Friday, June 7, 2013

American people summed up.

Everything is OK. Go back to work. CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME. HEY YOU FAGGOT OVER THERE. Why are you not buying this awesome iphone 7 that is now the size of an ipad and this ipad nano-micro-mini-dicksize that is now the size of your first generation phones.

CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME. Pay No mind to the man behind the curtain. Pay no mind that our army no longer provides incentives to join such as paying for your education. You join the army because you love to kill! RIGHT? RIGHT?

GO buy those delicious terminator seeds from Monsanto that are chock full with GMO vitamins and once planted no longer produce seeds to force you to come back and purchase more seeds! CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME!

Pay no mind to that speech obama gave about government tyranny approaching. Its all fake. No one else sees that coming, it will never happen. Keep drinking your delicious fluoride filled water. You don't like cavities right? The ones that are from all that delicious sugar we use in nearly every product.

3D Plastic Guns that shoot 1 round each time? Haha Only fags want those things. So we are banning them, You dont need that stuff.

CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME. FUCK YOU, HEY YOU BUM OVER THERE GET A FUCKING JOB. You are worthless to society if you don't make money and spend it. Your a worthless human being, you are not our equal. Pfft. We are all one? Bullshit we are all individuals here to show how sexy we are and only care about money. Family? Fuck that, who needs that.

Spirituality? That shit is for nerds and losers. Join a religion that loves to kill other religions. That's where you will find god.

Constitution that's over 500 years old...LO

Proven facts that the government wire taps your phone calls with out permission. THAT's MY COUNTRY If you don't like it fuck off.

Obama renaming Marshal law to Shelter-In-Place. Good. Marshal Law scares me, I want it to sound fun and friendly if my rights are being taken.

Fucking idiots
L. Who the fuck needs basic human rights? GTFO