Saturday, January 26, 2013

Not one more inch

This is a odd blog for me to write. It's more of a vent, a way to release a little stream. and in my own creative way weep for this nation.  Why would I need to vent,or feel sorry for this great beautiful nation which is called the United States? If you don't know you must have been under a rock. And My friend, a very dangerous line have been drawn in the sand.  But first. A statement.

The Government as we see it today, is corrupt. It no long servers the people, protects the people, or even helps the people. It rather has taken more of a form a cancer. It grows ever larger, and consumes everything it touches.  And like all cancer, It should be eradicated as soon as possible.

Is this a called for American to take up arms. I don't know I am torn on that one. While I do agree many in Washington should be dragged into the streets and shot, if not hanged at the very least. Of course my extreme nature tells me, so should their whole families. I also feel America as a nation is not ready for that step. For the cancer has grown so deep into the culture the true placement of the founders ideals would be truly lost.

So many don't even know that their rights don't come from the government or even a piece a paper we call the constitution. But They come from Your God.  Or what ever being that allows you to have the gift of life. if you worship a tree, then that tree is the only one who can take away your rights.. Not man, not some lawyer, and not some guy is some place robe. But for to long we as people allowed others to live our life for us, to baby us, to play our parents.

Now, maybe some of you, or some folks you know are so weak minded they need their parent and are unable to be adults. These people would be today's liberals. Now you can blame them sure. it's not hard. But you need to think how did they get that way. Oh some of you will blame the school system which is on a non stop program to weaken the minds of America.  Seriously think about it. The children are being attacked non-stop will the idea of they MUST follow rules. and those who don't are trouble makers. And yes, there is home school, but in today's world of many families needing both parents working. It's very hard to be able to spend 8 hours to home school. But I would lay most of the blame of how this nation being ruin on the parents. I am a parent myself. And I understand how hard it can be. But then, if you in a two person house, you need to BOTH be on the same page in raising the children. Thus after several years of parents spoiling the children and not teaching them to care for themselves. we get what we have today.

You truly think for a minute those men who lived during world war I would be ok with how this nation is going?  This current Government is why so many in America's past have died. I always shake my head when I hear some say that our troops are fighting for America's freedoms.  And I ask what freedoms? What the right to say what you want with out being arrested? HA! I place that to a challenge.  Go out side a synagogue and say the holocaust was a lie. And let me know how that works out for you.  in many nations just questioning the number which died in the so called holocaust will land you in jail. I figure, This nation is full of lies, what's one more.  The current right given to you by God being attacked by man is the right to defend yourself. Or the right to bear arms.. Think. If I wanted to hurt you. And I was armed with a sword, You think for a second any weapon other then a fire arm would stop me? If you think so. you clearly under estimate my sword skills.

And I'll be honest. if the ban firearms that is fine. I don't my research and i found out all these wonderful facts and ways to make your own weapons like they are doing in Ireland and so many other nations with gun laws.. Because folks. the only one's who gun laws effect are those who follow the laws. and sadly those are the ones who need guns to protect themselves from those who don't give a rats ass about the law. 

If you wanna laugh, check how many in our government don't follow the laws. Enjoy seriously. there is over 230 people in congress and senate who by the common man laws would be spending a very long time in jail. But since they are law makers amazingly the laws get bent for them. And you see this every day. Cop gets popped for drunk driving he gets 2 weeks paid vacation errr suspension. But the guy who makes his living by driving has him license taken away and in jail for 30 days. Yes, this nation is sick. 

But back to schools. Did you hear about the kids kicked out of school for having hello kitty bubble guns and was shooting bubbles at each other?  Yea, those are real danger to everyone. What about how some schools are telling parents they have 30 days to inform the school if they have a gun at home so they can extra watch those children. I think they are trying to make it a crime if you don't tell the school you have weapons. THINK ABOUT THAT.

So America, you over weight lazy cowardice nation.. tell me again. how are you free? Should everyone have a gun. NO. But then some folks shouldn't breed, but they do. Oddly that can be tied in with owning a gun. You wanna bake some brain cookies?
 Check this fun filled facts. On your own, because I don't wanna be called racist by giving you wrong numbers. But check gun deaths and look what racist are doing all the killing. You go into white neighbourhoods, and over 90% we done by these groups. But you go into black neighbourhoods and the killing by 100% was done by this group..Maybe the old law of some people not owning guns will be a real stopper in gun crimes.  Seriously.. go look at those stats. it's actually funny. when you think that those 20 white kids who died at sand hook. compared to the 300 plus who died in chicago. and remember that shooting at the school in FLA? yea.. wanna know why that got off the air real fast? it was because it was those who should not own gun had guns and was shooting each other. Nothing of value was lost.. at all.

Now, with this rant, am I saying America pick up any weapon you can get and take back your nation? maybe.. I have a feeling if a small group would do that it would have a really fast following. My only hope is this. and it's God honest. If that ever happens, those who live afterwards will go back to the founding documents and restore this nation as it was before Andrew Jackson. Yea, this nation has been on a down hill slide since then. 

And with this rant. I can say this. If the money bubble pops , and it will. i can not wait. and I will be most joyful. Why? for a very simple reason. It will be at that point in time where you all will see that all humans are not the same. And law. true Law with once more be every where. and no army or short of act of God will stop it. the amount of those whole will die or be killed will be something any God would smile about.

But to stop that. to stop the mass inflation and chaos that will follow where every person will be a predator and victim .America's people need to stand at go to the government which abuses you and say "not on more Inch."