Sunday, September 16, 2012

What is the Monday Amnesia?

What a beautiful day. Sun warming me as I walk. Small breeze blows .. just right. Children playing, church bells ring. Over all a great day and wonderful weekend. And this is what the Average sees only. It must be these day off and the increase of the American intake of brain candy TV that allows them to brush off the events of the world. Why not? It's not on our doors yet... Or is it? Surly there must be some reason to explain the Monday Amnesia.  What is the Monday Amnesia? Oh thats easy.

Every Monday the public wakes up and almost all the events of the week before are forgotten.   Oh I am sure the Libya thing will still be chatted about. and you her how Muslims are bad, How we didn't deserve it. how we need to attack.. You know the basic rhetoric... But if I may... I would like to write down a few things before they slip my mind.. for Monday is only a few short hours away. so I must hurry.

Lets keep Libya in mind for a second... The media is saying the out break that anger Muslims world wide was a video. I disagree. You see. that is only the flag being flown. But it's not the cause.. How can i say this? well.  the movie was out for some time.  Oh it's true. i found the movie dated as far back as....... Aug.31 2011. please feel free to go check it out... So think..l if it's been out over a year. Why the uproar now?  One can wonder on many things. Like why is the writer and director who is a Israeli-American Mr. Sam Bacile,56 have gone into hiding? Or worst, why did they arrest Nakoula Basseley, or Terry Jones.. Or anyone, Isn't the film covered under the freedom of expression under the constitution?  I could go deeper but you get the idea... 

Next is Mitt Romney. Is this guy amazing or what? Seriously.. It's like the GOP wants Obama to win by a landslide. I mean let's totally over look he is a snooki fan. If you wondering what I am talking about. Mitt stated that he felt Middle income was 200,000 to 250,000 and less. I will chime up now and state I am on the less side. much less. So much less that If I go to store to buy cheese I place milk on lay way. which remind me I need to do some shopping some time this month.  The state of the nation is in a wreck. And we can play the party blame game as say Obama did it or Bush did it.. but here is a shocking fact... NO ONE IN POWER IS DOING ANYTHING TO FIX IT! and that sums it up. But back on Mitt. This is the man who is suppose to fix the nation. to bring people who are unhappy with Obama and vote for him. Has anyone looked at this guy? He has NEVER taken a solid position. I mean hell, I can at least throw that to Obama. He told everyone he was a liberal from the get go. He told everyone what he was going to do.. Sure many didn't listen. But when a guy says he going to change America and offer Hope.. the very first question people need to ask is... what are you going to change and what do we have to be hopeful for...  Who knew He was going to change America's credit rating and get Almost half of America hoping for a job. Which I need to go look for on Monday.  tell ya when it rains it pours.... And over look me I'm building a ark now. Because no matter who gets in office this November things aren't going to get better.. But I have to be honest, I am looking forward to the debates. that should be a hoot. I mean, he supported Abortion, gun control, everyone buying health  insurance, climate change and he wants to out law porn. Should make for a good show.

For the lucky Americans who have a job.. they will be driving to work and notice something.. or most likely they won't realise the change in America.. gas went up 30 cents.. And in the one place a little more.. A station in NJ was selling gas for 8.99 a gallon.. Seriously. I can't make that up.. talk about being jewed.. if you been to Nj you will get the joke.. If not.. no you got it....:)  But the fact is gas is going up... Why? you can't go with the whole supply and demand route for less Americans are driving today they have in years.  Could it have ANY to do with... Russia and china dropping the dollar? I bet it does.  Why would that effect us, you ask. Well thats easy to explain. You see for years oil was bought and sold in dollars.  So when two nation who use alot of oil , decide to drop the dollar and go to this crazy thing of gold backed money, ( que in the Ron Paul was crazy theme) It makes American dollars worth less..

But Good news on that.. Not really But the media is spinning it like you dad just bought you a two for one price hooker set for no good reason.. The news is.... a new law that will kick in next year will FORCE traders to post US Treasury Bonds. Now this wouldn't be so bad but here is the kicker.They are allowing banks to swap bad credit securities for these bonds.. What that means is this. You can take a junked car out of the scap heap and force some one else to buy it as a new car.. Yea.. nothing bad will come of that.. and if THAT wasn't enough you got the FED said last week that it will pump 40 MILLION A MONTH into the economy till things get better. And that works like this. Picture you have a rare book or stamp. And some one gets like 30 billion and throws that out to the public.. you know what happen to the value of that book? Well its now worth as much as the paper you wipe your butt with.. That is what is going to happen to our dollars. So much so. Already after it was announced American credit rating went from AA to AA-.  So the world looks at us now like we have a huge pimple on our nose because the value of our money just went down again. 

The only folks I can see being remotely happy are farmers.. I know you must think i'm nuts.. But think of it. you are a farmer and you grow corn. well Corn are at a 30 year high now. It has gone up 228%. Now as a farmer you are making bank, that is if you didn't get hit by that drought. The bad news is.. Food prices are set to sky rocket this winter. if you go to the store now you will most likely be seeing the effects of the rising gas prices and the rise in corn and the lack of buying power of the American dollar.

But you watch... come Monday morning you can turn on your TV or Radio and most of what I just written won't be covered..... It's like they forgot... It's like they are placing something in the water or those strange straight line cloud have something bad in them..... weird.