Sunday, October 28, 2012

Main stream news... WHY

Some folks actually read this blog and even follow me on face book. You folks really need a life.. Well to be fair so do I. But we're not here to talk about me.. It's all about you:)  But I have to be honest. My mind freezes when folks ask me.. Why don't I write about the Mitt, Obama Debates.  WOW why didn't I think of that..  here let me try... The past three debates between Obama And Mitt was enlightening and very educational... For i seen with out a doubt that they both are the same from the amount they agree on and they both are bought off by Israel. There you Go, Summed up perfectly. This is why I try very hard to Avoid American media.  For they don't Actually report news. What they do do, is spread left or right wing propaganda.  Think not? Well, Lets find out?
 basic quiz.. really easy.
How many Air craft carriers Does America have right now off the Iran coast line?

Which nation is America a strong Ally with who is in Human rights violations?

Out of the 12 cities, name one off the top of your head which will be using drones?

See three questions. And I picked three really easy ones at that.  If you don't know, Then the chance are you might be the problem with this nation.

I could have went into economy, domestic affairs, foreign affairs. but the sad truth is this.. You wouldn't know any of those either. America has gotten used to being spoon feed lies. They expect it, want it, And hunger for it. If some one stand up and speaks the truth. well.. Americans lose their fuzzy little minds.

So I'll continue to Say what I see, which oddly so many can not see.. Make me wonder how did they have children...