Friday, September 14, 2012

a tin hat view

So many of us are attempting to study the "fine details" of whats going on in the world today, that I think many of us are missing the big picture here.......and I'm sure I'll miss a few of the major facts myself The point I'm trying to make is at the end of the note.Lets see what we have here:

1) The U.S. Governent is spending money as if there are "no consequences of doing so" or no need of repayment. And the country's we owe trillions of $ to dont even seem to care either???

2) The U.S. presidential race is a complete joke and, to the trained eye, is obviously for entertainment purposes, which leads one to deduce there will be no need for an election in 2012???

3) There is a "gut feeling" of fear and conspiracy currently moving about, in waves across the world???

4) Norway and other countries are buiding underground bunkers, on a mass scale???

5) The U.S. Government has building bunkers for years, but over the past decade has greatly pressured contractors to pick up the pace.

6) Hollywood has been making movies left and right about "hostile" alien invasions and apocalyptic scenarios???

7) The entire world is at the threshold of economic collapse, which everyone knows shouldve happened years ago, but the system is being "propped up" by bailouts???

8) The media is keeping the populations zombiefied with video games, electronics and comfort, as if there is nothing wrong. Have you realized that nearly 90% of commercials pertain to the following products:

A) Cell phones

B) Automobile sales

C) Video Games and Systems

D) Fast Food ........and what do those items all have in common??

They keep us preoccupied so that we care about nothing else. And I wont even mention the many 2012 prophecies, simply because I believe theyve been tainted by the MSM and Hollywood.....

so its hard to know the truth anymore. AND NOW FOR MY MAIN POINT: