Thursday, December 5, 2013

Freedom and the thought of bugging out.

 My little rant yesterday was a little harsh.  And now that I cooled down and looked around. I can relay some thoughts. After a long day at work. I decided to unwind and I read the hollow men by TS Ellot. Yes, I understand that this might be a little high brow for many to enjoy. But to each their own. 

While i drove to and from work, and worked the day 12 hour shift only to take a mere break of the norm and eat out. I thought of the state of America. Words of a co worker haunted my thoughts. He said I was to political.  Which I most likely am. But in a nation who focus on sports ( nothing more then the roman Colosseum game before the fall of Rome) Or some other pop culture tv cotton candy which is full of liberal jism. Think not.?  NBC is doing something right now they haven't done in over 50 years. having a live broadcast.  The problem is.. it's the sound of music and the mother superior is a black woman. Issue is....  during the time frame when this play is suppose to be taking place. the idea of a black mother superior so close to Germany( I.E. 1930's) would be highly unlikely. But who cares.
 In the holiday spirit a local area church did on of those live manger scenes. Oh it was wonderful, real animals, a cute couple and their baby as Jesus. and this lovely cute as a button little girl being the angel Gabriel.  my issue.. read the last line.  And cute little girl being the angel Gabriel, You know God's messager. You know the one who knocked up the virgin Mary.. Yea.. that Gabriel. So this church is in it's own way encouraging lesbianism, paedophilia. Or worst have zero clue on the message they are suppose to be teaching the masses. What they should have done is gotten a  fairly nice looking guy play the Angel to be a little more with the word. I always wondered did Mary ask for ID before he jumped her. Because I'm pretty sure " hey, I'm a angel of the lord, as a hook up line would never work... ever.  But then you're still a virgin if it's anal right?

But folks say it's a free country. I will have to disagree.  I mean the term freedom today is a load of happy horse shit propagated to make you feel good about your bourgeois individuality, which feeds your ego in a age of selfishness, greed, democracy, fads, and consumerism. Freedom is America's best form of autosuggestion, a form of self hypnosis.  think not? Go look up Auto suggestion.
As you live out your days in your ego bubble, your nation- state is crumbling away. ( what do you care, fuck the state) You are losing your families ( children need to be free to find them selves and express their inner creativity) your national conscious ( Oh we need more open borders, We need diversity) You are losing your heritage and pride in your blood lines ( mixed babies are so cute, everyone is the same on the inside)

Originally "Freedom" was a word of a collection of land owners in a kingdom. They held estate with out lease and they were freeholders . Taken together they were freedom, it didn't mean they  didn't have less laws in their lives, in fact they had great obligations. This was the concepts used in Switzerland and early united states. But the term has since been corrupted into a soft form of licentious with the result of national disintegration. So by all means you are "Free" But your nation is not sovereign, It's subjugated.  You are "free' to kill yourself for the profit of some one else. you are free... in this capitalist society of rapidly increasing prices. Free products are are cheap and disposable. Freedom has cheapened the value of life. And in America today, free is just another word for worthless. Which is what the American idea of freedom is worthless.

But with the movement of the powers that be in American government. Many Americans are thinking  maybe a great collapse in coming. a great happening which all hell breaks loose. Oh I can only wish and hope for such a day.   But a dark thought plays in the back of my mind. what if there is no happening or collapse. the days and weeks of training to bug out or bug in are for not. What if and more real this happens.

There will be no collapse as many think of it.  It's not going to be like the move dawn of the dead or red dawn or what ever when shit just hits the fan and prices just sky rocket and you have a nation wide lock down with the federal government marching down your street.  No.. No instead you'll notice the simple little things get more and more expensive, slowly. Everyone homes and apartments will get smaller. Peoples cars won't be so new any more.  Your work hours will get longer but oddly your pay will get smaller. You will see your friends and family less and less, and over time your won't even care about them any more.   Everyday you will find yourself lowering your standards on everything, work, food, relationships, ect. Job security will no longer be a concept. people will be hanging onto clothes longer. less people will be getting married and even less will be having children. People will engross themselves in the latest technological  innovations, distractions ,fantasy while never really experiencing the real world.

what ever dreams people had for there lives will become a distant memory.   the only reality they will have will be their poverty and their debt. This will be the great collapse. the reduction of the American to a simple serf , unable to feel the joy of love or hate, incapable of seeing the pitiful nature of their situation or realizing it's own self worth.   

Look around, The end is at hand. It's a minute to midnight. And the only one who can stop this train is you. You stand on the threshold of the future friend, what will you do?

For how things are going now.. we have seen over hundred times what the end looks like.