Friday, November 9, 2012

America's voice..... BAAAAAaaaaaa

No folks if you reach in my pocket that is not a gun, I really am that hard...  I would have written a post about the election when it happen But to be honest I wanted to see what would happen. i made a list of things I thought would happen. and WOW i pegged that shit :) I said the following. When Obama gets elected the stock market would drop.( of course it hasn't drop as much as I thought it would...YET) we would attack another nation most likely Iran.. And notice that little drone situation and the very day he gets elected we attack Yemen.  And one know why?:) I said he would finally come after the American weapons. And Look at that. He is backing and re bringing up the UN assault arms ban in America. I said when he gets elected companies will do mass lay-off. Seriously, who didn't see this coming. I counted almost 54 companies either laying off or closed shop all together.

Now for things yet to come..... the suffering hasn't even really become, soon and I mean soon. Civil liberties will be even more restricted or for those who don't understand that. American rights.. either freedom of speech, or protest,  we already understand that guns are soon going to be under attack. yes i know this all sounds very Alex Jones. But it is what I feel. He Will Continue Extreme Government Debt Spending. He Will Continue The Policy Of Dollar Devaluation, He Will Support And Expand On Wars In The Middle East, He Will Lock Down The Web And Limit Internet Speech, And finally  He Will Embrace A Globalist Dynamic And Abandon American Sovereignty. Now I can give examples and reasons why I feel this way. But seriously will anyone care or even understand such insanity?

So many on the left are thrilled that Obama won, and I can understand , I mean their man won. good for them. But I also understand that the nation have been going down a very non American freedom path for some time. I mean if you would have told me 15 years ago.. That America would force many to get health care, and we would have bought out a auto company, banks.. and with unemployment at a real number of 23%  I most likely thought you got some really really good weeds.. and maybe you should cut back. But all this happen, and on top of that two states actually legalised pot... i guess with all this new stress, we need to be high to actually understand it, of course it goes against everything Michelle Obama been pushing,, you know the whole healthy living things.. seriously who wants to be high with a  veggie tray..  I could tell you a fond story of my love of veggie trays... but there are small children around. but really who gets high and NOT order a pizza or some other junk food... Ever see a stoner wasted and munching on a apple.... yea me either.

But Those who voted for Obama are all about the government taking care of them:) You know like who FEMA is doing in New York. It only been 11 days now. And looking over the time line, we have on day three the masses out digging in the trash looking for food, ( remember they had 7 full days of every news channel warning) and then with the power still out ( no one thought of buying some kind of heater) the sewer systems fail... YUCK.. that place stunk before hand.. but it gets better.. and the days continues.. the Government started evacuations . and under the leadership of FEMa.. they moved the masses to tent like cities.. Oh the joy.. the pure erotic rapture with this.. The main stream news is oddly quiet for now.. but that will change... You see these tent cities are nothing more then prison like stations.. over 40 thousand people are rounded up happily and placed here. And now they are starting to complain.. It cold out and there are snow storms now... Oh yes.. My great eye is watching this like a college frat party checks out the female pole dance. I see the crime in these little cities, i been hearing about how the military who are GUARDING the place oddly have no power for folks smart phones:) Oh yes.. This is a lovely little run of what I feel is to come.. And we all should tune in.. so we can all see... How the government who the people want takes care of its voters.. On a side note,, did you know the jewish area that was hit by the storm is just fine now.. and everyone there is A OK.. but those of the city...  Well no so lucky:) LOL And the best part.. the very best part... you will love this.. i know I do.... The New York governor who sleeps in a warm bed and has a plate full of food.. won't allow food donation to be given to these folks who are hungry.. wanna know why:)  SURE ya do..... it's bc of the salt and fat content.. it might be to high.. LOL You see The New York voters voted for a guy who said what is good and safe to eat for thier better health, Bc lets face it.. Americans are to dumb to figure it out them selves.. So the nanny state takes care of them. now there a crisis, and we American pool together for those, well nanny says I don't have the man power to check out all the food, SO NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!  ( ref to seinfeled soup nazi). it's actually kinda of funny.. if I knew it wouldn't end up being a cancer.....

Hell So many folks out there are yelling " People take back your nation" it's not even funny.. well it is.. you see, American lost their spines like two generation ago..  the 60's was not kind to this nation at all..... Of course who didn't enjoy the bra burning marches... Ahhh let those puppies ounce free..  Err sorry.. any way.
What America has become is a touchy feely nation, we're being nice, and political correct is all the rage, and I am sure one day very soon. this blog here will be attacked for not being so nice and most like racist , anti Semitic or what ever. But thats ok.. you know why? 
because I know I won't be bent over getting screwed with uncle Sams forearm up my ass, while the IRS shaves my back and knits a sweater all the while being happy about it.. You know i'm kinding? Did you know 1/3 of those who fly would be ok with a cavity search to be able to fly.... Think about that.... This nation is fucked...  that is why I am thrilled for Obama's win... as i hear some where...."

 You've had it too easy for too long.

You never deserved to be blessed. You've all been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, never really

the gift you were given so freely -- unconditional love from your creator.
It's not your fault. Like the animals you are, you never learn unless sufficiently prodded.
Pleasure has no lasting effect. But subject you to pain, unpleasantness -- suffering -- and you will take
notice, you will fight to overcome, to earn your redemption. ''

And Obama will show us Pain,, and we will learn, he will show us suffering and we will learn.. This all has happen before.. Just so many forget...  Well stay tune.. Me, I need to go get a tissue... :) 

(nice blog was brought to you by.. Dove hand lotion and Kleenex tissues.. for when you want it soft)