Monday, November 19, 2012

Standing on a cloud..... Finch might be right....

Ever wonder how sometime movies you watch in there own odd way reflect life? Now I know there is some big psycho babble word for it. Or it could be just the sub conscious, taking note and projection one s belief in front us. but no matter what it's called, still creepy. What am I talking about. Well, at time I don't know I just rabble like a loon. But this time. I am remembering a quote out of the movie "V for Vendetta". Flinch said it, and it went like this .. Now my memory plays this back in clips.. So I know this is two different parts of the movie.. so die hard fans.. piss off. " I suddenly has this feeling that everything was connected. It's like I could see the whole thing, one long chain of events that stretched all the way back. I felt like I could see everything that happen, and everything that is going to happen. It was like a perfect pattern laid out in front of me. And I realised we're all part of it, and trapped by it"  That's basicly  how I felt today.
I been following the news closely.. And not the American or BBC thats not news.. that cotton candy for the brain. What ever do I mean, Many will say........

Well If I was a evil genius.. Which many would say I am...  and i wanted to rule the world .( which I do) And had the resources(which I do not) what would I do.  It be a three part plan. and each part would give my end result alone, but all three is a guarantee end result. Lets compare.. The three paths war, money, medical.

 We'll pick medical first. Much like the movie 'V" the government gain complete control over the masses over a deadly out break of a virus or some form of health risk,. BRILLANT.. Now how to get the masses to stand in line......MMMMMMmm well getting all hookers to offer free services is out.. Our nation debt is high enough, no point in blowing away more money...( see what I did there?)  No, we can do like the movies and kill a few thousand folks.. I can name a few places.. OR.. We can make a law to make them take their shot.... Mmm now what law can force people to take a shot... OH YEA.. Obamacare:) the new health are bill. Now the left will scream I am wrong.. But it already been proven several times I'm not, so go hug a polar bear or something.... If we would all turn to page 1004 of the new law..And we find and I quote "Not later than 36 months after the date of the enactment" which you will have to have a RFID chip.. SWEET.. so now all your medical info will be able to be read by any doctor or hospital, it wall save time and lives... And with a mild rf reader, everyone else will be able to get your med records also:) but that don't matter, everything about you will be placed on a chip.. I like this Chip..  I wonder what else we can use it for.. MMmmmm....  So we have a bill forcing the American masses to be bagged and tagged.... So picture it.. If you have a history of retardation in your family I can see you might miss out of some key medical treatments... Well there goes the liberal left:) But lets say you want some kind of virus... geez what kind so many to choose from.. Many today:)  The two big ones out there that are flying around that the media is NOT reporting very well are AH1N1 and the Ebola. Now the AH1N1 comes in a series of flavors.. each number up gets a little bit more fun for people.. If you didn't know this is the swine flu, which oddly every years theres a mass panic and the media is screaming HELLO GET YOUR SHOT TO PROTECT YOU HERE...  It has killed 17000, which in a world of a few billion thats not bad, it be like getting shot by a cop.. well actually you have a better chance getting shot by a cop now a days.. But the media plays it to be very deadly and creates a mass fear, so folks line up to get a needle.. And i hate needles, seriously,, someone gets to stab you while smiling and your letting them.. folks call me twisted. The other oddly is getting more traction and less media attention, And that's Ebola.. who if you didn't know already killed 60,000 and the number is climbing. I should bring up a honourable mention and tell ya the black plague is back. BUT thats just popping up randomly. Of course I could bring up vaccines.. I mean the gates foundation can't go to Africa any more bc it was found he was serilizing folks there.. but then they were breeding like rabbits on Viagra . So as you become use to taking that needle, how hard would it be in all seriousness to add a little something.. or feed you a line on how this will be useful... think about it.

Now Money.. well everyone needs money don't they.  Well i guess they don't But it sure helps out alot:) Now we take a peek at the current world.. Do you know the world debt is over 75 trillion.. Who the hell did we lend that money to?  i mean seriously is there so planet bank out there? (which might explain the increase of UFO sightings.. And no they are not taking me home... i hope) As the pass several year have passed I don't know if anyone else noticed this, But all money is becoming digitised. And why not.. You have any idea how much America's debt is? we could make a four lane highway from CA to Britain out of 20 dollar bills.. There not enough trees for that kind of paper... And I'm not talking one ply either, I'm talking you can drive a rig on that sucker.  So we have high debt.. " But the stock market is doing great" really? you actually believe that? sure the numbers look better on the surface, but why is it going up? where are the jobs? How is it going up? Well i might have a answer and if you look at stocks which I do. This might explain things.. The government drops government money into the market to encourage suckers errrr the public to buy stocks, once the public starts to buy, the plan is to take money out of the stock market.. Well we are now a global market and if the government takes out the money it placed in, well our stock market would look close to 3500 instead of the 12000 it is now.... This plan was done by Pres. Regan. Seriously.... Executive Order 12631, it called the purge protection team or Working group. And yes many will say that's a tin hat theory.. maybe.. but it would explain how stocks oddly jump every monday at 11:00 and dip slightly at 1230. and spike almost every friday. Just saying.... But other then that, lets look at the avg. person.. if you open your wallet rightnow, this very second.. how mush cash money do you have? Seriously take a peek for giggles. I know some folks who carry with them no less then 500 dollars.. NOT me.. But I know some folks who do. But on basic the Avg. is only like 45 dollars. In todays world thats a half of tank of gas.. And why should they carry real money, I mean you can carry it all on your credit or debt card... Think about that. The ease of convenience of a credit card, one little swipe and you can buy anything you want.... But credit cards are not real cash. Its a card made of plastic.  And if the readers don't work.. then folks go with out.  But that would never happen right....? Well not really.. You see right now, like today I read in the news that the EBT ( the food stamp cards) don't work in like 10 states.. Not a big fan of the EBT system since so many abuse the shit out of it. But the mere fact that there TEN states that it on the frizz. Should raise a eye brow. Picture if all 50 go down.. for a month or so... how face do you think folks will chimp out... pretty damn fast. last year in FLA when they had this problem for a week people were out in the street demanding something to be done..  Oh the joys of a cashless system.. But folks lose that card all the time. I mean have you ever miss placed your credit card or debt card? or lost a wallet.. wouldn't it be nice to have it in one nice location? Well good news techies.. there is now right this very second rfid chips in wrist bands you can get which will keep all your cash in one spot.. Nice huh? Think about this.. if you can have all your Medical records in one spot in your body so it never gets stolen.. how hard would it be to add finances? If you said not very hard.. you be right. But as a evil master mind that be great.. Think about it, you can turn off whole groups of cash with a flick of a switch.. and watch them starve riot or what ever you want....

Of course that leave us with WAR.. Nothing cure a man's ills faster the a bullet it the skull. And of course there is so much good comes out of war.. Like what? Well the past week 32 nations had protest over economy, rights, what ever.... Thousand of people in the street demanding what ever.. Picture a war so grand, that hell itself shutters. You can take  all those people or the poor , ( which are the suckers who go to war) And force them into war with the draft. This will one decrease all those folks of socail services, Here in America that is almost 1 trillion dollars saved. But think of all the jobs created.. I mean those graves aren't going to dig them selves. And then Lets not forget the processing of those men in uniform.. well to be sure to find the bodies and follow the number of troop movements that have a locator chip place in them. look at all the wonderful uses for this chip.. Now picture, you place all these wonderful uses of this chip into a person at once.  You can find everyone , turn off their access to cash, food.. life.. I can go one and on with war, like how very easy this whole middle eastern conflict can be made into the next world war.. and I like to say it here first.. Israel started this fight... and once more plays the poor victim... But for order for you to see then you need to get past the crazy idea some invisible guy choose those people as favorite.. That be like saying Odin piked vikings as his favorite. Gods don't pick favorites. But we won't know till we die, and how those in power are going that might be very very very soon.  A friend of mine has a idea that the whole pie will crumble in 7 easy steps.. My friend shared this idea with me...

"Stage 1: Moral Collapse. You stop trusting people. You

distrust your elected politicians, businesses, government

employees, religious leaders and military. Who are the

informers? Unemployment soars and your neighborhood becomes

increasingly dangerous. As riots and suicides increase,

dysfunctional authorities may talk about the temporary

crisis and seek scapegoats.

Stage 2: Financial Collapse. You stop trusting banks. You

cannot assess risk and your financial assets are not

guaranteed. If financial institutions become insolvent; your

savings may be wiped out, and you cannot access your

capital. As social unrest and suicide increase, airlines and

borders may be closed. Authorities may call this a temporary

exigency and may blame computer hackers.

Stage 3: Commercial Collapse. You stop trusting businesses.

Money may be devalued and/or become scarce. People hoard and

trade basic commodities and medications, import and retail

chains cease, and there are widespread shortages of survival

necessities. Supermarkets are guarded and you hear of food

riots. Martial law may be enforced in cities. If your

electricity stops - would you freeze in the dark?

Authorities may talk of a temporary emergency and may blame

farmers and traders.

Stage 4: Political Collapse. You stop trusting governments.

Official attempts to provide survival necessities are

ineffective; and politicians lose legitimacy and relevance.

Emergency calls are not answered. Starving people want your

food, medical supplies and weapons. You may hear of military

coups or of millions of starving people. Desperate

authorities may blame terrorists.

Stage 5: Social Collapse. You stop trusting authorities.

Social institutions become resourceless. Dead bodies become

commonplace. Cities become centers of starvation and

disease. Might is right ... but who has weapons? Internment

camps may conceal starvation and genocide ... for a while.

Panicking authorities may blame hoarders.

Stage 6: Military Collapse. You stop trusting the military.

Martial law transitions into local dictatorships. The

military may perceive you and your family as targets

competing for the same resources as themselves - or as a

potential slaves. They may create systems of forced labor

and slavery ... fighting local wars over local resources.

Kindness becomes a strange concept. Any remaining

authorities may blame communists.

Stage 7: Civilization Collapse. You stop trusting hope.

Death is everywhere. People cannot afford to be kind. Urban

regions become death zones. Nothing is more dangerous than

desperate men. Whose women and children will live - and

whose will die? You hear stories of cannibals. You might be

killed for a candy bar ... you might be hunted for your

meat. The only authorities are people who can kill you.

He uses the  In 1977 New York City suffered a power failure for one night. Over 3,000 arrests were made for looting, 400 policemen were injured, 500 fires were started, more than 25,000 emergency calls were placed and four times the usual number of hospital emergency cases were admitted - all following one lightning strike. As his reasoning.. Which seeing how New York did after Sandy, I can see it. Did you know they are STILL IN CAMPS... That be a great way to do a fema test run.. where else in America you get that kind of mixture of people....  But all this is crazy talk right?..... Or does life really do imitate art?