Sunday, May 18, 2014

WW3 news.. or just getting hopes up

I know many don't follow the news. i mean why should they most news in America isn't news. Which is why WWIII could break loose and American would have zero clue. But I do wonder, Could this thing in Russia be the start.....

>Russian Pacific Fleet Warships Head to Shanghai for Russia-China Drills

>Russia Will Hold Massive Air Drill Along Ukraine Border On Ukraine Presidential Election Day

>By the end of this decade, the U.S. Army will be the smallest that it has been since World War II

>Hagel's talks in Jordan and Israel to determine if Syrian rebel Golan offensive expands to Damascus

>RT claims that Ukrainian APCs open fire at RT's video agency crew near Kramatorsk

>China, Vietnam ships clash in oil rig standoff (Water cannon battle: China, Vietnam ships clash in oil rig standoff)

>Russia Holds "De-Dollarization Meeting": China, Iran Willing To Drop US Dollar From Bilateral Trade

>Kerry Tells Moscow 'Let Ukraine Vote,' Warns Of More Sanctions

>Ukrainian civil war: Residents Describe Fighting Near Kramatorsk

Local residents describe heavy fighting in which seven Ukrainian soldiers were killed when their armored column was ambushed by pro-Russian separatists near the eastern Ukrainian town of Kramatorsk. (Reuters)

>US calls for 'immediate' military deployment in South Sudan

>US positions forces in Sicily over Libya security fears

The Pentagon said today it has temporarily moved nearly 200 Marines to Sicily from their base in Spain as a precaution due to concerns about unrest in North Africa, bolstering the US ability to respond to any crisis.

>Ethnic tensions in China and geopolitics of the Uyghur question

>Anti-China protesters in Vietnam torch foreign factories amid escalating tensions

>Bank of Canada: "Unstable" Bitcoin could pose risk to global financial system

>TEL AVIV - Israel's defence minister said Thursday that Israel and its US ally should be prepared to use "all means" to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapons capability.

>LONDON - US Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday he had seen "raw data" that suggests that chlorine has been used in the Syrian conflict, supporting accusations made by France against the regime.

>Obama threatens Russia with additional sanctions

>Kiev proclaims post-referendum Donetsk, Lugansk regions 'terrorist organizations'

>Ukraine's Richest Man Mobilizes Private 'Army' Of 300k After Assets Threatened

>24 killed in Libya clashes, authorities close Benghazi airport

>At least 20 killed in record Balkans floods - authorities

>Raw: Clashes Erupt After Mine Disaster Protests In Turkey (Raw: Clashes Erupt After Mine Disaster Protests)

>CNN's Shasta Darlington reports on protests surrounding the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. (Thousands protest in Brazil)