Thursday, March 7, 2013

lucky 13 and the smell of War.. but where?

WOW what a week Huh? Seriously, many got to see a real filibuster. And the last good one was over civil rights. and look how that turned out.. But this one, Ran Paul did. (he's that crazy Ron Paul's son) Well he stood and talked for 13 hours to block the Soon to be then, but is now CIA director of counter terrorism John Brennan nomination. Now John, it seems is a slacker or a dick. For Paul several times about the idea of using drones to kill Americans... Wait what? Well it seems John would not rule out the idea of attacking American citizen with drones.. tax money hard at work. In fact John way back in Feb.7 or 8th was looking into using drones in America. Now this should raise a serious question to everyone. `The war on terror has been going on for 12 years and taken trillions of dollars. and we didn't even get a t shirt yet. And reports done on drone attacks have shown that the accuracy of drone attacks is .. well shitty at best. So John is talking about having drones fly in America. I mean sure a day or two before Paul's filibuster a drone almost hit a plane flying over New York. but Hey.. what can go wrong right?

So for almost 13 hours Ran Paul talked and basally show boated and talked in very plan tongue for the lay men out there on the insane dangers which this nation is doing and getting ready to do to the public.Why do i say show boated.. Bc he could have just say " I Senator Rand Paul place a hold on the nomination of John Brennan.' and that would have held it up for some time. But what Paul did was more then waste tax payer money in talking for 13 hours.. What he did was bring up the other senator and the American sheeple who spend their day scratching their crotches and sniffing on Hey Your Government don't like you much and well we are trying to kill you.  I watch the 13 hours and to be honest I felt like Jan Valentine.. I was so hard....

I can could just feel the drone companies which are the real power behind the government losing their minds. Why do you think we are over seas bombing the shit of of counties right now. Bc the very last industry America has is war. With out it. Well you can bet we be totally bankrupted. There are those who say it's the super rich oppressing the poor. And that might be a little true. But the real power players are the war industrial complex.Follow the money friends.

But the news is saying they are cutting the military budget like a 150 million. Well damn that might pay for gas for one air craft cruiser for a month. But good news is.. the amount of money going to Israel has gone from 2.1 Billion to 3.8 billion. Yea, Obama really hates those jews. The CDC has come out with this new bug which is suppose to be a real threat. Wonder where THAT came from. and the news has also come out stating those (like me) to be terrorist. USA today news paper ran a piece stating if you support Militias, or you are upset on the current government you could be a home grown terrorist. YOU THINK? i mean congress approval is at a record low.  So we's all terrorist now boss.

And of course the left on in my favourite case . John McCain came out after Paul's speech and did the whole hurr de Dur what he said if you believe him your retarded.. And can suck your BBC more Mr. President?

Rand Paul went on to warn the public of not only drone but of the federal government over stepping everything. Did you know the FBI works right with google to try to find terrorist. this also made the news. But we been doing that since the US Patriot act was put in place with Bush and the little programs like carnivore, magic lantern, and black angel. Shhhhhh

And while the US government tries to figure out how to kill it's own people , like hitler supposedly cut down the jews. The US was also pushing in the UN for sanctions on N.Korea for developing a weapon to protect itself.. i don't know from who... maybe America. And threaten that if sanction would go in effect they would break off the cease fire with S.Korea and maybe even nuke the US... guess what.. those sanctions went through and now... N.Korea end non- aggression pacts with the south. and cuts the hotline. Good going America. of course we haven't been hit with a nuke yet... But if we did, i would think N.Korea at best would only be able to hit CA. which with a debt larger then some nation and chock full of illegals and gays. Nothing of value will be lost. Unless you play world of warcraft, then your screwed that were the servers are. and i would be pissed. I have several lvl 90's. But oh well.

So I sit here now and watch.. where will it break loose. Will American be killed here on home soil from our own government.. I mean it's not like it ever happen before. Ruby ridge, Waco.. and such. Or will we once more be drawn into another war over bullshit... only time will tell. but it is getting so much easier to see through the propaganda