Thursday, April 10, 2014

A day of labor and debate with the sheep

Daily joys of manual labor with those who can't see past the T.V. remote. To give you all a rare look into my work life.  Let me first explain my job. I work in a very blue collar job. For the sole reason of entertainment. It's not the money that's for sure. But the people. i am amazed by them. they work so hard at a job that is clearly dead end. Their live's are so simple. But as I do enjoy them. a thought never escapes  me. These people vote. The have voices in the local government and these are the people who the media spoons feed propaganda to. And that makes me a little sad and angry at the same time. But like a small child trying to save the starfish. i do what i can. I have three who are my favorite. they are almost like pets. we have the little smurf, who is a elected member of the local government. I weep for those people who he was elected to lead. Next is a true honest to god Statist. this man feels anything the government says is a great idea and needs to be followed blindly.  So we call him statey. Next is the twister. here is a man who lives only to troll and get shit stirred. He would rather just giggle then to make a difference. His only true love is  the paper dollar. my little potstirrer

So I was explaining to them how the media is not filling them in with real news. My co work has zero clue on the stand off with the rancher, but is telling updates of the plane that went down.. Oh look at the time.. It's I don't give a fuck O'clock of the plane.  Seriously. It's like they never heard the word distraction. but I think he is getting a slow clue. the other three, well I think are truly lost.  My Co worker told the other three about my views of Russia attacking america through the port system. And they were losing their minds. Why would Anyone want their nation attacked? I explained to them that America never has been attacked, and it would encourage America to mayhaps restore it's freedoms, which are being slowly taken away. My shitstirrer chimmed up saying no one will attack america because america is the strongest and the best. And went on a whole USA, USA, USA , chant. Not really taking a moment to understand the logic of why I would ever say anything like that.
The statist, remotely let me explain my thought ideals. And gave me his classic smile, and herped de derped walked away. Now to understand my statist friend. he is a amazing piece of work. I told him how I think people should be aloud to drink and drive. and he goes but there a law and thats I think about it.. he says that all the time with me. I pointed out that all traffic accidents are caused by two things. Either speeding, or reckless driving. and the seat belt laws and drunk driving laws are just repetitive. And I get the herp de derp look. God love him

Then the elected. This man is my favorite. he is a elected person, who doesn't know his state constitution, nor where his laws come from, why they are there, nor the history of the said laws, and if even these laws are just. The only thing he knows is.. i do not conform. And I challenge his out look of the world.

So we batter, it's all fun. Or at least it is for me. I not saying they are dumb. not saying that at all, they are just un informed. and when they say un informed voted. i can now place a face with that word.

But some how we got into a chat about class warfare. And i lost it when they said whites are now the minorities. (facepalm)

Of course whites are a minority. Why wouldn't they be. Seriously think of it. You have the blacks, on a social system which gives them food, water, housing and extra cash. Being of the lowest IQ's what do you think they are going to do.. breed. and breed like rabbits. ( if you need proof on low IQ's in blacks. I will be happy to send you links.) So you have blacks breeding like rabbits, and if they aren't breeding they are doing crime. YES, some hold jobs.. But seriously. you have a hundred black men, and out them, maybe 12 stayed out of jail... So yes, I am judging them all by the actions of most of them.

Then you have the illegals. COME ON. 18 MILLION illegals, getting all the hand out of the blacks, difference is, they will take the hand outs and pick apples. What do you THINK they are doing.

Then you have the whites. They are funny. they been taught by schools and TV to be ashamed of being white, they just by having light skin makes them THIS. so they for the most part work, and just get by. Like a mouse holding on to a root over a cliff. just a enough to live another day. But the music, media, movie. Are promoting the demise of the white race. White race, what a funny thing. For in this holds the honor of the Germans, French, English, Italians, Russians, Irish and numerous others.  Of of these where at one times slaves.  And today, are now slaves of chains of their own making.

But this is only one of many every day talks I have. and every day. i point out how the only thing leads in is number of people is prison per capita, and number of laws it has.

how many people are proud to be citizens of this beautiful Country of ours, the stripes and the stars for the rights that men have died for to protect, The women and men who have broke their neck's for the freedom of speech the United States
Government has sworn to uphold, or so we're told...

(statist) but you need laws and regulations.. It's not the 1900's people died back then......