Monday, October 22, 2012


America, what is wrong with you?  Seriously? Are you sick? have you become brain dead? did some one sneak into your windows late at night like aliens or something and cut off your balls, removed your spine, maybe stole your brain and replaced it with the latest form fitting mattress?   What am i babbling about. Oh i been reading the news since my last post and I am beside my self with everything going on. and how America walking around nodding yes in unison and turning a blind eye to what is REALLY going on...  Lets go over a few example. and if I am wrong clue me in.

On Oct 19th around 3:30 P.M. On AZ cbs news. on one of the little rss feed that play on the tv screen  It stated that Obama won the election. Wait what? I'm sure it was on the polls, until you read it and it stated Obama won the election and how many precincts reporting in.... Along with the number of votes cast. What? and the main news didn't pick this up HOW?? But this is like the GOP and DNC conventions Teleprompter where it stated clearly on the promoter a vote clearly against what the voters stated.. Yea, America you keep thinking you have a choice.  But that only the election.. what else is going on you should be a little pissed off for.

Well did you know there is a guy right now as you read this, Sitting in jail. Bc he had a cartoon which the state feels should be illegal. let that sink in. take your time. I know its hard to think on your own, where you are sucking on the teat of the state run media...( I always wondered does your lips get sore or chapped? )  I'll Admit I have illegal cartoons also. I have the song of the south by disney.  Did you know that movie was banned in America? IT"S FUCKING DISNEY! So you have this guy in jail for a cartoon drawing. This is my book like kids being kicked out or sent home due to drawing a gun on paper in school. But the massed nod yes, this is a good thing.  Wait there so much more to share:)

In Cleveland there is a billboard which states this " Voter Fraud is a felony!" and gives a example of jail time you can get for voter fraud. Then it has a picture of a gavel. That's the whole billboard. But you have some folks  in Cleveland who is screaming That billboard is racist.. so you go back and reread the billboard... Maybe it had a black guy eating chicken with a grape soda in the back ground... NOPE.. maybe it had some find print that said blacks do more voter fraud. NOPE. Maybe is was in a area where it was walled up and only blacks can see it, or written in a way where white folks see the new add for the latest lexus, but blacks see this... NO.. so how the hell is that racist?  And I can rant on the free cell phone for oddly minorities. Why I say for them, bc I don't see folks who like outside of high minority areas with these little stands on get your free phone here. But if you say anything about this you are a racist.... They keep using that word, I do not think it means what they think is means...

BUT WHO CARES.. lets take a God's eye view of the world.. This planet is so messed up. I'm not talking about pollution , or oil drilling or any of that .. because I have to be honest. I would use a bald eagle as a drill bit and hammer it through the skull of a spotted leopard hugging a polar bear with a baby seal if I can lower my fuel cost. have you notice the increase in prices.. but we will hit that angle here in a second. taking a step back and relook at the world. we see.... the piece on a great chess board set up for war. And not this America getting it's ass kicked in the middle east war.  but a real war. a war with first world nations, a war with military who would have given America a hard fight when we were strong and fresh. Like who? let me go through them slowly so you can understand.

China/Japan...  Did you know there is a quickly growing conflict going on between these two nations? yea.. and it's getting worst by the day. but goo news , American is sending war ships there to clean it up. Now who do you think America will back. a Ally who we nuked in the past? or the nation that holds most of our debt?

Israel/US .. No Conflict. But we are build a missile shield for Israel. But not for a attack from Iran.. ( wait what?)  this shield is going to cost American tax payers 30 million dollars.. good think we are splitting the bill equally with Israel, they have to pick up 7.9 million.  Which is great bc that about how much we give them for free every month. OY. that 1 million dollars they might have to pay.. that's going to bankrupt that poor nation. ARE YOU FREAKING KILLING ME??!?!!!!! This nation American has ZERO money and we are just build shit over seas for the sake of.... (did you know Israel has stated if it attacked by Iran it will shot off it's nukes( over 300) at prime targets including ones in Europe. I can't even make that shit up)

Russia/ US .. Welcome to the new cold war. Ms. Clinton goes to Russia and tells Putin to get behind America on the band on Iran. Putin tells her go get laid, and then drops the Russian/ American nuclear treaty. guess what that means... Russia is can now not only sell nukes to anyone, but start making them again. YAY....

Russia/ Israel .... Russia tells Israel to stop the oppression and killing of those in gaza and west bank where the land belongs to the Palestine and the reason Israel in in human rights violations( wait don't we get on china for that very reason? why don't we say anything about Israel...) Which I would think is fair. but you have netanyahu telling Russia screw you goy, we do as we want. We have the US backing us..  Not is so many words. But he did say on Oct. 21 he vowed to continue to illegally to build in areas which are no Israels.

Israel/ Palestine for the very first time a hand held rocket shot down a Israeli drone. ( wait for the past 6 years we heard Israel was being bombs by Palestine)  But to make it better, Since they are still doing construction with no sign of stopping the tension in this area is just increasing.

North Korea vs South.... hey we all know how this plays out been there done that got out asses kicked and went home. But it starts up again. Even China is having a hard time hold the reins on this. It's so bad over there right now people are being evacuated from that area...

And I can go on including the French, Syria, Egypt and so many more... And folks wonder why Aliens don't make contact. Are you kidding me?  If I was a Alien I would avoid this planet like a bad part of town.

But thats not all.. Oh no.. we can talk about how money news outlets are telling investors to get out of the stock market. They are predicting a serious crash. I don't have any money so what do I care.

How about the new tax on ammo and guns.  But i think I'll stop this crazy rant with you to think about this little gem. In the state of Oregon, they are starting up the Obamacare mandate. So girls as young as 15 in school , Can no go to school and get something with out their parents ever knowing.. No, they aren't getting gang banged by the foot ball team. but good news now they can. because they can go to the nurse and get a little shot which makes them sterilised. yes reread that again. your child can take a sterilization shot at school.  Meaning no kids having kids. And I could bring up that some folks in power what to be able to make some people sterilise on there on choice. Now I can give a list on who should be giving that shot, like the lady down in FLA who has 15 kids.. some should pass her a note saying " you are 34 years old.. it's ok to swallow"

Well getting feeds saying they plan on doing more censorship in America on the internet. so I will stop here before the black SUV's show up... Good news tonight is the last debates.. and shhhhh the third party debates are going on also....