Thursday, January 3, 2013

Where's the damn sleeping bag??? And yes i saw the news.

So I woke up this morning( I know shocker .. if I didn't wake up I be dead)And I did my normals and checked the news. And as i am reading about umpa lumpas attacking some guy( true story) And how Japan market is about to look like America's before I turned to read the American media news.. I realised something.. and was a little disturbed about it. The American media all of it almost. is all propaganda. Seriously. the only thing missing is .. after the broadcast you here some deep voice saying..' these messages were brought to you via U.S. Government keeping you safe from yourself". for example... i go to the the msn site just now.. top story. child abuse , policewoman fired. Seriously. WTH? Now switch gear and hit the russia news for America top story." Obama signs NDAA 2013 without objecting to indefinite detention of Americans " but wait, lets try.. Mmmmmm Aljazeera top American story " Republicans slammed over sandy relief delay'  Do you SEE a problem here Huston????  And then i talk to folks and talk to them about the news that effects us all , like the fiscal cliff scam.. ( yes scam, they gave themselves raise.. you think they not going to pass that shit? )  And everyone looks at me like I just walked either out of or into the twilight zone. I mean Americans are CLUELESS.  I mean they have zero clue of the banning of Guns that the government is trying to pass. hell look at Illinois. They are writing a bill that will actually take away the grand father cause... that should end well.

So with the news very bleak.. how bleak. we folks are calling for the top 20 to happen in the next two year... lets run through them, if you have a question about one ask and I will be happy to explain. debt collapse arrives 
2.Obama is coming after the guns
3. Obama to declare Martial Law and announce a mandatory nationwide gun confiscation measure.
4.Gun and Ammo shortage will continue throughout 2013 and even well into 2014
5. U.S. is very likely to be involved in military strikes on Iran
6.Very large false flag attack will be carried out by the government and used to blame patriots and gun owners.(like this never happen before)
7.DHS will armed the TSA and start road way checks .. just like the air ports( papers.. papers sir..)
8.Rise of resistance groups ( this is going on right now.. Militias across teh country are growing at insane rates, with 3%, info warriors, protest... 
9. First Amendment gets a total revamp. The U.S. press, already tightly controlled by the White House, will be completely taken over to become state-run media much like exists in China.
10.The rise of violent rhetoric among the population as disagreements turn to threats
11. Expect to see UN troops in U.S. cities before the end of 2015
12.Accelerated mainstream media attacks on patriots, preppers and veterans.( like thats not happening now.. ever see dooms day preppers , see the number of folks who oddly get a visit after the show? weird right?)
13. Disagreement with the government characterized a "mental disorder" ( crazy right?)
14. Continued rise in unemployment, food stamps, welfare 
15.Criminalization of preparedness activities as government outlaws ammo storage of private citizens.. ( Think not? Some places gardens are illegal and no saving rain water.)
16. At some point in all this, riots will break out. This could be triggered by any number of things: financial crash, bank holidays, the announcement of Martial Law, food shortages, etc.
17.Deliberate food shortages used as a weapon of government control ( they are using food now to get folks guns.. think about it)
18.Weather becomes even more radicalized, with droughts, floods, freezes
19.Solar weather gets nasty: Solar flares threaten communications
20.No matter what happens in 2013 - 2015, you will be told that the answer is to have bigger government controlling more of your money and your life. The only reason we have problems today, we're told, is because government doesn't yet have enough control.
Now some of those will happen and some will not. But lets say for shit and giggles they all happen... ok if that was the case it be more shits but still. Alot of folks out there are talking about if bad things happen.They will grab their bug out bag and head for the hills.. And I have a BOB but i like to compare and double check and see if I am missing anything.. Now I have bugged out just for a test run. you know grab your bag only and head for the hills .. And  i am wacthing these how to make a BOB videos and i have to say.. if you listen to those guys you all are going to die in 5 days.. easy... and thats in the middle of summer. ok maybe not the middle of summer but seriously. You want to know how to make a good bug out bag. It's real easy.. think of going camping for a month.. now everything you would need to be in the middle of the woods for a month. place in that bag. Have fun with that. No, seriously.. 
What you do is go to a army surplus and get a korean war style back pack with the metal frame. Thats a big ass bag. You place two pairs of socks in it, some white linden cloths. I suggest 4, a pair of jeans and sweat, a t shirt and sweat shirt. while at the surplus joint get the military cup. ( it can be used as a little stove to cook with)  And one of those cool folding shovels and a machette, while you at it get a few of those MRE'S and first start cubes, And a canteen. and a smaller pack for all your first aid needs, bandages, rubber hose, needle, fishline with a pack of hooks, should have at least two knives and a kick butt universal tool. Get gallon freeezer bag and place ramien noodle soup spice packs in it, and salt and pepper. some trail mix bags, and few pieces of candy, matches and lighters.. 6 lighters. two flash lights. a sandwhich bag of dryer lint. two cans of ready to eat stew, a can or two of tuna. a bag of jerky. a few power bars. ( think I will just make another blog on what in my bag. its over kill.. But I don't plan on dying in the wild) but you should have tied to the top a -20 degree sleeping bag, and tied to also a brace yourself... A tent. seriously. I can make wild shelters quick and easy.. But they take valuable time and waste alot of energy that is very precious in the wild.  yea i think the next one i will do a BOB blog. Bc my bag will just bore you or you will think I am totally insane. But if you think for a second you are going to go out and live fat off of rabbit, deer or fish.. We really need to have a chat. bc even if you found a perfect spot where rabbits are jumping into your frying pan.. you might not be as happy as you think. But as you look up on what to do and what to pack. you have to think.. yes you are not suppose be in the wild for ever...  ok maybe I am but not folks who idea of camping is a motel room. and bugging out is not suppose to be first choice...  but thats for another blog. Seriously no mater what remember three... you need shelter(a tent is wonderful) food( and a way to get food), and clothing.. ( or a way to stay warm) everything else  will come.

One of my new years resolutions is be nicer to people. but when i see what is going on and what folks are saying.. I keep thinking to my self....( no sir, i'm sorry you are not allowed to beat them like a baby seal)