Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thinking... Sooo rare should be a super power... seriously.

I haven't written in a bit solely because i did not what a tapestry of profanities solely as a blog. and even though i don't cuss much in real life. I look at the news and am actually shocked on the border lined retardation is see with the American people, hell even some folks i would call friends...  What ever could i mean?

Well i could say the super ball and the oddness of half the lights going out and the story they gave for that. But that happens every year meaning the super bowl. No, to see the beauty of how border line retarded folks are , all you have to do is look at a current drama. Here let me repeat it and you figure it out.. the answer will follow...

A man at a job find out how corrupt the place he works out is. Having taken a oath he makes a stand. But the corruption is worst then he could have ever thought. So he goes on the Run.  The job he had was with one of the most powerful Mafia’s in America . So hand are greased and mis- information is spread at maximum to hope to catch him as quickly as possible. But the man is not caught.. It grows to the point those in this Mafia is actually killing innocent people who are driving the same kind of truck as they think this man is...  Still the man gets Away. So the unheard of is done. a bounty is placed on his head of 1 million dollars. But the man runs...  Sadly he leave clues behind. he tried to steal a boat to get away but the plan didn't work out. And he had to run. we know this bc he wallet was found on deck. So he hides in the woods breaking into different places for food and shelter. But the men hunting have a fresh scent and are breaking into homes back to back looking for him.  With a million dollars on his head.. the hunt is fierce. the man has to take a hostage sadly when he is cornered. Knowing he is trapped in the public eye. He hopes to plead his case to the media. Sadly no media outlet for him... And more sadly for the hostage and the home owner....the blind desire to shut this man up out weighs the price of a building or a life. So the building is burnt to the ground, and they know they got their man solely by the fact of the wallet the found next to the body.... if you could figure it out. i was talking about Chris Dorner. Now folks who watch this should have picked up on just a couple WTF moments. Seriously... This is where thinking pops up.

Cop shoots co- workers and gives a name list on who he has issues with and why.. But BANG he is threat to the whole public. Watch new close waiting for this guy to actually hurt a innocent. and nothing. but the LA police killed what 7 people looking for this guy.. Who is the real threat? But you know what forget that... What we have is a wonderful mix of waco, and twin towers. in the last stand.. how so..? Well first.... We have a wallet....

The attempt failed when the bow line of the boat became caught in the boat's propeller, and the suspect fled," according to the affidavit by inspector U.S. Marshal Craig McClusky.

After authorities interviewed the boat captain early Thursday, they found Dorner's wallet and identification cards "at the San Ysidro Point of Entry" near the U.S.-Mexico border. That same day, a guard at the Point Loma Naval Base told authorities he had spotted a man matching Dorner's description trying sneak onto the base, according to the court records.      .

Now that happen like Feb. What 7th...  But that wallet was found right next to a body that was ashes and the building burn down on top of it... Seriously? That is about as believable to thinkers as a guy riding in a jet plane crashes into a building burst into flame so hot it melts steel.Like 88 floors of it in record time. Seriously, And we know it was him because they found his pass port.  Seriously.. Is the fluoride in the water that high ? But wait this only gets better..

Dorner had a hostage...... they found one body.... :) Just leaving that out there.. of course they are a missing person now, but no one really cares now do they? they got the star of the show... And how like Waco? Oh thats easy also....

The police is actually denying the burnt down some ones home ...  Seriously.. And some American news media is actaully trying to spin it like they didn't...

So lets recap so far.. they found his wallet like a week before the fire. And we got the police actually saying burn the house down.. But the real kicker for me is this. It was a hostage situation. He took two women hostage and one got away to call the police which is how they knew where he was.... Where's the hostage?  If you have a ounce of common sense you know that ever major media would pay millions to have the person who was in that house with him tell there horrifying story of being trapped with a mad man on tv..... But the media is oddly failing to produce the victim....  Does anyone think out there..

Is it ok, for police to force their way into homes with out warrants? Is it ok for police to burn peoples homes now? Is it ok to kill a man with out giving him a trial? When is enough a enough.. this story should be enough for the masses to hit the street. But no. The mindless masses just sit with blank stares and agree with the magic box with pictures. being thankful that a suppose killer was stopped.

But in other news:) while all this was going on. I like to take a moment to point out everything else....  Now i go on a serious vent of the DHS is soon doing training for agricultural terrorism... Think about that for a second... but this is little list of other things that went on that oddly no one noticed.....

>Syria files UN complaint over Israeli airstrike, Iran warns of ‘serious consequences’

>North Korea imposes martial law, orders troops to ‘be ready for war’

>Russia slams Israeli attack on Syria, US forces in Jordan on alert

>Russia cancels cooperation agreement with U.S.

>Syria and Iran have threatened to retaliate for air strike on Damascus

>Ki-Moon concerned over Israeli air-strike on Syria

>Iran: How much time is left until Day “X”?

>US deploys final Patriots in Turkey

>French jets strike last Islamist stronghold in Mali

>Al-Qaeda threatens US and Europe, promises 'earth-shattering' attack

>The Korean peninsula: One step away from large-scale war

>The World is Heading into World War III – Gerald Celente

>Japan declares propaganda war on China, Korea and Russia

>USA and South Korea expecting nuclear war

>It's Not Only China: Russian Jets violate Airspace, Heighten Tensions Over Territorial Dispute With Japan

>Russian Flyover Prompts Japanese Fighter Jet Scramble As Abe Opens Second "Disputed Island" Front

>Far East war games testify to Russia’s firm position on territorial disputes with Japan

>Russia criticizes US for Iran sanctions

>Russian Military Prepares for Growing War Danger

>Massive Chinese Troop Movements Signal War

>Southeast Asian countries stock up on arms as they face off with China

>The War in Mali and AFRICOM’s Agenda: Target China

>Sanctions Against Iran ‘Counterproductive’ - Moscow

>Pyongyang warns US of stronger action

>U.S. Defense Department leak may be a signal to Moscow

>Syria "rebels" seize military airbase

This is just news clips i been keeping a eye on. Not going to get into the money or how America's political class is out there full force trying to end every  freedom you can think of. Did you know if you are within a hundred miles of coastal waters the police can search all your electronic devices and will no warrant needed?  

But my favourite is this. i have a friend. "don't act so shocked."  we went to a 2nd amendment rally in the state capital. which is fine. but he talks a bunch of people to go into a local restaurant with him full armed. And then is shocked they didn't want to serve him. He never once thought. 50 folks walking into a restaurant fully armed might not be the wises thing in the world. yes, PA is a open carry state. But to educate the masses is not done by placing a gun is some ones face and say i have a right to carry this and  I'm not going to hurt you. Sure i'm dressed like a terrorist. But I am sane and safe.   Seriously folks, just stop. and do a true look around.If you see something messed up. Christ. speak up.... This nation is dying. And those who do nothing is just as fault as those who are actually doing the damage.