Sunday, February 3, 2013

The tattered remnants of American dreams

How many have sit at the kitchen table with their family and talked about the current state of not only this nation, but the current events of the world? I wonder how many even sit at the table with their families any more. How many traditions and actions of what made this nation still go on in today's world. For example getting the door for a lady. hell one can question if there any ladies even out there with the none stop push of feminism in the current nation. How many Americans out there are able to live the post nuclear era American dream. To be married, have a home of there own, be able to go to work, and send their children to a safe school. Sounds almost like a fairly tail if you look at the nation now don't it.

We look at the very odd and amazing increase of school shootings. While so many are out there screaming for more gun laws, or worst making guns illegal all together. Has anyone ever looked and just said why? Why is there such a massive increase in school shootings? Seriously. Think about it. in the 1980 and prior there was actually more guns on the street. Before the ending of the cold war, you could buy a AR-47 and MAC 10 for a few hundred dollars in back alleys if you knew where to go. And yet. School mass shooting were all but unheard of. Well yea, you have those places where the government shot up and killed a bunch of kids. But we won't focus on those. That would go against the reasons of American citizen having firearms now wouldn't it?  So why the mass increase of school shootings? Oh i am sure we could blame the guns. I mean seriously, Guns kill, that's there sole reason in meaning made.
Yes, I am going to completely over look the number of people who died by prescription drugs, which is higher. Or the number of people who die by cars, hammers, drowning, beating to death by hand or kicked to death, over look the deaths in these wars which are going on this very second... no we won't talk about those. Nor will I bring up the amazing odd fact that all these crazy men shooters , were on medication , got the guns illegally, and lets be honest nuts. nor will I be so happy to point out but going by statistics the really gun and violent crimes are committed by minorities. MY GOD DON"T EVEN THINK OF BRINGING THAT FACT UP.  But let's just make the guns not used in ANY OF THE SHOOTINGS ILLEGAL.. where does that logic come from?

As for logic. Figure this one out. America been at war for over 12 years. As crazy as that is. We are fighting a third world countries. And here's the kicker. we are getting our asses kicked.  If anyone is thinking other wise. they should really think for a second. Why are we still there if its not a hard fight.  But we are there and we are fighting as hard as we can. And some asshat got the idea of allowing women in combat roles. BRILLIANT.  Only one small problem... Women are not as strong as men. So the military will need to LOWER the standards for our troops.  And this won't make us weaker how?  And I swear first female I hear says" I was raped by the enemy" I hope I can see them in person. and I will reply " no shit and good". The hard push of this equal rights and treat everyone the same is destroying the nation. We all are NOT the same.  I'm sorry. but it's true.

I am not the same as a white man, nor a black man. I have yet to see one female solider that would not be to hard to beat the living shit out of. And in all serious. if they encourage women into combat role. I will start a campaign to add their asses to the draft. I would encourage everyone to place letters in the government stating if a enrolled women gets knocked up that child should be placed up for adoption. No more of this get knocked up get out of danger shit. and still get government money.  For you talk to some folks in the service you will find many women run their own little prostitution scams in there area. Why not. Everyone is human out there. why not make a extra buck. And if you don't like the guy. scream rape. happens every day outside the military.....

Then we can look at the family unit. the avg number of divorce rates have done nothing really but go up really after the 1960's. I wonder why. what happen during that time. I would blame feminism. But in the 60's the the only feminist real action was done by Betty Friedan and the creation of NOW. But feminism started a few hundred years before. So what happen? What happen to the the idea of owning your own home, working hard, loving family, good education. and decent job.... What happen to the American Dream?

How did Americans all get to be treated like terrorist by their government? How did they get be criminals at Air ports? When did man embrace the chains of economic slavery by the state?  What happen.... And when will America wake up from this nightmare. and realize a few lives lost for freedom, true freedom is a very cheap price to pay