets take a God's eye view of the world.. This planet is so messed up. I'm not talking about pollution , or oil drilling or any of that .. because I have to be honest. I would use a bald eagle as a drill bit and hammer it through the skull of a spotted leopard hugging a polar bear with a baby seal if I can lower my fuel cost. have you notice the increase in prices.. but we will hit that angle here in a second. taking a step back and relook at the world. we see.... the piece on a great chess board set up for war. And not this America getting it's ass kicked in the middle east war.  but a real war. a war with first world nations, a war with military who would have given America a hard fight when we were strong and fresh. Like who? let me go through them slowly so you can understand.

China/Japan...  Did you know there is a quickly growing conflict going on between these two nations? yea.. and it's getting worst by the day. but goo news , American is sending war ships there to clean it up. Now who do you think America will back. a Ally who we nuked in the past? or the nation that holds most of our debt?

Israel/US .. No Conflict. But we are build a missile shield for Israel. But not for a attack from Iran.. ( wait what?)  this shield is going to cost American tax payers 30 million dollars.. good think we are splitting the bill equally with Israel, they have to pick up 7.9 million.  Which is great bc that about how much we give them for free every month. OY. that 1 million dollars they might have to pay.. that's going to bankrupt that poor nation. ARE YOU FREAKING KILLING ME??!?!!!!! This nation American has ZERO money and we are just build shit over seas for the sake of.... (did you know Israel has stated if it attacked by Iran it will shot off it's nukes( over 300) at prime targets including ones in Europe. I can't even make that shit up)

Russia/ US .. Welcome to the new cold war. Ms. Clinton goes to Russia and tells Putin to get behind America on the band on Iran. Putin tells her go get laid, and then drops the Russian/ American nuclear treaty. guess what that means... Russia is can now not only sell nukes to anyone, but start making them again. YAY....

Russia/ Israel .... Russia tells Israel to stop the oppression and killing of those in gaza and west bank where the land belongs to the Palestine and the reason Israel in in human rights violations( wait don't we get on china for that very reason? why don't we say anything about Israel...) Which I would think is fair. but you have netanyahu telling Russia screw you goy, we do as we want. We have the US backing us..  Not is so many words. But he did say on Oct. 21 he vowed to continue to illegally to build in areas which are no Israels.

Israel/ Palestine for the very first time a hand held rocket shot down a Israeli drone. ( wait for the past 6 years we heard Israel was being bombs by Palestine)  But to make it better, Since they are still doing construction with no sign of stopping the tension in this area is just increasing.

North Korea vs South.... hey we all know how this plays out been there done that got out asses kicked and went home. But it starts up again. Even China is having a hard time hold the reins on this. It's so bad over there right now people are being evacuated from that area...

And I can go on including the French, Syria, Egypt and so many more... And folks wonder why Aliens don't make contact. Are you kidding me?  If I was a Alien I would avoid this planet like a bad part of town.

But thats not all.. Oh no.. we can talk about how money news outlets are telling investors to get out of the stock market. They are predicting a serious crash. I don't have any money so what do I care.

How about the new tax on ammo and guns.  But i think I'll stop this crazy rant with you to think about this little gem. In the state of Oregon, they are starting up the Obamacare mandate. So girls as young as 15 in school , Can no go to school and get something with out their parents ever knowing.. No, they aren't getting gang banged by the foot ball team. but good news now they can. because they can go to the nurse and get a little shot which makes them sterilised. yes reread that again. your child can take a sterilization shot at school.  Meaning no kids having kids. And I could bring up that some folks in power what to be able to make some people sterilise on there on choice. Now I can give a list on who should be giving that shot, like the lady down in FLA who has 15 kids.. some should pass her a note saying " you are 34 years old.. it's ok to swallow"

Well getting feeds saying they plan on doing more censorship in America on the internet. so I will stop here before the black SUV's show up... Good news tonight is the last debates.. and shhhhh the third party debates are going on also....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A spec of sand in the eyes of gods

haven't written in a while. I could give numerous reasons for this.  I was distracted with daily life. which would be partly true. I could say my arm and shoulder hurt to much to write which is also true. But what sums it up the best I think would be I was disgusted . Oh what you may ask. I would have to say the American public at large. I watched the debate of Mitt and Obama and the right wing side is having a love fest over Mitt. But to be honest Mitt only played the same game Obama did in 08.. you think not. Lets try this. Mitt came out looking great. I love the cartoon blue tie and red tie... But beyond that. Mitt was very well spoken, and very very vague. Oh the right will say he laid out his plan clearly. Really? I heard Alot of " i have a 5 step plan" or " i liked that also Mr. president and my plan is like that but with out all the bad things of your plan" really Mitt? I was surprised at Mitt when he brought up the 10th amendment for health care. talk about pandering to the Ron Paul supporters out there. Seriously. Like the common voter has any clue what the 10th is.. Most folks only know the 2nd and have a vague clue what the first is. Now, I'm not saying the American public is dumb.. No wait.. yes, yes i am. In fact I will go on to say they are boarder line retarded. so for all those out there reading this who have zero clue of their amendments. I, Being the kind one which I am, will break it down for you.

The 10th is the mother of all federal can of worms. It allows the states to completely break away from the federal government. To see what the worst case looks like, please open your history books to the civil war. ( for anyone out there who thinks the whole civil war was over slavery... Your a idiot and should hurry and hang yourself now.)  The 10th allows each state to beside fully what is best for it. So lets say Mitt wasn't saying one of his million and two flip flops, and gets elected and actually pushes the 10th in each state... What could go wrong? well from my eyes not much. But for all the sheep it be pandemonium. The state could Tell the FDA to go pound french poodles up where the sun don't shine... The federal taxes, by rights will no long need to be paid. Of course all those federal dollars could stop being pumped into the state.. you all do realise every time your state takes federal money that state agree to become the federal government slave? Didn't know that.. Maybe you better  quit bending over stand up take out the ball gag, wipe the ky jelly off your ass and find out. and yes, it's just like that. But the masses hook into the latest football game or honey boo boo don't know this.  I could go on a multi page rant on this but I feel mostly it's just more Mitt lies and will never happen. why would the government encourage people to rely on themselves.. it would be counteractive of years and years of bills they passed.

Well maybe not so much the bills per say, But more the executive orders. Now what are those? well if you don't know then you are a truly helpless lot aren't you.. Well the one that was just signed that has me just a tad creep out would be  H.R. 6566 to amend the Homeland security act of 2002.  Now why would that be creepy? well why don't you google the bill number and you will come up with FEMA to prepare for "mass fatality planning" Other words.. prepare for a lot of folks to just die... Nothing to worry about.. I mean what could happen?  Well let me take a stab in the dark:)

As of this very second on OCT. 10th 2012 what is going on....
You have Mitt ( guy you is bought off by Israel.. and you know it's true)  running for Office against Obama ( supposedly bought off by the commies, Or at least the anti american left) Going to be hard for Gary Johnson to beat those to clowns with a nation of sheep hooked to the TV....
You have Turkey at war with Syria. but who cares right.. well the U.N. cares, and Russia is arming up it's investment....
Israel actually brought picture pages to the U.N. meeting to explain that if Iran gets just one Nuke it will KILL US ALL!!!!!! ( please world over look that Israel has over 300 nukes and been playing this song since the 1970's)
Gas prices are sky rocketing.. Why should you care,,, well sparky when transportation cost rise on good going to the store, the price of said goods go up. for example. oil per barrel is down. but gas prices are going up.. weird right. and over look the drought which is priming veggie prices to go up, and then you have a massive recall of beef... shit never mind that beef is already expensive due to the cost of corn effected by the drought. Oh did you see how we will be going through a pork shortage... So I think that hits ALL food in the US. But wait it gets better......
The unemployment numbers have gone down so more folks have jobs right???? No...  the actual number of real unemployment is closer to 32% now.  And I point out that a large number of people live off the tax money which we no longer have. but we keep shipping out that foreign aid.. and winter is slowly creeping in. and I have a feeling it's going to be a bad one. And alot of people will die this winter due to not being able to afford gas to get to work, or heat to heat their homes...  But who cares.... I mean did you hear what Mitt said about big bird? fucking bastard....
But something that didn't hit the news, well did, but seems everyone missed it.. did you know that those evil asshole 1% billionaires are getting out the stock market? oh yea I read on , that the stock market is set to readjust by 90%.. That be 90% down.. So count8ing my my fingers and toes.. carry the 4 and subtract the 12 the total would be .. yeap, just as I thought.. we're fucked.... here..... the stock market this second is 13,366... now delete 90% of that.. and you tell me.....  but it's not all bad.... I mean have you been to the stores lately? notice the shelves are not as full as they usually are.. some one is buying that shit up... i hope.
Then we can focus on your personal rights which you have none.... while all you sheep where fighting over the new Iphone, you missed how the government Approves how the warrentless tapping of cell phones is legal to the point they can turn on your speaker to hear what is going on or even your camera...  but the sheep will bleat" if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't care" to them I truly hope they die first... this nation is ruined and dying at alarming rate. I was told by some close to me. To let it go.. let them die, and continue to prepare. And I do and will. But the tiny piece of me which clings hope for the human race. hopes that if a few read this and get a clue... then they also will continue on.. if you can save one out of thousands.. is it not worth it....?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Something in the air.........

I haven't posted in a while for numerous reasons. But with the debate around the corner. I thought maybe I'll post one before I go on a vent feast after the debate. Which I see me doing in a very big way. I mean how can I not? You'll have Mitt who at one times agreed with every single thing Obama has said or done.

But It's the first day of October and still the soft glow of the flames of this nation flicker in the sky line of what was once called freedom. Let's do a nice little recap of the past few days. And maybe you can see what I mean.  lets start with some thing we all know and have done.. vaccines. yes, we had our shots... I would hope. But Then I am old. I remember hunter and gun safety courses in high school. Oddly no one was shot...  So since the 70's when I got my shots. the number of shots have increased like 300% for children, what is really amazing the chance of your child or your child's child getting autism has also increased about the same amount.  Just read a medical review on how they gave the same vaccines to baby monkeys and guess what.. No they didn't break in to some wizard of oz flying monkey musical..( which would be beyond creepy.. fucking monkeys) No the baby monkeys developed signs of autism.. but you keep telling your self those shots are ok and safe... But who cares right?  yea.. thought so sheep...

How about your privacy.  yes, if you are reading this, you really have none. I understand that.. for those don't understand that.let me explain. You see you are on a computer or some form of media hooked into a network which all these machines talk to one another. now you are thinking.. I have a firewall.. we'll herpy derpy for you. But sad fact is.. all it takes if for a person to runa  very basic program that keeps track of all who ping it. and you have your Ip address..That's your computer house address.. But who cares about that. Lets look at big brother. you know the guy who suppose to be protecting you rights.. ( STOP LAUGHING THAT ACTUALLY IN THEIR JOB DESCRIPTION) The government has been recording what you say on the cell photo and recording everything you have said , txt, or photo sent..( And yes, they agree also, you need to keep your clothes on).. But with the passing and enforcment of stuff like the patriot act, ndaa . and little programs like carnivore, magic lantern, black angle. everything you say , buy on credit card, watch on tv, book you read, everything is watched. and now along with google, face book sold out to big brother also. If you don't have TOR running duckgo it get it, and get p2p also. Because  things are just getting nuts.

I mean, you have the U.N. getting ready to do a world tax. which mean the rich people of the world will pay a tax to help the poor folks in the world.. NEWS FLASH.. if you like in American slums you are richer then 2/3's of the world..  And if they can enforce that, they can and will enforce everything else the U.N. wants to do. so kiss your guns good bye, property rights good by. freedom of speech( not you ever used it or really had it) good bye.  but wait it gets better....

Over in Greece once more they are on strike. that be them on strike 5 times in the past four years...  they want another world bail out, which America has been doing.. Have you wondered where this money comes from for all this yet?

And I can get on the whole free phones from the state.. talk about buying votes... But looking at our choices you really don't have one, unless you have a spine and vote third party. which with the polling I have seen by news that weren't bought out  is saying the third party is actually doing better the one of the two main parties.. i guess the GOP shouldn't have cheated at the GOP convention... well they can go pound sand.. I mean Mitt i'm sure is a wonderful rich guy. but seriously in what way has he ever related to the millions of American who are now out of work, now with out homes, who are over seas dying in a bullshit war who is only helping Israel.. Oh yea .. I named the jew.. and I am pissed.

You have the right wing media going nuts over Obama giving Egypt 1 billion time loan. But no one any where says shit that in the very same month he gave Israel 70 million dollars out the bat gift, or the almost 4 billion dollars it gets every single year since 1947.  Thats not even counting the so called aid, or military backing we sent there. So doing a cost comaprison.. 1 billion loan .. is like taking aleak in the ocean and then screaming it polluted when you look how much Israel gets.. And these wars in the middle east.. who is it helping? think about it.. 11 years ago.. how many Al-queda were there? sure the sadi's hit the twin towers but no cares about that fact.. How many so called terrorist was there? I know it wasn't the number of people who have died over there.. and it should have never cost America 3.7 trillon dollars.. Seriously has anyone thought of this? 
 And if you call me anti semitic. go pound sand and have a BLt.. But i don't care. this bullshit o9f catering to this group of people ahve gotten to the insane level. you have the Israel leader going to the UN with a picture saying we have to attack Iran.. I been hearing the exact same sound and dance since the 1979.. You know what, i can be honest here.. the whole middle east should have nukes dropped on it.. And I wanna see who God is true. Bc for as long as i can remember Israel has been in this conflict or that.. but Iran is just sitting there going WTF? true story.. go look it up. and for God's sake turn off your TV

I think you should be allowed to shoot reporters, lobbyist. and any elected person who goes against thier oath.. I mean that straight out.. Reporter lies in the paper.. walk to his house wipe out the whole family.. Congress votes on a very clear against the founding documents bill.. same thing . I mean the whole family.. wife, kids, pets, the illegal gardener, the bushes.. everything. And I will promise you.. shit will change for the better in one year.  But since there are laws... we can't do that.. so we will continue to get screwed... land of the free.. and all that...

Speaking of Illegals.. can some one explain tome how illegals can go into a government building and get ID?  with out being arrested.. I mena CA is allowing Illegals to get drivers licenses.. why not.. it not like that the last time the gave illegals anything it didn't bite us in the ass. Oh yea it did.. it was called the housing market crash... Good work CA... where the hell is that earth quake?  And you have Obama going to mexico.. and brace yourself... and no drinking anything.. and no screaming you'll scare the kids... The Obama lead USDA have gone to mexico to encourage food stamps in Mexico. Like those free loaders in Puerto Rico  who have been sucking off the teat of the US tax payers for what seems like forever.. but don't want to be a state.. but has a say in our elections.. Wait what?

And if you thought your Photo ID was bad bc of your dumb smile. good news in NJ you can't smile on your Id.. why you ask? I'm glad you did.. because the facial recognition miss reads your face imprint.. isn't that nice...   Seriously.. hell in Maryland the gov. had to buy camera to watch the cameras... seriously , you know its bad when you have to watch camera watching camera who are watching cameras who are watching us.... say that 5 times real fast...

And you really don't even want to look at Europe.. it's in crisis mode at this moment. everything is so set to fail. i wonder why it hasn't yet.... But man is a truly primitive animal.. with the growing Militia movements, the prepper movements, families drawing closer together.. they can smell something in the air.. just don't know what yet.. We can only hope the American animal still remembers why we broke off from England only 300 years ago... which wasn't really that long ago.