Monday, September 24, 2012

Venture forth and follow up On that so called mad man and more occupy Harrisburg... When it rain crazies get a ark.

In  a follow up on last week run in with the police in the search for a killer as they raided the Occupy movement at the Harrisburg capital.  Since I was in Harrisburg today dealing with more of helda's house of healing pain. I thought since I have a few hours to kill, I would inquire with the local police about that killed the US marshal was looking for. I mean I didn't hit a blip of it on the news.. yes. I know it not it be the first time the police kept vital information from the public that would make a more safer world....

So I get to the police station. first time I was there... ever( well at least in Harrisburg)
It was 10:00 and no one was at the front desk. And there was signs hanging up, most readable was in Spanish. Which is always a good sign. i mean we HAVE to protect those illegal rights.. but seriously.. picture a illegal in a police station.... sounds like a bad joke.. But Any way, Being the concern citizen I was i took it upon my self to try all choices.. (Missing the small print) I push the intercom button to the window with no one behind, and picked up the phone. The phone was most helpful. They asked me what I wanted I told them i wanted to speak to a officer about a possible killer who they are looking for. I was asked if I was that person. When I said no, they seem a little down hearted. Which one can understand . I mean how often does a person show up at a police station who is wanted for a series of killing ...  I explained i was looking for information dealing with the raid on the occupy last week and the suppose search for a killer. And was hoping to talk to a day supervisor or sergeant.  She said she will let some one know. It was now 10:04. the intercom spoke up and I once more repeated my story and they said they will send some down shortly. I asked her some basic question and they didn't anything of it. Mmmmmm
As i sat there I saw a total of 12 people walk in and out. Some i would question. one was a passing detective.. the bad suit and comfy shoes, and out shape gave him away quickly. I explained my plight and he was as clueless as everyone else... I was thinking either this guy was no dick tracey or the raid on the Occupy was a clear case of Police harassment. which knowing how some police are and how this nation is moving to a police state I was ready to buy.
By 10:58 I was greeted by a Sergeant Wetzel. Nice guy, I explained to him in as much detail as a I could as what happen last week and what the officer stated. I did say it could have been just a basic case of police Harassment, but the use of U.S. Marshall was a bit over kill, so I don't think so.  Mr. Wetzel, like everyone else was with out clue.. No candle stick, No monkey wrench, no lead pipe, no rope, no dagger.... No clue on what I was talking about.  But he was nice enough to take my name and number. And stated if he hears anything he will give me a call. And then asked me why was I asking. Was I with the Occupy. I was torn there.. was I 99%? But then I remembered the ladies of last week . And realised I was not that crazy. And stated honestly no, I just wanted to know because I did blogging. He gave me a honest WOW, dude you need a life  look. And sent me on my way...  So with a have a good day and wave, I was off on my day...... But if no one had a clue.. who was Ripp,......?

Off to the the Occupy area. To truly enjoy city life. And to get a great gage on how low of social mannerism has gone. I suggest walking down a street any street. And say good morning to as many people as you can just to count the responses. I passed 45 people got 5 hellos, one you got any change. And a lady who jumped and looked at me like she was looking for a reason to use her mace... But I made it to the occupy area without to much of a wear. And I was glad to see it was in full swing today.  It seems they do theme days.. Today's theme was protest the lobbyist and shale oil drilling. I saw the guy from last week who was mistaken almost for this Ripp, and started my questions... It seems this Ripp guy broke his parole. And every one was looking for him. So we all agreed he was not wanted for shop lifting or smoking weed. And the cop was clearly lying when he stated he was a killed. Isn't that odd. the police can lie to your face and get away with it, but if you lie to them they push to charge you with a felony ... And I saw the guy who was up in arms over the could be child molester.  Good news.. they guy is alive. But they pressured him to get away from the occupy movement since they don't need any bad press...  If the press really wanted to , all they have to do is talk to them they will get plenty of dirt... most of it crazy stuff.. But still.
But Since I was there, I thought I ask a few question to the new faces.  I found a lady who was there since Day 1. She a older lady by the name of Jackie. Seemed like a lady full of passion for a cause.. Or she could be a evil throw back from the 60's who never really left her acid trip. So why say or in this case write such a thing.?
In talking with Jackie she informed me she feels that there should be a living wage. I asked her where the money comes from for that, she replied that there lots of money. I pointed out that with the printing of money it makes money worth nothing, she said the money is already worth nothing... So recap.. wants living wage. admits money is wroth nothing, thus wants to give nothing as a living wage... True story.
But oddly those at the occupy Harrisburg want to end the FED.  Sooo confused....
But A guy named Bob was much more fun. he stated he thought the government should give everyone a free house, and you work four hours every other day for community service with your job skill set and then rest of the week you can work and enjoy the money you make.. Bob missed how most in the inner cities only skill set is either stealing, robbery, or having more kids then they can handle.. It's amazing these women who get around and have like 8 kids to 6 daddies never hear the word swallow. So with those skill sets I don't see the great living standard going up any time soon. 
I was Lucky enough to be present durning a charter school protest which happen at the top of the capital steps. So I kindly left the OH group and went to see what the excitement was about.
I meet like lovely young lady named Lynn, She informed me they were there to support Amendment 1115 . Which A couple hundred school children from 10 charter and cybercharter schools gathered on the state Capitol steps today to remind lawmakers of a piece of business that they see as vital to keeping the movement that created these independent public schools advancing. And of course with all this kids.. it was a classic photo Op. So guys like Jeffrey Piccola, R-Dauphin County,Rep. Tom Killion, R-Chester, well they were they to speak.. now I support all forms of education for the kids, And lets face it.. The public school no longer teach any one anything... short of the bars of the windows.. its nothing more then a 8 hour kid day care/prison.... But the kids got a chance to get out of school on what they called a civic political day trip.. or you could call it how to use the children for ones political gain...