Friday, September 14, 2012

I have desided to support Ron Paul for 2012 here's why.

Why I decided to support Ron Paul for the POTUS election in 2012? I will admit I was not going to support this man on a few personal reasons and the fact he dropped out of the race in 2008 and didn’t follow through. Then watching the media and the debates, I realize the media machine as ignoring him. Why not… it not like he has a chance…

But when I seen Michele Bachman say she spear headed the Tea party. I knew she was lying. How did I know? I supported and got involved in the Tea party in 2007. When the Tea party took root, when it was realized that the U.S. PATRIOT ACT, was against the American people. Please note here. Michele Bachmann supported the US PATRIOT ACT. So I realized right then she was lying. Oh don’t get me wrong. I’m sure many in the Tea Party supported her. But I like to point out something here. The Tea Party has been over run by the very people who the Tea Party was gathered to protest, much like OWS folks.

Then who was it Perry got the lead? Yea him... There was no way I was going to vote for this guy. You see I like my freedom. And anyone who supports a bill to force anything on anyone, well in my eyes they aren’t American. Mainly, when they are getting a kick back for it. Yes, I’m talking about those forced vaccines that Michele was yelling about. And then you have his debate skill. WOW. Picture him debating Obama, first 30 minutes he be doing great. Then you will have his drunken like slurs and Obama’s uh’s for the next hour and a half. It be great to watch, but not when this nation is on the line.

Then Cain got the lead. Who if you did research on, His trouble keeping his hands off the white women are the least of his problems. Cain business practices were anything but honest. When I say not honest. I’m talking Enron style of not honest. Then you add the fact he stole his 999 idea from a video game. Sim city look it up. That poem he used to quote.. yea that was from a child’s TV show. Look, in 2008 America choosed a black man with no clue on how to run a nation, full of hope , and great ideas. THAT’S CAIN! So I’ll pass on him. Now if it was Alen West.. WOW I be torn. I like West a lot. But much like Palin he not running. So we are now moving on..

Now the media is pushing Newt. Really? Newt? For the love of God, just dose the bill of rights in gasoline and light it up already. Whats wrong with Newt. WHERE TO START? How about 84 ethics violations in 6 years. What is that ? 14 screw ups per month… how many is that a week, think about that. He supported RFID chip in PEOPLE. He supported Global warming. With Newt the list is long.. to long. So no thanks.

And Santorum. I live in PA. I wouldn’t let that man watch my dead goldfish. Seriously. Everything you need to know about Santorum is this.. google santorum. Enough said. First choice.

So I am left with who now? Mitt Romney? Huntsman? I like Huntsman. He seems like a good guy. But it’s not his time yet. And Mitt? ARE YOU KIDDING Just vote for Obama again and get it over with.

So that’s why I’m not voting them.. Why Paul? Go back 15 year ago. And listen to the guys speeches. He called every freaking thing that has happen to America over the past 20 years. So that made me think.. but no man is a saint. So I looked for dirt. I really dug for dirt. Yea, he flip flopped backing the 70’s on the death sentence, and he’s old. Yea he’s old. But research his work out schedule and then you do what he does a week. So I found nothing. Folks say he anti Israel. No he’s not. I know Jews who are more Anti Israel. Folks forget when Israel attacked Iran a while back and everyone one else was saying Israel acted out of line. Everyone. But Paul. Who stated they have every right to defend themselves. Not those other folks on stage. If you actually listen to what he says and do honest research. You will find this might be the guy to save the nation. Is he perfect. No. But he supports American to be free. No one else out there is. And I kind of like my freedom. And I want my children to be free. So I’m going to support Ron Paul. I’m done voting for a lesser evil.