Friday, September 14, 2012

1-29-11 eygpt notes

OFFICIAL GUIDE TO GATHERING INFORMATION ABOUT THE SITUATION IN EGYPTKnow your shit: - what's going on - epic vid, go to 0:45 and shit brix - live reuters updates - muslim brotherhood breaking news. most is unconfrimed and exaggerated - reaction - live coverage - egyptian in the centre of the protests calling from his phone to another country and his friend there posting the calls on twitter. - aljazeera journalist - aljazeera journalist aljazeera journalist - good for live coverage of major events like presidents speaking - missed the news? check the vids

Anonymous involvement: - anonymous declaration more information and for coordination ( port 6667

channel: #egypt-revolutionContributing to the Tor network and helping Egypt: to do if your government shuts down everything: