Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Post office propaganda. a great way to ruin the day.

Trying to stay in a positive mood. and knows what ruins it.. Stamps. yes, postage stamps. How? I have to mail four letters. So as I place my forever stamps on it. The stamps have a picture of the flag and words. the first was equality. Nice word, but when you have law makers breaking the laws and then making laws for the " common man" which they never will see, Not really equal.

The next one was Justice. What justice? not in this nation.. two words Bradly Manning.

My third stamp was a word that is well known in America, but like the unicorn it is basically a fable or legend. And that is Liberty.  Liberty means this. : The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life. Seriously, Look around..

And sadly, My last stamp is a cruel joke on the common man in America today.  Freedom. What freedom? Oh You are free to buy a house, if you pay taxes on your own land, you are free to hunt, as long as you get permission to kill the king's animals. You are free to protest and speak out as ling as you fill out the right paper work and stand here.  think about it. tell me more on how America is free. Bc i don't see it.

Over 70% of Americans are upset with congress, But the sheep keep voting for the same people. The government is going after guns. and in some states after bullets, restricting sales, or limiting them. The Government under the radar is going after gold .. I might have to do a blog on these actions alone..

We have whole cities slowly turning into Detroit here in America, But we send BILLIONS over seas to foreign nations. Folks, think of it think way. You get paid 500 dollars a week. and you have to pay all your bills on that money so you can live. But since you behind on all your bills , you keep sending money into the charity of your choice.. Kinda counterproductive.

But those four stamps, really bugged me. Maybe bc I am old , I don't know . I remember when skate boarding wasn't a crime.  And since I live in the country, the real gun show that most kids went to was in the school parking lot before school during hunting season. A time when if a politician screwed up and broke they law they were held accountable for their action regardless of party lines. 

But those days are gone. Today is a nation of serfs, who like a spoiled house cat, meow for more cream when the dish is empty. Sad thing is.. No one has told the cat, the cow died.