Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's in your wallet? Screw that whats in your B.O.B.?

Ok so here we are. and as promised I will do a bug out bag post. Complete with list and pictures. This is a comparison of bags.

Now the one on the left is a standard marine backback. great back nice strong.. for my needs .. To small. I did take the outside bag which hooks on and made it into a medic pouch:) The big ugly mass on the right is my stage 1 bug out bag. My feelings is this. everything comes in threes. Stage one. small light weight.
This is nothing more really then a utility belt. It has a field knife saw set, a good hunting knife, canteen, binoculars and a few pouches for things you might need. let it be know my pistol usually gets added to this. and those pouches hold ammo.  This little guy is to go scouting. This is not lets go out to the woods for a day.

But the main bag, since I know most of you don't do threes, since you're out of shape or the thought of full gear is insane... lets talk about the main bag. the one you grab and go... all hell breaks loose and you need to hunker down in the woods for a week. Well maybe a few days.. but what is you had to stay longer.. it be nice to have that kind of gear wouldn't it?

So this is my main bag. Not very pretty. and yes i took a few thing off of it. bc well you don't need to know:)  Like the Machete,  the weapons .Each bag is geared or should be for that persons needs. I like raw tuna right out of the can.. some folks might not , so they won't be packing cans of tuna:)  So this is what it looks like, now I'll tell ya what's in my bug out bag, and then when you go do research to bug out bags, think how long can you live off that.

The roll on the top, is a -40 degree sleeping bag. a little pricey, but so is frost bite. I live in Pa. and alot of folks around don't know about this global change thing that happens most folks call it winter... It gets cold, real cold. Like poplar bear rubbing two penguins together to try to make a fire cold. If you think for a second your standard summer sleeping bag is a good choice.. You really should go camping in the winter months some time. And this sleeping bag is tied to the top of my BOB with 15' of nylon rope.

On the bottom , In a netted laundry bag, is a 12'x12' green tarp, and a all weather tent. All tied right there to the bottom of my bug out bag. In that little bag, I have my tent for housing, a tarp for either ground cover or over head cover, the netted bag if needed can be used for a fishing netting , and this is tied on with 30' of nylon rope.. you will find I have lots of string and rope.. you think I was into bondage... wait errr.. different blog.

So ANYWAY.. that was weird....the meat and potatoes of the sack. i have my shelter and my sleeping... what else could a man want.

Well to give you a honest list I broke out my bag and placed on the floor. for a brief second the rest of house hold I think had a glimmer of hope and dread.. Have to be honest,, we were all a little depressed on 12-21-2012... would have been nice if ANYTHING would have happen.....  But any way.. what's in that sack jack?

we look at it, it has 3 small pockets on the out side along with three big one. These are the in my view.. might need quick pockets..  So in these pockets ( for my bag)
1 flask of vodka ( what? You never know.)
2 survail compasses. these thing s are cool, they have a mirror for reflection, a magnifying glass, a small ruler to measure distance on a map, on has a temp and air pressure gage. and even a level..
3 flash lights. I have the shake and light one, a small led one, and a military one with multi color lens to go with it.
3 pairs of gloves( neo-prere, garden work gloves, for those thorn branches, a leather gloves.. ( should have a set of over size mittens in your bag in case you hurt you finger it has a bandage and you need to cover your hand.. gangrene is nasty) a small spray bottle of bug spray and anti bacterial hand spray.
1. Canteen Cup Stove I LOVE this thing.. if you dont have one GET it. 
1. Boyscout spoon,fork, knife, set.
1  Boy scout eat wear set.
camping coffee pot.. don't have coffee, no problem you can boil water.
3 maps of the tri state area. (bc seriously, if you just walk chance are very very very good you will walk in one big circle.. people tend to do that... ALOT
1 universal tool. ( i also have a really neat one that fits in the wallet)

Now as we look in side.. you see it has a inside back pocket. This is the easy to get to bag on the inside. In side this bag there is a gallon freezer bag with my crank am/fm/weather radio , which I keep in the from the box bubble wrap.  And a half gallon bag, with beef jerky wrapped in ALUMINIUM foil, trail mix, 12 tea pack, 6 coffee packets ( thank you hotels.. little shopping tip. and a few packets of sugar, thanks to your local dinner)

As we look straight down you see books.. i know crazy right? who reads.. and No, there is no kindle in here. The point is to get rid of any cell or Internet traceable devices.. and if you can get on the Internet.. some one can get you.

1st one is.: Country Wisdom & know- how. Big huge book, paper back about a inch thick. But if you fine your self in the middle of the woods near a stream and a little delta and think to your self man i could truly live here and be happy.. good news, this book will help you build everything from a tent, log cabin, to a stone house with fire place and drilled well. it also cover trapping, fishing, spinning. and animal raising. don't have it you should get it.
2.SAS Survival manual. nice book, very informative.. if nothing else.. GET THIS.
3.Edible native plants of the rocky mountains, Now I need to say this. each reign plant life if different. So my book on north eastern plants for meds and food, will do the guy in FLA no good at all. Think of the area or ares which you want to bug to and be sure to read up on plant life of that area or that you have the books with you. I was graced by my grand father you dug me out to the woods and showed me what to eat what not to eat.. what not. Because if you think you are going out to the woods to live off of rabbit and deer and nothing else.. You will eat sure.. but did you know you can starve eating only rabbit alone.. and most tree bark is not tasty.. young sugar maple is. But you get my point. You will need to forge for berries, and weeds, and roots. Notice how the out bug out bag areas never say shit like that.... 

So we are past the books.. whats next:) Well i should say my poncho was on top of the books , to keep them dry, and for quick grabbing.  but under the books you see, a few boxes, ( ammo get to that later)  three gallon bags. and on the sides you see cans.

Now just one of these bags is my good and goodie bag. when I say goodies, just that food that is kinda comfort food, or pick me ups. bc if you have to bug out. You will get depressed.. not me, i will be rocking it. bc it will be a dream come true:) No seriously, the biggest threat out there will be your self. you will get into a serious thing of depression. You left your house, you in the wild. freaking bug just bite you, feet hurt. what are you going to do.. where are you going? will things get better? this shit will weight you down. And with out the will power of go on. You will die. you'll get sick quicker, you will lack energy. Lets face it, you will be worst them me when I wake up on my birthday. (and folks thats never pretty)

So whats in that bag.
First Aid bag right on top.( used the small bag that came off that marine bag for this.. It should be the quickest bag you can get. bc if you hurt your self.. do you really want to go rooting?
First Aid:
1 bottle of Ibuprofen
1 4x4 gauze
1 roll of gauze
1 roll of wide self -adhering tape
1 elastic wrap
1 sterile suture kit
2 alcohol prep pads
2 clot anti hemorrhage sponges
6 sealed benadryl capsules ( diphenydramine HCI)
6 anti diarrheal
1 triple-antibiotic ointment tube
1 small led head lamp( good for looking into caves too)
1 penlight
1 toenail clipper
1 tweezer
1 bandage scissors
1 red cross emergency first aid manual.


4 fruit bite packets, ( like gumby bears but only healthy and tasty)
4 ramien noodle spice packets.. ( I ate the noodle at home with butter and salt, so good)
5 packets of coffee
10 packets of tea
4 packets of coco
4 packets of latte, mocha ( why not)
2 cans of sardines ( yes i like sardines)
2 small boxes of hi-c juice
2 packets of instant oat meal
1 spice jar filled with regular oatmeal
1 can of spam ( if you never had camp fire spam.. you have never lived)
1 bag of jerky
1 bag of animal crackers ( iced animals for plz)
some ritz crackers.
trail mix, chex mix,
bag of dried fruit. i have bananas..
8 power bars
That all will fit nicely in a gallon bag.

the can goods I have.or food supplies
2 MRE's 9 would pack more but they are expensive and take up alot of space, yes you can open them to condence space. but i might have plans for that bag.
3 cans of serve 3 stew
3 cans of tuna
1 can of ravioli
2 P-51's ( can opener) which cost about 75 cents a piece, I have p-38 on my key chain..

* you should have serveral can openers. I have serveral spread everywhere..

Now thats One bag. that my snack and food bag, if you have to bug out you should not be eating all the time.  In fact till you are able to really be able to restock your food quickly, you should try to eat twice a day, or eat very small amounts through out the day.. that food you brought needs to last you , you should always think . I might not see food for three days.. so eat sparingly.

Bag 2:

Packets of batteries, triple A(AAA), double A(AA) and C
3 packs of 5 lighter flints
sandwhich bag with the following in it:(fishing gear)
(cloths pin x2 ( bobbers)
refill spool of fishing line
8 hooks
8 pintch sinkers)
25's copper wire ( for snares)
10' picture hanging wire ( for snares)
4 mouse traps.( they come in handy for all kinds of reason. Like alarms.)
a sewing kits( mini travel kits works best)
spool of strong polyester core thread
dental floss
1 toe warmer pack (colemans)
1 hand warmer pack (colemans)
sandwich bag of aspirin, allergy pills, vitaims
1 toothbrush ( in a pitch you can just chew on a young maple twig)
spool of wax cotton thread
fireworks: flashing lights( these are for number reasons, at night these things al almost blinding, they also work of scaring big game. they don't make any noise but the flashing light and smoke will scare most game.)
6 packs of matches,
4 lighters
All in a gallon freezer bag:)

Bag 3

Sandwich bag of plantable heirloom seeds of veggies( yes, i know, you plan on going home. And I was planing on marrying twin Asians and that shit didn't work out the way I planned either) 
esbit fuel tablets
colemans fire starters
sandwich bag of drier lint( for fire)
four razor blades ( you can get these for dry wall knives they are alreay covered so the don't slice everything)
3 small sponges
2 box of pipe filters
1 bag of pipe tobacco
1 pipe
face camo paint ( black and green) you might not want to be seen....

And past the bags you get into the clothes :)

4 linen or cotton cloths
2 hankies
2 heavy wool socks
1 camo pants
1 pair of jeans
1camo shirt ( long sleeve)
1 sweat shirt
1 t-shirt
1 pair of river shoes ( you should be wearing your heavy boots) if summer time press you hiking boots in the bag)
100ft of nylon rope.
6 metal clasp

Now you should have a weapon. I will admit. My nick is warhorse for a reason I have a kitten load of weapons that i carry. the weight is increased, thus where the horse comes from. ( my other half says if from some where else..:) )  But you should have ammo. So plan on at least 100 rounds for each weapon you have, unless you can reuse it, like a bow then 30 arrows. ( but you better not lose them or be ready to make more arrows...)

I also carry three traps, not sure if I said that already. bc i can eat anything with fur. that does include dog and cat. plus muskrat, opossum, raccoon.  and for birds I can eat almsot anything but turkey vultures ( yuck)

If you carry multi weapons. you can tie you long arm across the top of the bag. if you have two same thing. all weapons should be loaded with out a bullet in the chamber and safety on.  last think you need to do is go off half cocked. LOL

So this is my bug out bag. The total weight Which I carry is about 175 lbs. But the list about is only about 100 maybe. and all that will keep you dry, feed, and give you everything I think you might need. IF you see something I might of missed . say something. For is things get bad, we are all in this boat together.

Side note:
In a survival situation, you body needs to burn alot of calories if you not used to working out. so don't make the bag and throw it in the corner. You need to work it. go for walks with it. get used to it. and remember this. when in the wild, the body can only live 5 mins with out air, 5 days with out water, maxuim 5 weeks with out food, and you need shelter.

so every time you set up camp , you need to do the following in order. dig a hole for your fire( unless you like some folks i know and are against fire since you can see it three mile away.. thus the deep hole) set up shelter. walk about 50ft in a circle around you set up spot and lay your traps for food and alarm. 

For the ladies out there you can set up a make shift bathroom so you don't pee on your feet. by finding two tree fairly close together and tying a rope to each about chest high... when its time to go, just hold onto the rope, it will place you in a like sitting position.

So there you go. That's how I think a bug out bag should look. Now like I said, you might feel some of the things i pack aren't for you. and that's fine. you need to gear your bag to your needs. but my grand father always taught me it is better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it..