Saturday, June 15, 2013

1934, to 1974. to today..... America where is your honor?

I know the title is a little odd. But I'll get to that. First. What the hell America? seriously. Every day I see people doing there jobs, looking for jobs. i see the stream on face book, twitter. i even get bored sometime and just watch folks. and i swear to all things wholy this really is a nation of sheep. but back to the title of this blog.  Its dates and how man i would say de- evolved.

In 1934, a man. a very basic man with a great skill in talking. who had no real college  education.  Sorry Art classes do not count. They never did, never will. he saw his nation in ruins from many years of war. The economy was in total ruin. And with words he moved the peoples hearts and came to power. And when he came into power after a long campaign. he noticed his country men, being shun out of positions of power. So he start to appoint his own country men in positions which effect the people. and for this act those thrown out of power start a marketing and economic war against him. But in the years he was in power. he took a nation which was broke, depressed and in ruins . And made into a first world power. So strong it took America and Russia and England to defeat it.  yes, I am talking about Hitler.  Now think of the world which we live in today. and think with open eyes. and places that bible away.
It may be shocking to some people in this country to realize that, without meaning to do so, they hold views in common with Hitler when they preach discrimination against other religious, racial or economic groups. Since Bush came to power and passed the patriot act. Out of the mass fear of terrorist. which is nothing more then the system pinning fellow man against each other.  think not? lets play a little game. Name me. some one who actually died from terrorism that was not in any way tied in with the actions of the American military machine. take your time.  The sad fact is. More people have died of gun wounds from toddlers in the past two years . then this so called war on terrorism. How many out there actually know a Muslim? To often  the sheep will see or hear something on the mass media distortion and say MY GOD it must be true. 

The mass sheep. no matter how educated you think you are. If you fall in the slot. put on a sweater and embrace your sheepdom.  There are ten step in creating a war. And the are super easy. As you read over them think of this. Who profits the most from war....
1.create a enemy
2. make sure the enemy is nothing like you. be it colour, economic positioning, religion, language, culture
3.Once these differences have taken root and are in place. Continue the media propaganda of misplaced dis information to reinforce these ideals
4.have the media only broadcast the ruling parties view. For example. this American war on terror. Any know why? if you say it's because of our freedoms. You're a idiot. Please kill your self. You are killing America with your ignorance.
5.Show the so called enemy in ways clearly different to the masses, be it a different faith actions, or home life, but be sure to show them in way so the mindless think MY GOD WE HAVE TO STOP THEM.
6.Eliminate oppression to the ruling party. ( notice how the media turned on Ron Paul during the elections. oddly when he said stop all foreign aid and focus on America and Americans.... )
7.use the masses patriotism and/or religious faith and lots of rhetoric to define all actions
8. align all actions with the dominant deity(cough.. god bless America)

9.Design propaganda.  make war look cool . Seen those great hey join the military commercials?Also show that our troops have families and loved ones, so when they die, you will feel moved to hate.
10.create a atmosphere of fear and instability .  Turn on you local world news. seriously. any minute now we are all going die.... any second now... wait for it.. here it comes.. any second.... remember when Korea was going to hit cali with a nuke. yea, that might have worked if anyone really cared...

So, that how to start a war in the most basic of ways . Now on the other side of that very same coin. you have to look at the money involve. and we are talking trillions.. ever wonder why the national debt was so high?  Of course not. You don't think like that.

Here's some fun for your little brain. Since God know when i'll say since 1991 and before we been fighting in the middle east. google it. Now these are third world nations. meaning they are well behind use in military tech, and we haven't won yet.... now in Syria. you have Russia giving weapon to the Syrian government. And you have America given weapons to the so called rebel. This friends is called a proxy war.  And in time, we will be sending " consultants" into sryia to help them understand our weapons. you know a few troops you show them how to shot. And Russia is going to do the same.  Now if we can't beat a bunch of camel jockeys. you think we have any chance at all. against Russia? if you do. place the crack pipe down. you're high enough.

Now 1974. Why this year? well during this year, a great man by todays standards was busted for doing what the NSA is doing to every American and this guy did it on a much smaller scale. yes we are chatting about Nixon.

Now how the hell does that tie into anything? Well buckle up butter cup, we are going for a ride.

Edward Snowden did something very brave. and the media is bashing him for it. he came out working the CIA and stated what i been saying for year. but he's more creditable bc he works for the CIA. Pfft like I haven't seen THOSE Files.  and stated that the government has been for many years watching and recording everything Americans been doing. I been trying to tell folks about little programs like carnivore, black lantern, and magic angel for YEARS. But who listens to a computer geek ?... bastards.  any way. he has shown or has tried to show how the American government is getting to be much like Germany under Hitler's rule. just because we don't have the same guy, don't mean the music changes. Seriously. Doesn't this hope and change feel ALOt like the bush days?
but it gets better. Since the few sheep found out about this and got pissed it has come out that the two companies who were in the main drivers seat of all the ease dropping and spying on Americans were.. yes, Israelis companies. Thus much like the slave trade, the Jews walking in time for a profit, even if they been there from the beginning ( cough... re read the passage on hitler) But of course they are the victims. Color me shocked once more.

But here's something you might have not known, Edward is not the first whistle blower on the whole tapping things. oh no. you can google folks like Mark Klien who yelled out about At&T. Or Thomas Drake who testified that while using a NARUS israeli made piece of hardware he was able to seize and save personal information.  but that was back in the 1990's who cares.

The government only needs some companies to passively participate to give all the info they need. you know little companies like google, apple, microsoft, At&t. You know no bodies.

The person in charge or once was in charge of unit 8200 Jacob Alexander used to be or still is most like a Israeli intelligence officer. this is the guy in charge to tapping everything you do. And yes even those porn sites.

Don't forget Israel is saying alot of shit to Russia about Syria. I mean they were just saying in the news that the syrian government is using even more chemical weapons on it's people. hell i myself would like some answers on those chem trails in American skies.  autism is at a record high, just thought i point that out and the food we eat here in America oddly is out law- ed in like 40 countries due to GMOS.. yea.. those chemical are bad for ya.. eat up America and go out side for fresh air. 

Seriously. And before you get on the whole Well Bush did that so it's his fault. do i need to remind you of the meetings Obama had with the CEO's of Google, Twitter, facebook, Aplle, and other at a dinner in the white house in 2011? Of course not bc you are informed.

So as we deal with 1984 and big brother in todays world with prism and so many other watching you. one must question. in 1974 in a man was impeach because out the out cry.. where is it today? Did Americans lose thier balls some where? maybe it is about time for those who have had a enough to take to the street arms and take back their nation. place a farmer with common sense in the white house. I be happy with that. at least a farmer know how to take care of sheep, lawyers only know how to fleece and eat mutton. think about that.

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.