Friday, September 14, 2012

ZOMBIES!!!!!! No really something is a little off here.

So lets over look the Feds actually doing a zombie prepare run last year... You all remember that right? And lets open up how the zombie apocalypse could and would look like in the very beginning... I know , you all think i am crazy... But then so is the guy yelling about danger before it happens... So what would a pre zombie world news look like.. I don't know how's this time line grab ya.

-5/3, but not reported until 5/16:

Mad-cow Testing Equipment Nabbed by Thieves

5/3,but not reported until 5/17:

Stolen medical equipment may carry deadly brain disease

5/4:Atlanta man bitten by rabid bat

5/9:Fox attacked Morganton, Ga., woman, tested positive for rabies

Suspected human rabies exposures surge in Palm Beach, FL

North Georgia officials warn residents of rabies increase

5/16: McArthur High School HazMat Situation: Students, Teachers Decontaminated After Breaking Out In Rash

5/19: No confirmation on chemical at Fort Lauderdale International Airport

5/21: Police: Man bites woman in Westchester

5/23: I-285 reopens after hazmat incident

5/23: Man Bites Cousin's Nose Off

5/24: Second Broward school reports mystery rash

5/25: Hazmat Called After Kids Exposed To Pesticide On Bus: Hazmat, EMS Respond To Lake County, FL Schoo


5/25: 'Disoriented' passenger subdued on flight in Miami

5/26: Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim's Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police

5/26: Florida Doctor Spits Blood at Highway Patrolmen After DUI Arrest

5/27: Georgia contractor bites Lowe's employees, resists arrest

And this is just some highlights. So I know many like to keep there head in the sand.. but one could say..... IT'S HAPPENING