Monday, March 17, 2014

War, and thoughts of Putin.... Welcome to America

"My friends, it has often been said that I like war.

Friends, I like war... No, friends, I love war! I love holocausts. I love blitzkriegs. I love defensive lines. I love sieges, charges, I love mop-up operations, and retreats.

Wars across prairies, in streets, in trenches, in grasslands, in frozen tundras, through deserts, on the sea, in the air, I love every act of war that can occur upon this earth...." The Major

For the past couple weeks, We in America have been watching the chaos unfold in the Ukraine like some rare lovely flower. Well that is actually a lie. Since almost all of America has had our liberal jewish media spoon feed them about a plane that fell of radar. 

Sure America is pushing for sanctions on Russia. And with Putin at the wheel i sure he will just take it. What the media is saying in the U.S. is that the election which was held in the Ukraine was illegal and full of propaganda, and the people didn't know the truth about who they were voting for, so it should count........ Ladies and gentlemen can you please for the love of God explain Bush or Obama. Take your time. Explain to me how they all sound like Ron Paul except the fully support spending money which we don't have.  Seriously.. you want to talk propaganda.. did every one miss the court case  which the supreme court actually said it's ok for the news to do that? 

But seriously. Let a man dream here... Let's say we do go to war... Americans in their arrogance, Think we can take on the great bear. They miss the fact we are spread all over the world really thin. and our military can't even beat a bunch of sand jockies using 1965 gear. And America spend about 1.2 trillion on it's military. So we go to war with Russia ... How will it play out. Let me think ...

First it could go peaceful. you know since Russia and China are on the same page. Russia offers to give China say 40 cents on a dollar of our debt.. Which is WAY more the china will ever get from us. Then Russia drops the debt.. meaning call in all money owed to it. You know like those collection agencies do to the avg. person.. difference is.. America has nothing, so Russia backed by the Whole world comes it and takes what it wants. And America is a third war nation. not a shot fired.  I am really hoping not this way...

Let's say he attacks... If I was him. I send a few little boats and a few jets to Alaska to get the news pumped... I mean folks in the lower 48 don't even know any about that state other what they see on TV. So folks will be glued and their be protest and people marching in the streets here in the lower 48. Trust me.. we are dumb like that. Then Putin can have some nice missile launchers on cargo vessels. you the ones like our patriot missile. You can pull those cargo ship right into port and lanch a few hundred before any one dials 911. Un load a few dozen tank and a major city will fall with in hours. I say 3 hours. why three hours, why so easy? liberal policies people. Almost every city in America is highly anti- gun. So there you are, only have to deal with local police in armor carriers . And maybe .233 round. If you are lucky, a few red necks with real gun power.. But it won't take long. Nukes? forget about it. America may have more Nukes, But Russia, I think would have better targets, and if you have a small foot hold on land, everything else is cat and mouse. And it be perfect also.. why... ? 

America has never truly been invaded. The shock factor would be classic.  And Then, THEN.. you would see the American elected officials sell out their own children. And you can try to play the party game. you know, Dem or Rep... But the sad fact is... Most of those living on state side are cowards. American military has become a joke. Having people with ZERO combat experience lead the armed forced. and i am talking about in house also. 

Who do you think would rush to America's aid? The jews? England? WHO!!!! no one.. And even if he did that and left after a month.. you know what would happen... there be blood in the water... Other smaller , weaker nations would see how weak we really are.. how easy it be to attack us... How ,like a whore tied to bed post, truly open we are...

Now I will say this. There are those who will fight. Hell there are whole families itching to kill some one. And many of them trained in back woods. But the great thing about america is... we are stupid. We wouldn't only attack the enemy, It be open house... We would feast on each other. For the past 80 years.. we have had laws making everything illegal.. and war comes to our shores and some taste freedom, true freedom... Yea.. i don't see some pansy waist grabbing the leash real quick on that one.

No, I think it be a good thing.. would we lose Alaska? I think so. But I also think we would focus more on here at home and making sure we are safe then blowing kosher cock over seas. 

So. Mr. Putin.. If you have friends reading this.... Come over. I mean, if we can track everyone's phone, spy one every one home.. and can't find a fucking plane... Seriously... how much of a fight do you think American would actually do for ya. And remember over 78% of all Americans live with in 100 miles of the coast. Fish in a barrel. Besides... over 11 million illegals in this nation.. how HARD is it to sneak in here? 

And for a little OLD news.... enjoy the picture