Sunday, June 30, 2013

Current events and chowchow mein

So I went to a Chinese restaurant. You know the ones with the all you can eat buffet. the ones which the food was actually snail mailed from china. Nothing in the world taste better then 2 week dog.  As I was eating. I was just relaxing . When you work 10 hours a day like almost every day. at a job that screams at you as you walk in DEAD END. it's nice to just relax.  So as I was trying my luck at the chicken on a stick. I am betting more on rat on a twig. I over the local folks talking about there current lives.  I was truly enjoying the chats of Paula dean and how she lost her job for saying nigger  what 30 years ago. Does anyone else remember the TV programs 30 years ago. Jeez.  hell you can't buy one of ANY local rap artist( using that term very mildly, Fucking violent Dr.Suess on a skipping record) 

Not that I care about so lady on TV. serious it effect my life none at all. But it does show how sad this little nation has gotten. The whole thing of political correctness has gotten out of hand. 

Years ago, I read the turner diaries only bc one I like to rad and two everyone was saying how this book needs to be banned. yes, it was a way over racist book. But oddly, you can see the concerns of the author happening today . And every day it gets worst. In the book, The political correctness goes crazy like the environmentalist goes nuts in the hunger games. Jews and black basically take over the whole system. if a white girl gets raped its her fault for encouraging the black to rape her due to her actions or manner.  So here we are today, real world. you have a famous person. well more famous then most, gets fired for something she said years ago. Now I am sure there are other factors. But oddly that's the only thing folks can focus on.. truthfully I don't give a rats ass.

So a bus group comes in. And its little India in a china kitchen. Seriously. I was expecting some guy looking to make a few bucks offering to sell curry.  So I was munching on the oiled based noodles. I over heard these guys who clearly don't work for Dell help desk since they spoke perfect English, talking about the Zimmerman court case.  And I have to admit I giggled to myself. I been watch that case just for the full enjoyment of how screwed up American courts are.  For example, FLA has a stand your ground law. meaning if you get in a spot you fear for your life. You can use any means you feel is right to protect yourself.
So you have this Cuban guy. news flash.. he's not white. well about as white as Obama. Doing the community crime watch.  Any rate. he shot some guy ( black guy..) because one it was night time and he looked like the kind of person who been doing breaking , and two he was jumped at night and getting his tailed kicked but this guy named Trayvon.  Any RATE, they were talking about Tray's girlfriend on the stand. Talk about comedy gold. I will girl this for credit. one the girl was not some big fat ugly white chick. She was black. And the whole time on the stand you heard the best case for how the public school system is failing. from the fact she couldn't speak clear English. it was more ebonic with a touch of silver back grunts for flavor.  Seriously. It was sad and funny at the same time. As she was a star witeness. Talk about painful.  Then you have the news outlets trying to spin it as if this woman was a victim of anything... From white privilege,issues of class, grew up segregated, and why white people don't like Rachel, blah, blah, blah ....

It's not my fault that black people don't speak the English language. i mean they only had 13 years on the tax payer dime to learn it. And folks wanna know she can't communicate with white people, can't get a job? can't read. It's because she can't speak the freaking English language.

Then of course you have the little old ladies in the corner bitching about the idea of gay marriage. Seriously.. I mean some one needs to inform me on how some guy sucking another guys dick in their own home effects me in any way. 

So there I am, thinking maybe i should try the rice balls. And it dawns on me. Everyone one in this place should die a very slow painful death.

Serious, everyone chatting up over stupid shit. And not one person cares about the fact the American government is once more giving weapons to rebels,.. if they were American rebels they be called terrorist but the media.  Hell some bishop over there just died due to our friends who we are giving weapons to.  You have the government spying on it's people. but good news. they aren't really spying on American people. You see they are using the Gitmo theory. You place the power offshore and you can do anything you want. So where is the evil that is spying on the American people? brace for the shocker of the week. Israel.

That's right, I can't go a fucking week with out pointing out how the Jews and Zionist are once more fucking up the lives of the common man. But the news ( which is owned by jews. once more paint them as the victims. They didn't know what they were doing.. Seriously. multi billion dollars corps. and they had NO IDEA what they were doing. You buy that. And I have a talking tree I like to sell.

It's like whole nation is being trolled and they don't even know it.  I can only hope one day. some nut job out there. goes postal and takes a list of name of those who are involved with this and shoots them and every one of their families... It will be then and great day in America