Friday, September 14, 2012


My friends,

Our beloved and great nation is in the most dire of times. Those of the Tea Party who just a few years ago were called independents for we didn’t blindly follow any political party, but choose to be informed. And after Bush we grew in number and voice. And now under Obama we have gotten larger yet. Which I believe is wonderful. But are numbers are not enough. We need to act. Need to act together. True no front runner has stepped forward in the race for the next election. And we got lots of time. But what we need to do is STOP THE RINO EXPRESS. And since we are still being peaceful at this time… I would like to suggest we attack the media with writings. It not so hard, you can go to your favorite media out person and tell them stop pushing the RINOS.. America can’t take Obama for four more years.. But we can’t take a Rino like McCain was either…. It is up to us. We few to move the masses, And this is the easiest way. For the media is what controls those to lazy to be informed. I’m not say we need to push for our choice.. No No No.. You see it is more fun if we take out each and every choice till one. One remains which is the best for the nation.. So who of you has the spine to do this, This where you can stay safely in your home. I know some of you can’t go to protest or call for what ever reason…. But YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! All you have to do is tell them you don’t wanna hear about the RINOS. For a example look at Rush Limbaugh face book page.

~ Michael Blackcrest