Saturday, April 5, 2014

Does this smells bad.. Is it expired.. and other stinky things.

Spring is here in my little corner of the world. And with it comes all the joys of Spring. The rainy cold days where the sun comes out and makes it warm, The worms coming out of the ground only to be slurped up by the robins. But the ones who don't get eaten get a fate which I can't stand. The die in the sun. and with that comes a smell of that can only be compared of some one rubbing a dirty baby diaper in your nose.  The smell hangs in the air, and seems to follow you like a lost friend.

And with that smell comes other sense that are just as pleasing. the manure spreader spreading everything from pig shit to duck shit. And even though your eyes burn from this stench. I get excited for this is spring. The time to do a inventory of all things, and get ready for the year to come.

So i pulled my bug out bag out of the back of my truck. Yes, I leave there. Bc if SHTF what good is it doing me in the closet down stairs. So I open the bag. and I pull out the flash lights and all food items. And I do the check. This can be compared to self torture. I found out that chocolate animal crackers do go bad.. terribly bad. so bad even the dog won't touch them. And if cactus took shits, that the feeling it leaves on your tongue if you eat one. So yea. they got tossed. In other things, canned milk, turns into a canned yogurt/cheese with wonderful coloring. How old was that can? But good news is. Hi C stays good well passed expire time.

I notice the things I made stayed good, banana chips, beef jerky, dry ready to make stew(just add water) is good. So if any of you have B.O.B.'s you should pull them out and do a food and battery check. If you can start changing them up now. For things are looking fun. and lets be honest. No one likes to be caught with their pants down.

Now I now this is not like my normal post where I scream on how dumb America is or how people cling to their statist ideal like a small child clings to the favorite toy. There's no point. If you are a statist, you are pretty much screwed. For spring many things.. one of them is storms. And winter was harsh, and the coming year looks to be just as hard, if not harder.

I could tell you what I been reading in the news. But what good what that do. The statist don't want to hear, and the sheep believe the magic TV God more then common sense. Even the American courts enjoy the dumbing down of the masses through the TV.  The Courts stated"  there are no written rules against distorting news in the media. They argued that, under the First Amendment, broadcasters have the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on public airwaves"

Well that is just Spencer tightening wonderful. So As I been saying for years. Everything on the American media is a lie and nothing more then North Korean propaganda for the American people.  Seriously. The seems the whole world is being herded into one direction. And the media is quick to point out things, we shouldn't care about. For example. you watch stock news and a report comes on about how gold goes down in price. And the news lady states.( I can not make this part up) Investers in gold are questioning what is gold backed by, and are taking up in investing in American dollar which is backed by the U.S. federal reserve. so if anything happens to the economy it will still be there and good.. I had to watch that clip 12 times before I got over saying "what the fuck". If you wish to see this video happy hunting . it seems to be pulled from every where. but the girls name was and is Bridget Brown. Gold Stupidity.

But even with that With can be looked at as a mere fluke by one station. It's hard to over look the ever growning amount of lies when comes to our government. they talk about obamacare like so many signed up. folks less then 800,00 people who work pay taxes, who actually signed up for this. Out of a nation of what 4 billion people? yea,, i say that is a full flop. But it gets better.

Rumor in the underweb is... Russia is willing to sell oil for Gold, not the American dollar. Well, with the sanctions and everything else going on.. what could go wrong. I mean it not like north and south korea will exchange fire in the open seas.. err wait.. that happen. nvm.

Ahhh yes, I love spring.  So as i close here to go play with my seedling. which are looking amazing this year. I wish you all good luck. And I try to write more.