Friday, September 14, 2012

journey of the magi

There's a TS Eliot poem, "The Journey Of The Magi", which is about a Magi who travels to Palestine to visit the newborn baby Jesus. Its largely a complaint of this old Magi about the journey and how when he arrives to see baby Jesus, its simply a regular child not some divine God worthy of a crown. The Magi sees his entire journey as a waste, he believed with all his might in this child and when he arrives, completely downtrodden form the journey, its as if he realizes that this is the birth of Christianity and the fading of all the magic of the old world. Everything has changed and all for this stupid child....Its an interesting story, but I think its got it all wrong. Because you see, life isn't about the reward at the end. Its about the journey. The Magi set out with something he believed with all his might and made a great journey. He picked his ass up and followed his heart where it lead him. And its in doing that, regardless of what the destination truly is, that one really lives. The best times in life are when you just go and get your shit done and enjoy the ride along the way. Staying at home and being passive isn't going to get you anywhere, so if you're unhappy with your life, pack your shit and follow your heart. I'm not saying literally get up and move away, but simply DO SOMETHING about it. You and only you can get yourself onto the path of life and get moving! And every second you waste waiting for it is going to be a second you'll never get back! So if you need money, go get a job, who gives a fuck where it is or what you're doing! Pour your heart into that job and you'd be surprised how much you'll get outa' it....And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.