Monday, December 30, 2013

What you are seeing now.. Is how a civilzation commits suicide.

As the year comes to a end. Many enjoy on looking back and reflecting, While others look forward to the new year ahead. Me, I look back and forward, Realize this nation is totally screwed.Think Not let me, explain rights to you. Which are given to by God. and by God , I mean the God of your choice. Not the christian God only,or Allah only, or some tree in the forest. These are kinda of world wide rights for the silly walking upright monkeys which call themselves humans. And they are kind of like the ten commandments, there are ten big ones, but they are many more also.
So instead of writing them out like the bills of rights, let me give you the just basics.. And you'll see how that is killed.

1. You have the right to speak. you have a voice and thus you are free to speak in anyway on topics which you wish, where ever when ever.  ( Sadly not any more, Free speech zones, hate speech, oppression of faiths, killing off ways to express oneself.)

2.You have to right to defend yourself by any means you can, from others, and you have the right to group with like minded people to defend yourself and families from those who may oppress you. ( many don't understand that if you allow one group to have weapons, They will be nature oppress those with out. History and the world has proven this fact over and over again. but the mindless liberal truly think that if we take away guns,, the killing will stop.. Did you know more people die by some killing them with their bare hands. This is world world wide)

3. A government can not  force you to have a armed or anyone to live in your private home. ( do you understand Asset forfeiture )

4. A government or ruling body or person's can not just sweep you up and place you in jail with a reason. And people just can search your person or home with out reason.( this I have serious issues with. The TSA is one.. you know the flights out of Iran don't have that shit.. and the Patriot act, which allows the government to do what ever the fuck they want.. And the American people are all hurrbe derp.. what are we to do?)  Breathe..breathe.... breathe.

5.A government can NOT put a person on trail until a written reason from a grand jury, and then need to have honest true reason for a trail, and arrest. ( you actually had to do a crime) Then you can be tried twice for the same crime. ( hind sight is always 20/20.) Governments and people must follow the Law. ( you think that be easy to understand.. But NOPE. those is power oddly are above the law.. And then they those in power pass things like the NDAA. And the People look blanky at their tv's .. But you like some rich sheep fucker get kicked on Tv for saying something.. and the whole nation loses it's fucking mind... But the NDAA just gets more added to it.. )

6. If you get accused of a crime. You have a right to a actually trail, and needs to be in a speedy process. (Not two or three years down the line. oddly here in America we have indefinite detention... WTF)

7. If you going to court a jury trail is needed for civil cases... ( you may not believe this but this whole part here is totally screwed, they get a jury from all over the state.. not how it was meant to be. the jury actually has the power to revoke the law, for they have more power in the court room then the judge... Do the masses know that.. NOPE... And then you have military tribunals.. and not even realize it. People, the so called laws to day are not real laws to protect but to create wealth for the state. Seriously.. Think.. if no one, nothing was harmed... How is it a crime.. And not talking about Muh feelings.....)

8.the government cannot give you a insane fine for somethings stupid.. (Like in some nations they cut off your hand... Thats just retarded.. But here in the states is almost retarded...we have water boarding)

9. People can have other rights even if the constitution doesn't say what they are.. ( so yes you have a right to drive, you have a right to marry a man or woman if you are the same sex, You have the right to be happy.... )

10. what power is not given to the government within these papers are thus  given to the people. (Understand? the people.. YOU have the true power. All you have to do is act like it, other will follow)

And there is it.. Your rights as it is written. but lets look around. And wow.. is this nation screwed up.

You have the right to share ideas and information.. But not here. You get a great man like snowden and he points out the government was spying on...EVERYONE.. whats those the powers that be do.. charge him with spying. which oddly is a crime... That's like explaining to a catholic mary could have anal sex, sperm drippled into you vag and she got knocked up... Watch minds melt.
 You look any where and it just get worst. The new lap tops being sold in the states have a back door program which allows the government to check up on you. If you never seen 1984.. I think you should..

And then you have what the hell news going on... The onion network is completely being attacked by the governments. Silk road which was a place were people traded goods,was shut down twice.. I think not because of the things traded were illegal. more because the masses were not following the social norms and being good little sheep.

But as with everything,when those who wish to oppress others, those being oppress will find away.

But what else is going on.. Mmm well we are about to lose net neutrality. Meaning you won't be able to read rants like these blogs again.. But you will get a very very healthy dose of even more government lies...

And with the new health care system here in America, which friends over seas it's not about health care here. It's about control. total control. because it was about health care, it won't have little things it like, you can't sell you house unless the government gets even a bigger chunk of the cash from the sale...

It covers what light bulbs you use.. Ugh don't want to get in it.. and really don't want to get  in on how it pays for sex change operations.

Speaking of control..

There is a push to stop smoking.. Nice more control... so the oppress came out with a electric cig. Free market works again... Now the government was to control where people can smoke these at.  It water vaper, you kinda like when you exhale any way.

the amount of Strontium and other Chemicals have actually increase in the American water supply. Think not , feel free to look it up. 

Seriously. Think about this.. America is like the very last place you want to go for a job, with over 43% with out work. Taxes are everything.. seriously everything, We have the patriot act, NDAA, War on drugs, which is bull shit, since America government ships more drugs into the nation then any one else.  The following is also bullshit DHS, TSA, CISPA. 

And as the nation moves forward, we can expect more oppression. YAY..