Friday, September 14, 2012

Death of a nation.... A autopsy

Once there was a nation.. Builit on the idea of free men ruling themselves. A idea so new and out of the box. many nations said it would never last. In the short years of it's life it greater and faster then any other nation in all of history. Like all thing that grow it had it dark parts, it fits, it's childish rage.. But it grew up and pass such things... It could shout "land of the free", and mean it. for it was. It was the envy of everyone adn every nation in the world...Then cancer took to it...

What happened? It was a combination of lots of things.. This is by no means a complete list but.. 1. The abandonment of the Articles of Confederation and Sovereign Statehood in favor a constitutionally created federal government.. 2. The centralization and subsequent allowance of private banks to take over and monopolize our monetary system.. The federalization and monopolizing of our educational curriculum.. 3. The subsequent de-emphasis and intentional weakening of our national education in history, the arts and sciences.. The de-regulation of, and subsequent monopolization of our news media.. 4. The development of a fast paced, distraction filled, junk food, entertainment based environment.. 5. The development and improvement of various neurolinguistic programming techniques and the increased, widespread insertion and implementation of these techniques into our news, educational and entertainment media.. 6. The creation and acceptance of "executive orders" as a legitimate legislative mechanism by which the president could bypass congress and the States.. 7. The creation of a "national security state" behind which the government could act under a veil of complete secrecy from the public.. 8. The establishment of centralized intelligence services given free reign to operate throughout the world with minimum oversight and a license to kill.. 9. The allowance of foreign based secret societies to operate and recruit Americans within our collegiate system.. 10. The recruitment of nazis into our intelligence establishment after World War 2.. 11. The repetitive usage of fear mongering in the media, and false flag terrorism/acts of war as an affective means by which to deceptively manipulate Americans into giving up their rights and powers.. & not so finally, but perhaps mostly... 12. The FLUORIDATION of our toothpaste and drinking water.

And this is just a few lighter things happen to it, Oh you can also throw in liberal ideals, You can throw in men of power lying to the masses.. But the biggest reason why it died? You.

You being to scared to speak up. You who are afraid to educate your self. You, who have sold your self like a whore to the warmonger, And the debt dealers. You have sold your self to being compliant. You have sold your self as a slave to a world with out a voice, where diveristy and cival rights and everyone is the same fairy tale land. You. The American, has killed the greatest nation on the planet.. with out so much as a fight.