Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storms, Money, And American Freedom

OCT 28Th.... A dark storm moves slowly up the coast, promising a wave of destruction and lost of billions of dollars. Sounds like a NJ house wife doesn't it? I'm going to talk a Bit about this storm Sandy. i know some one out there is screaming that a racist name for a storm and some one else out there is saying why don't they name storm like Shaniqua. You would think when it comes to storms, blacks be real quiet. i mean think about.. It comes in usually at night taking people shit and break up the place.. I would be happy not to have any more bad press pointed to the black community. I mean look at the TSA. it fired over 350 people for stealing shit. Oddly most of those fired were minorities. (side not: No bikes were stolen) . but back to the storm.
This storm has me a little concerned. Not because the lights might go off. Or the wind or rain. But the actions of the masses when things like this happen. And also the actions of our government. For example. it's a storm. and chances are no worst then any other storm. But you have folks running to the store to get get milk and butter... Now on that token right there.. Milk and butter....the power goes out.. How long is that good for? See the masses don't think.... Now our government who is on the who never let a crisis go to waste is on the ball. in several states before it has even hit the shore they are placing out damage estimates And declaring a state of a emergency. NJ which is truly the arm pit of America. has put out a report already stating that only a emergency vehicle can be on the roads... News worthy.. the storm has not hit NJ yet. But the masses don't care.

Hell, NY is shutting down sub ways, Airports, and trains stations. some reports are saying that I-90 is shutting down in the area. And more then a couple folks are seeing a increase of military styled  police increase in the streets.. And I hear nothing about this in the media why? Oh yea.. we are in America.....

If fact American are so compliant with being a sheep. You have the U.N. to Observe voting in 15 states. Pa is one of them.. So proud. Now why is this a big deal you wonder. Well for those who miss this. In ever nation which we oddly go to war with. the UN was there first to "watch" the voting process. Weird right?  We have three bases I know of in the US that is UN controlled. You add that with the Fema camps. And well you might start to wonder. then you add the patriot Act, NDAA, and the increase of drone flying over America. And you realise you really can't say America is free at all any more. Well i guess you can.. You are free to do as the gov says, and your are free to buy what the gov wants you to... It's kinda like being in jail with out the bars.. You have some guy telling you what to do . giving you a list what to buy if you have the funds.. but if it not on the list it's illegal... Only good news is.. prison rape is down.. kinda.. well same sex rape is down . .. ANY RATE!!!!! moving on....

But good news out there.... We might have our debt taken care of. No seriously.. there is a law suit lead by Spire law firm seeking to return 43 TRILLION Dollars to the treasury... Our debt isn't even that high.. If you can find the report off of market watch. (I'll most likely copy and paste in a blog later ) it reads like a bad movie. all but naming the jew as a bad guy. ( I know shocker right.. jews, money laundering.. Who knew)  But whats really cool of this story is.. It's being scrubbed off the net and quick.. But the net is like a case of bad oral sex.. You can try to get rid of that taste, but the mind scars lingers.

There is so much shit out there right now. it's hard to talk about it. but then talking to the masses and explaining to them is like teaching my dog the meanings of the different shades of blue... Which oddly isn't going real well.