Monday, September 24, 2012

the idea of war, and maybe you might wanna be prepared....

A lot of you have heard recently about the war in Iran and that it will happen/not happen. I am here to give you my best guess of what might happen for your safety.

I am not trying to be an alarmist but for several reasons I believe there WILL be an attack on Iran. The foremost reason among these reasons is the financial situation of the United States of America. As you all know, the Eurozone is in a complete funk with Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy having unmanageable debts, and the numbers they supply are essentially lies to make the situation look far better than it is. The situation in the United States is bad as well cannot raise any interest rates at all in the foreseeable future, due to our debt being now over 100% of our GDP and with the debt limit being what it is.

Since the Dollar is the reserve currency everyone must use it and it keeps the American economy afloat for now. The problem is that the stranglehold is slowly being broken by Iran who now sells not in petrodollars but in Gold, Rupees, and now Yuan. If enough countries do this it will break the US hegemony over the region. This is the principal reason an invasion must take place. A nuclear Iran could provide a nuclear umbrella for these countries.

The debt limit plays into this too, with the Pentagon being slashed a large amount of funding. The military industrial complex will have to lay off numerous people and this is the last thing they want to do. Another war will easily justify there budget being given back. It will also pay for itself.

You might have heard the notion " Isreal is all bite and no bark". I can assure you zionists are scared and they are going to do shit before the Iranians get nukes. To let Iran get nukes when they can put an economic stranglehold on their merchant ally and potentially cause great unrest to the point where the situation might become Israel alone against the middle east, or at least without America.

Russia profits from war with higher oil prices. The Chinese cannot stop it from happening. Maybe the Chinese have been promised something in return.

At this moment 3 of the 4 carriers of the US navy are in the Iranian region, along with big deck amphibious warfare ships. They are all expendable carriers.

Its going to happen, it is only a matter of when. The US election would be rigged if Obama did not want to go to war. The only thing holding them back is timing. If I were you I would go to costco or sams club today and buy at least 2 big bags of Rice (15$) and 2 big penut butters (7$) just in case there is unrest. Keep your gas tank filled up as well.