Saturday, May 3, 2014

We can't even invade NV but lets go screw with Russia. BRILLIANT.

So there's this Ranch out in NV in the USA. And like most rancher, he raises cattle.  Now to show you how fucked up this nation in. I need to lay a picture out for you. Because some of you just don't get this. Unless you are going with the mindset that no one can truly own the earth, then skip the next part.
But here in America at one time all the land was own by some one.. well not before white people. but I really don't want to jump into a rant on that. But since white people. all the land was own by some one. That state game land.. yea, that was some single persons land once. Yellow stone national park.  Yea that too was once own. But like so much land in America.. the federal government for what ever reason decides "Hey I know you live here, your family lives here. you been here for ever. but you got to go know" and after they kick the rightful owner off, they then charge folks to come to look at it or use it. a
And this brings us back to the great inner country invasion of a ranch.

The Rancher was letting his cattle eat grass that other cattle eat on federal land with out paying the government for it.. My GOD THE CHAOS. Now, the government with Harry Reid at the helm said WE NEED MORE LAND. and looks at this rancher Bundy. Find he has not paid the " hey your cattle is eating our grass fees" like they government ever fucking mows. And sends the guy a letter.  Usally Budy would pay up. with the whole opps I fucked up. but what was going on in the back ground was. Harry Reid, who owns land RIGHT NEXT TO BUDY. push the local government to claim some more dirt from Budy , so those in power can make a good buck selling it or renting it to a solar power company. Budy figured it out and said fuck it. I ain't paying shit. and stood his ground. One middle of no where cow farmer told the American elite to take a steer lube it up and shove it side ways up their tight little assholes. Well as you can guess, these folks in the government who is not use to hearing the word now, or being denied the their wish...mainly by.. brace yourself.. a tax payer who might have elected these people in power... Yes,,, it was looking to be another Waco or Ruby Ridge. The stars where alien for the government to go on full military strike. the media was shut down on the news story, even reports of zero cell phone service..yes.. it was looking pretty grime for Budy.. BUT WAIT... there was a ray of light, a glimmer of hope Budy was one of those crazy, hard working, gun owners.... and not only that.... he knew other gun owner who were just as pissed as he was... and the call was sent out. I don't know if he used smoke signals or what... But much like Custard in day pass. The government walked in to a surprise.. now there was one Guy. there wasn't even 20 guys.. No, this was much much worst.. there was over 100 armed, pissed off people, and make it worst they were being flanked by more coming in with the state militias ( true nut cases who being in crazy ideas like freedom, constitution, and if you pay for something is yours..Freaking nut jobs)
Anyway, the Bureau of land management( BLm) or federal land grabbers. pulled out every stop of threats and tried to look badder then they were, in the traditional American military way. And to their shock and dismay only reaction they got was, these simple minded farmers actually cocked their weapon and pointed it at the BLM. now the air was still, and if you look at history this could have easly started a whole new civil war. over the very same reasons the first civil war was start... The federal government was over reaching their hand.. And the social medias was a buzzed on the news... it was so bad, if some one let off a wet fart. the people knew about it before it dried in the wind.
But this is the 20th century. And the government was not to be so easily painted as the bad guy. so they withdrew. and it looked like a win for the common man. So they pulled back, and then sent in the media to talk to the winner, and see what this man was made of. He started with the normal government takes what it wants , when it wants.. and in the mix he did what the government was waiting for. he allowed them a crack in to change the public opinion. for up to this point this man was a hero.... But then he said.. negro. Well my GOD, this man is a racist. the media spinned this so hard, you would think he was hanging niggers on christmas trees, and Raping black woman ( let it be known, no black women has ever been raped by a white guy... ever). What this guy said was so exremem, so awful, so dark and evil.. that the black panters.. the same people who would show up at election poll station with clubs to ensure the POTUS choice of their choosing would be voted for by white people.. made a support group for this guy..... Wait what? .. yes, folks, Budy, said the negro is getting a bad rap and treated like animals. to the point they were actually better off as slaves.
Now folks.. that is fucked up.  But the media is doing what it can pulling out all stops. for teh federal goverment needs that land. it went from SAVE THE TURTLE ( which they give permits to kill) to he is racist, tax evader, just a all around bad guy.  Needless to say. it gave the power of the Government a black eye....

so to show america it's still strong and mighty. In is Placing troops, over 800 of them along the border of Russia do to this whole ukraine thing... Now it might be me, but if the government can't invade a ranch in the middle of now where america.. why would it be able to do anything better with a nation who leader , placed women in jail for showing their tits in public, had a conflict over using the gym with the POTUS and said fuck it I'll swim in a icey river... And did it. this guy is so Alpha he makes Chuck Norris look a little beta who enjoys the feel of his wifes strap on. Seriously, Black guys want Putin to bull their women.  So yea, i'm sure he is shacking in his shoes over a nation who couldn't invade a ranch...
is going to do anything to his nation. Sadly he is missing one little thing.. American CIA. Americans are the master of liars. The whole nation was built on lies.. this not.. ?
Guy comes from Europe lands on the shore.. we come in peace, and in 5 years.. kill 10 million. Makes over 300 treaties with natives.. breaks them all. Makes deals with rulers of nations breaks them all. So yea.. We are so trust worthy.

So right now we have our CIA working over time and hard core, to create unrest in the Ukraine. just like we did in Egypt, and Libya...

the only thing I know is this.. If America gets involve in a conflict with Russia. I don't think Putin is so dumb to keep it in his own nation, but would bring to fun to American soil.. And I am eager to see how that plays out.