Sunday, October 27, 2013

Santa, freedom, Ghost, and other lies we tell our children.

I first must apologize for not posting in such a long time. But by the clock on the wall, time grows ever shorter for getting ready for the things that are to come.

With that out of the way i share my thoughts of the current day. I awake early to the soft joy of seeing a sunrise. As I sit out side on a Autumn morning watching the sun crest the hills around my home and watch the soft breeze pick out the most colourful leaves and glide them to the ground. I listion to my little town sleep and slowly wake up. And unlike my town on this day. My nation is still asleep.  

The American media which at times I turn on. continues it's lies, with the promise of ever thing is doing great. And I reflect on the thought of current affairs and holidays coming.

In less then a week, It shall be hallow's eve. The day to honor the dead, but in America, we place on mask and go door to door demanding free stuff. You would think with the sad fact that over 39% of Americans not working , the hull of sweets will be light. But when you go to the store and see a small bottle of milk or water costing about 40% more the a bottle of soda , one can realize this will not be the case. American are truly the fat pigs in the story of Animal farm.

So many people drive around with bumper stickers that say " freedom is not free' But no one I think knows what that means. Freedom is not only the act of being free, but one must have a free spirit. Kinda like Santa. You know the old fat guy who gives to good children toys and such. There is no Santa, as adults we know this. but it's the spirit of giving which makes the holiday worth while.

But today's Santa is no longer a kind old elf. But a very dark entity of the NSA. You know the story, he knows when you are sleeping and knows when you are awake. Good news. This is never been truer.

With the funding of the bill gates foundation, and the full support of the US government. the creation and perfection of mood or bio metric bracelets are being created. The first place they will be public tested is in Chicago.  No these little wonders are of great joy. You see, they can save lives. If you heart is racing and you have a heart problem, your doctor will know right away via internet. Or say you are driving and see a cop car, and you heart increases suddenly. why is that, well this will give the police reasonable doubt and they can pull you over. Fun right. But wait.. it can get better. You can track the where abouts of you lost child... or your cheating spouse. All from the comfort of your home.  And they will push this item on the idea it saves lives.... Like the seat belt law. Sure seat belts save lives.. Of course I never hear of a accident were the seat belt was needed they didn't have drunk driving or speeding,or reckless driving as a real factor. But HEY the police can pull you over for you choosing not having a seat belt on, rob you or money, kidnap you if you refuse to pay said money, or even shoot you if you refuse to be kid napped. Hell, freedom is grand isn't it?

And the world itself looks at America now as if we are some puss oozing zombie fresh out of the grave for our NSA  program spying on other nations, I mean alot of nations are a little pissed at America for peeking into their bed rooms with out cause. Of course Americans don't care at all. Have you seen the number of folks who use Google, which record all your search habits. Why are you searching for midget furry porn any ways?  Oh I know the masses will say, it's to look for terrorist. Kids, sad news for ya.. American are now the terrorist.  I could go on a rant and point out that the NSA is nothing more the companies funded with the U.S. dollar in Israel. But that be blaming the jews Agaiin.. And I'm not going to do that.

Sure in the 1930, they had child prostitution rings and owned the media,,, And thats nothing like today in America. I mean sure they own the porn industry, the promote the killing off of the traditional family values in this nation... But we as American don't like that truth.... So we lie again. and say diversity is a good thing... And why we are at it, we over look the choices of blacks and the increase crime rates.  Hear about that white teacher who was having a affair with a  black 14 year old, and then he killed her in the bathroom at school... Ever see a dangerous animal never attack?

Back on the NSA. And other spying of Americans. Did you know if you read the user agreement ( i know who actually read those things) ot a windows operating system, there's a little piece in there that the user, being you.. is only using the operating system and don't actually own it. And microsoft can demand it's operating system back at any time. How screwed would you or your company be if that happened? I think it would be a huge laugh. But then I use linux. And as wonderful linux is. I noticed with ubuntu new update. they fusion the OS with linux. So when you hit you home button you can search the web for almost anything... Nice but creepy.  For if you can look out a window, something can look in. And I know for a fact if you use your computer long enough. one can tell a awful lot about you...more then you would be willing to have hanging on your front door.

But we As Americans are free. Sure we need ID for everything but voting oddly. Seriously. you need to have fair to good credit for the new obamacare.. news flash .. the assholes who want free stuff don't have a shining credit rating.  But then those folks aren't the problem are they. They are ready live in government housing eat government food, have the nice iphone which keeps taps on their ever move.

Like sheep they are.. Kept in a caged area, used for their wool, and when the time is right and they are no longer useful.. mutton on the table....  Kinda like people. With the NSA, TSA, and other fun three letter companies. We are tagged, licensed and such. Worked or tracked. lets remember ever place you work needs to tell the government they have you working and the government takes part of your money for the honor of working in this nation.  And when you get to old to work... Well good news we have these new meds that needed testing and well We think they will make you feel better but if not.. you didn't have long to go. And you are free.

Freedom is a ghost , gone.. died off years ago. What we have now, is a the carrot on a stick just far enough out of reach to keep us trying to be free. Have you seen how already the media is warming Americans up to the next great Shepard for the election cycle?  Have you notice that the guy we have in office is no better then the last guy?

Have you ever thought.. there could be another way? Maybe a district buring to the ground to be cleanse with fire wouldn't be so bad.  But my friends... I like to say this... If America gets attacked from any country.. That we spy on.. America deserves it. And if any elected person gets shot between the eyes... Well lets be honest. If I came into your house and just watched you and recorded you, maybe felt you up every time you wanted to travel. I might deserve to be shot.. unless you are into that.. then we really should talk:)