Saturday, April 20, 2013

The bombing of the rat race and the herding of sheep.

So I haven't posted in a while.  For numerous reason to be honest.  But the events in the past 48 hours got me so pissed off i have to vent or I will just explode. So what has a guy like me a little beside myself. Well i can start with CISPA and the bullshit lies which in was hidden to pass. But instead i will focus on the weekly events...
Just a quick summary.

1. Boston Bombings and shoot out with police
2. Ricen Letters sent to Senator and Obama
3. Fertilizer factory explosion
4. Letter bombs sent to the German President

But first let me point out something to you. Over the past couple years there has been assault on the American people. This assault has been created to invoke fear, and pit Americans against one another.

Do you understand that America has been in the middle East since 1991? Why? Terrorism? I don't think so. And with each year. more and more of Americans rights have been stripped away.

You have other nations like Russia, who oddly seems to be the average  American best freedom fighting friend.. How do I figure? When the great movement to Attack our second amendments rights. Russia said straight out. do not turn in your guns. Of course the so called American greatest ally didn't agree with that idea. Oddly though, Israel and Russia are having some mild issues right now. Which could explain the whole Boston bomber was from a Russian state. .. Now Hear me out and then you do a little thinking on your own.

ok, let's recap. The so called bomber came to America when they were like 7 years old with their mom and dad. They become legal citizens via green cards. along with their parents. Now They are what 19 now. But in 2009 they were questions by the FBI. And in 2010 the mom and dad oddly went back to a war torn area of Russia. But in the 12 years they lived here they didn't get into any trouble with the law. Think about that. For a second. They got one of only 12 scholarship programs given out for school, so they must have have some brains. They were life guards. And I can tell you to be a life guard there is a back ground check.

Now here we have two kids who parents left them in a country and in school , and Some how some where something went astray. I could give out the numerous time the FBI has (lets be honest) set up some one to create and set off a bomb to keep the fear alive. But here we are, two kids who did nothing wrong for YEARS suddenly set off bombs at a marathon. Sure i could go into some fun details. like i don't know, back packs don't match. the photo showing the kid running from the blast with a back pack. The oddness  of the fact that the Boston police were doing a terrorist bombing drill at the marathon, and there was bomb sniffing dogs every where. And they must of all had some kind of sinus infection.

But the media was running the fear machine hard core through out the whole thing. The town of Boston was shut down seriously the police were in peoples homes, checking cars. now this is a big deal, WHY? well as i pointed out they basicly knew the kid. the fbi has started they were watching him for 3 years... The amount of time his family oddly left the nation.

Now some of you out there are saying if they didn't do anything wrong.. why run... Lets me say this to you.. lets say the media throws YOUR picture up as the person who planned the whole 9-11 thing... You're not going to run? or if you knew in a second you were totally being framed.. you would just walk right in and say, i didn't do nothing but here i am when you can see that everything is stacked against you?

Now for letters. All I can say is.. you believe this and I have a bridge to sell ya cheap. But if true... shame the guy wasn't more creative.:)

Fertilizer factory explosion....this was in waco.. remember waco? do you even know anything about waco? what is weird with this.. how odd it goes almost 20 years to the start date of the waco siege. But hey gotta keep the fear alive and the knowledge that people are sheep and need to be herded....